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:bulletblue: Number of submissions allowed is 7/week.

:bulletblue: PICK THE RIGHT FOLDER, depending on the dog`s breed.

- Alaskan Husky                                 - Mackenzie River Husky
- Alaskan Malamute                           - Northern Inuit Dog
- Alusky                                               - Northeasterly Hauling Laika
- Akita Inu                                           - Sakhalin Husky
- Canadian Inuit Dog                           - Samoyed
- Chinook                                             - Seppala Siberian Sleddog
- Eurohound                                         - Siberian Husky
- Greenland Dog                                   - Tamaskan Dog
- Greyster                                             - Utonagan
- Labrador Husky                                 - Crossbreeds

:bulletblue: The FEATURED FOLDER contains only photos chosen by the Admin, depending on overall QUALITY.

:bulletblue: ALL ARTWORK (other than photography), no matter the breed, goes into the DIGITAL AND TRADITIONAL ART folder.

:bulletblue: All photographs submitted must be of good or excellent QUALITY and RELEVANT FOR THE BREED they depict.

:bulletblue: DO NOT submit more than 1 photo with the same dog in the same/almost same position/circumstances. - will be declined

:bulletblue: DO NOT submit photos of poor quality (blurry, faded, pixeled, too dark etc) - will be declined

:bulletblue: DO NOT submit photos that are irrelevant for the breed (photos of eyes, snout, legs, tail only etc). - will be declined

:bulletblue: DO NOT submit photos into the FEATURED folder. - will be moved

:bulletblue: ALL NEW MEMBERS will receive a Llama!!!


Gallery Folders

Axel_14105 by echiax
Axel_12937 by echiax
Those Eyes by natiawarner
valjakkohiihto by jarkko1
Snow in december 2014 by monocerosh
Like a bullet by monocerosh
Snout by monocerosh
Looking for something by monocerosh
Nose To Nose by MidasNyx
Worn out Mari by Awaiting-Abyss
Playful Pooches by Awaiting-Abyss
Lovely Mari by Awaiting-Abyss
Nikki III by Deliquesce-Flux
Nikki by Deliquesce-Flux
Nikki II by Deliquesce-Flux
smile by Trigger-Photography
Happy New Year!!! by AnsticeWolf
3 year together by AnsticeWolf
Naho 7 months by Riafairyface
slurp by kirozana
Tigger by NapalmPrincess
The Real Life of a Sled Dog by RichardMacDonald
Young Dogger by MoonDogJc
Lightning the good girl by Shines-Bright-Eyes
Chinook by DogExpert
Czech mountain dog 2 by Pawkeye
Czech mountain dog 1 by Pawkeye
Czech mountain dog xxhrobx by Pawkeye
races  border rush 3 by Sayrel
ESD by Sayrel
ALASKA 2013 by isabel-photo
sled dogs  i night by Sayrel
With eyes as blue as the sky by cottondragon
greenland dogs on stake out by Sayrel
Stalking. by Exileden
zaprzeg grenlandow by Sayrel
races 1 by Sayrel
Labrador Husky 2 by natiawarner
Dakota 15 by Wolfwoman7
Nanook paddling at sunset by c-button
Northeasterly Hauling Laika by natiawarner
Ivan the...Baby! by natiawarner
in his element by Mittelfranke
A Running Damoose by Deliquesce-Flux
The White Wolf by Awaiting-Abyss
Cold lights  - watercolor Alaskan Malamute by AlaskanKara
German Shorthair Pointer 3 by natiawarner



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It has come to our attention that 40 Alaskan Malamutes have been recently abandoned by their Kennels in Northern Ireland, after the owners decided to relocate to the U.S., taking with them only 6 dogs.

The 40 Malamutes left behind were in bad condition, infested with parasites, overbred and some were even injured. The Alaskan Malamute Club of UK, as well as several other rescue facilities, have stepped in, in an effort to rescue all the animals and get them adopted, so they don`t end up being put down.

As you can imagine, taking on so many dogs at once requires serious human, as well as financial assistance.

If you want to learn more about this serious case of neglect and of ways YOU CAN HELP, please see

ARTICLE POSTED ON BEHALF OF  :iconnizhoniwolf:
Hi all!

I hope you've  had a great start at the New Year.
I would like to give you all some info on some updates and changes we've done to the gallery. We hope you will enjoy them :)

We've added some folders for some new breeds we've found through research on sled dogs. These are:

:bulletblue:POINTER; as with pointer mixes, such as the Eurohound, pointers and then especially the German Shorthaired Pointer are also commonly used for especially sprint sled-dog races as well as skijoring. There is even a distinct line of hauling/racing lines of German Shorthaired Pointer that differs from the hunting-lines by being taller and deeper chested. Some of the best and fastest sprinters in sled-dog races are these Pointers. Therefore we thought they deserved their own folder in the gallery.

