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Interconnection | Chapter Seven


Interconnection | Chapter Seven

CHAPTER SEVEN – THE BOOK When I was at school, the others used to fold paper planes and throw them through the classroom. It was amazing what you could do just with a piece of paper and some folding. Even though it seemed easy, I never actually managed to fold one myself. These constructions always crashed right in front of my desk, making the kid who sat next to me laugh and mock me. “The outsider” was how I constantly was called. No matter how I tried to get integrated in the class, nothing worked, not even adapting myself. The world was against me, so why even try anymore. I was excluded. But this did not matter anymore, or at least not right now. Cold, sharp air was blowing past me when as I was falling with not unimportant amount of speed. I could not scream, nor breathe as too much air was blown into my face. I saw the ground slowly but surely coming closer and I started to regret to not have let Xenix go before and instead having told him that I would like him even though he

Interconnection | Chapter Six


Interconnection | Chapter Six

CHAPTER SIX – CONCEALED TRUTH The fog outside had started to slowly disappear, and the sun was shining on Xenix's green scales, making them look even greener than before. I was having a look at him. It seemed like he was full of secrets, which I would have to find out. He was a proud looking creature and I had to admit that I had started to like him. But what if he manipulated me to force me liking him? It didn’t seem to be very probable, but it surely wasn’t impossible to be the case. In the end, how could I even resist against his manipulation? Putting an aluminium foil on my head surely wouldn’t work. Suddently, he sighed and turned his head away from me. “It’s time that I talk more about myself”, Xenix said with a calm voice, “it’s better if you get to know things this way, rather than as surprises in dreams”. He placed himself in a more comfortable position, looking towards me. There were things about him that I could not have imagined. I just sat there in front of him, while he
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Thanks for the fave Skyless! What did you like about my writeup on the Sinclairs, if you don't mind me asking? Also just for fun, would they be a family you would like hanging with, or would you prefer to watch the insanity unfold from a safe distance?

Well, given the facts that the boy has a gun and that there is a huge I-don't-know-what-this-is in the background, I might prefer to watch that from safe distance, but on the other hand, they seem quite friendly, even though they surely are somewhat insane xD

The huge machine is Benji's BattleMech, a 55-ton piloted robot designed for warfare. It's kind of special to the family, as it's how Benji met Pieldri, nearly landing the massive mech on her as he jump jetted from island to island in the End. They even ended up holding their wedding in front of it, right where they had that fateful first meeting.

Writeup on the mech here:

Steel Avalanche, Peregrine II Heavy BattleMech
Well that's one way of dating someone xD

Hello, Skyless! Long time, no see. How have you been lately? Sorry about not being on Discord, my life has just been really busy lately. Fortunately, things have calmed down somewhat, so I should have more time now. Nice to see you fave the family tree and the MDF bases, what did you like if you don't mind me asking?