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Helo, I can't draw. 0w0
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[CONTEST ENTRY] Pika meets Kurtis (PSMD Style)

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My Bio
Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake.

Hi, I'm TheSlayerG3465, or you can call me Slayer! I wear glasses, cause I'm nearsighted, and I play a game called Blockheads! Just so you guys know, this is not my real email, but it's my brother's spam-mail account. That being said, I should advise to NOT SPAM HIS EMAIL ACCOUNT!!! If you do, I will hate you forever. (Just kidding, but you get the idea.) Anyway, that aside, I will now talk about my bio. I discovered art when I was 4 years old, and I've loved it ever since. I wasn't very good, so I worked at it. I later discovered video games, like Pokemon, Minecraft, and (like all) Borderlands. I play Pokemon to this day. I still like Minecraft and Borderlands, but anyway, let's get back to the story, cause I really gotta get on with this. I tried to draw Pokemon, but mostly drew Pikachu. It wasn't until I moved to Colorado that I began to draw more Pokemon, including, but not limited to, Greninja, Caterpie, Pikachu (but a little better than before), and, my personal favorite, Riolu. I discovered Deviantart when I was 10, and originally thought it was pretty bad that you had to either have an account or have a friend with an account to look at it, but it was worth it. I only search for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comics/books. I really got into it and tried to make a few accounts, but couldn't decide if I should keep them. Then I settled on this one. I really like to draw Riolus, Bunearys, or Pikachus cause they're pretty easy to make. If you have an OC that is not one of those, it might take me a while to make it, so be patient. So, that's basically it. I play video games most of the time, so expect a new deviation every...month? I don't know, but I really don't care. Hope you like my stuff!

Some people you should check out!
:iconunownace: :iconkenthenekomata: :iconquilaviper: :iconmickeymario64: :iconzander-the-artist: :iconthesupported: :icondigitalservine2001: :iconstubborncleric: and, of course, me!

People I trust!
:iconunownace: :iconkenthenekomata: :iconthesupported: :iconmickeymario64: :iconzander-the-artist: :iconaestheticmage: :iconstarlightnexus-chan: :icondigitalservine2001: :iconstubborncleric:
People I think of as friends!
:iconunownace: :iconkenthenekomata: :iconthesupported: :iconmickeymario64: :iconaestheticmage: :iconzander-the-artist: :iconstarlightnexus-chan: :icondigitalservine2001: :iconstubborncleric: :iconkittycat1799:

Commissions: Open
Requests: Open
Gifts: Open for Watchers and Friends
Money Commissions: Closed
Story Commissions (20 points each story): Open

Commission Rules
Ok, where to start... Ok, first off, I expect to be paid in points. To make sure that I'm not cheated out of a deal, I will be getting the points before I make the commission. Secondly, let's keep it PG-13 at most, ok? I don't care if there is a little blood, or cuts and bruises, but nothing more than that. And no porn, this a clean website! Kids are here! Thirdly, if there are extra characters in a drawing or multiple chapters in a story, I wil charge 5 more points, but no more than 5 or 6, preferably, due to my lack of motivation. ^^; I charge 10 points for drawing, and 20 for a story. Biocards are the same amount as drawings, wether they are drawings or not.

Favourite Visual Artist
Zander-the-Artist, ZackSeypher, and Quilaviper
Favourite Movies
Harry Potter, newer Pokemon movies, Deadpool, PMD movies, and Guardians of the Galaxy
Favourite TV Shows
Pokemon, Impractical Jokers, and anime shows from Netflix
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Imagine Dragons, Natewantstobattle, Fallout Boy, and MiniMusicMan
Favourite Books
Harry Potter and Pokemon
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Fnaf, Mario games, PMD, Slender, Blockheads, Politicats, Vlogger-Go-Viral, Supercell stuff, and Markiplier fan games
Favourite Gaming Platform
First person shooter
Tools of the Trade
Pen, pencil, iPad, computer, deviantart muro
Other Interests
Video games, programming, wearing scarves, roleplaying
Jesus Hell, why is everyone worrying about Luigi's health? We should be worrying about how Mario, Mega Man, and Dedede are doing.
How long has it been since one of these? A million eternities? Seems about right. Anyway! Sorry about the fact that I was inactive. Half of that is thanks to Discord, an online server creating app that allows gamers to talk with other gamers...or jus...
So, yeah... Haven't uploaded anything EAO related in centuries. Sorry about that. :/

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Happy birthday to you, and enjoy this video AKA HOW NOT TO PLAY RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2:
The ceiling. XD
Not much, bro. Wassup with you?
That is a good point. XD
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