:bulletblue:CZECH MOUNTAIN DOG; a cross between Slovakian Watchdogs, Canadian Working dogs, Chinooks, Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies among other arctic breeds, created this beautiful and extraordinary Molosser sled-dog. They are built for heavy work and can withstand cold and harsh weather.

:bulletblue:MULTIPURPOSE BREEDS; in this folder you will find dog breeds that have a history of sled-pulling, or are commonly used for sled-pulling/skijoring etc for exercise or recreation, but are for the mostly kept for other purposes today and are seldom seen taking part in "professional" sled-dog races. These are:
   :bulletblue:WHITE ELKHOUND
   :bulletblue:The LAIKA breeds

We hope you all will enjoy seeing these new breeds in our gallery!
This year you will also see some Journal Features about some of the sled-dog breeds, facts about sled-dog racing and maybe we'll write an Arctic Story or two.

If you have anything on your mind; constructive critique regarding the group, ideas for Journals/Arctic Stories, anything at all, we would love to hear from you :)
We, first of all, would like to thank YOU, our devoted member, for taking the time submit and share your lovely photos with us and to read the occasional Arctic Story!
Hope that 2014 finds you all (and your pets!) happy, healthy and in the best of spirits!

These are the ARCTIC STORIES that were featured during 2013.
Please feel free to share your thoughts with us, what you like about the Club, what you don`t, and of course, what other ideas of Stories you have for 2014!

*the titles are links to the articles

Arctic Story no. 1 - TOGO

Arctic Story no. 2 - ROALD AMUNDSEN

Arctic Story no. 3 - TARO and JIRO

Arctic Story no. 4 - OSMAN and STAREEK



Two incredible sled dogs from Scott`s 1909 South Pole expedition


Even though Scotts expedition party to the South Pole did not survive, they documented in their journals many aspects from the journey. Amongst the pages there are written a few sections about the heroic efforts of two of the sled dogs that took part in the expedition: Osman and Stareek.

Both were strong, old and experienced lead dogs that had served in the Russian postal service. They are described as having a fine head and more of an Inuit dog look. The written pages tells us of how brave, strong and courageous these sled dogs were, and how hard and full of perils the life of sled dogs could be.

The ship carrying the expedition got caught, on its way to the South Pole, in a violent sea storm and  Osman was washed overboard. He must have had incredible luck, as he was washed on board again with the returning wave! He survived the storm. Osman was a true leading dog, smart and calm. He tried on several occasions to train younger sled dogs, and keeping them from causing havoc. In the expedition`s journals this was, at some point, also recorded: “Here indeed was a dog of dogs, enduring beyond belief, and worthy of a small niche in the temple of canine fame”.

Osman`s story reveals not only his own courage and strong character, but alsos Scotts courage and compassionate character towards other dogs. During the expedition a sled dog team fell through a crevasse. 12 dogs and the sled fell down, whilst Osman, the only dog left on safe ground, stood strong and valiantly held the sled while Scott descended down into the crevasse. 4 of the dogs were fighting as they swung together, whilst one had fell out of its harness to a ledge below. The tension that had built up led to the team attacking the rescue sled dog team. Osman did his best to try and keep the other dogs from fighting and all were, in the end, saved.

Stareek was one of the expedition party’s favorite dogs. In the journals there were written about how he had a habit of licking his lips and wagging his tail wildly and lying on his back with his tongue out and pawing his face whenever anyone showed him affection. He was accompanying Scott on his journey to the South Pole, when Scott decided he was too old for the job and should return back to the ship for retirement with the first party. Stareek did not agree with this decision, he wanted to accompany Scott the whole way to the South Pole. He chewed through his harness and ran south towards Scott`s team, following their tracks. 18 days and 200 miles later, Scott found him one morning, resting on the sled.

He had survived about 20 days without food and was so weak that he could barely walk. “That is a feat that should be preserved in the annals of travel”, they wrote about him in the journals. He was an old dog, but still had the determination, stamina and endurance to continue on his journey despite his age,  without even food or shelter.

The memories of these two dogs tells of how, valiant and brave the sled dogs heart is. They deserve a place in history for their deeds and loyal serving of men.

WRITTEN BY :iconmidnight-sun-art:  EXCLUSIVELY  FOR  :iconthesleddogs:
More Journal Entries


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