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aYe LmAo  by TheSkyFox03 aYe LmAo :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 3 0 smol art dump :PP (for Neytirix :D) by TheSkyFox03 smol art dump :PP (for Neytirix :D) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 2 0 My HeArt AKc- (spoilers for Endgame)  by TheSkyFox03 My HeArt AKc- (spoilers for Endgame) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 1 0 too cute for a tittle owo (Mermay animation uwu) by TheSkyFox03 too cute for a tittle owo (Mermay animation uwu) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 0 0 pure baby hero uwu (robotboy ref. sheet) by TheSkyFox03 pure baby hero uwu (robotboy ref. sheet) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 11 0 i  c a n  e x p l a i n . . . . by TheSkyFox03 i c a n e x p l a i n . . . . :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 1 0 B a C k !? (new styles for Jsab :D) by TheSkyFox03 B a C k !? (new styles for Jsab :D) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 20 0 EGg DrUg DiSCo ( Happy Easter! :3) by TheSkyFox03 EGg DrUg DiSCo ( Happy Easter! :3) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 2 0 Look What Im Back With #6 (cuphead )  by TheSkyFox03 Look What Im Back With #6 (cuphead ) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 8 0 Look What Im Back With #5 (splatoon)  by TheSkyFox03 Look What Im Back With #5 (splatoon) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 3 0 Look What Im Back With #4 (invader Zim)  by TheSkyFox03 Look What Im Back With #4 (invader Zim) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 1 0 Look What Im Back With #3 (undertale)  by TheSkyFox03 Look What Im Back With #3 (undertale) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 3 0 Look What Im Back With #2 (batim)  by TheSkyFox03 Look What Im Back With #2 (batim) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 5 0 Look What Im Back With #1 (fnaf)  by TheSkyFox03 Look What Im Back With #1 (fnaf) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 3 0 Lo Practicaste? (duolingo) by TheSkyFox03 Lo Practicaste? (duolingo) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 11 4 PSA for relationships :3 (for Retrodile :D ) by TheSkyFox03 PSA for relationships :3 (for Retrodile :D ) :icontheskyfox03:TheSkyFox03 1 0
Hope you guys like my art
And i would appreciate yours too <3


bumbling bees by Glassfeatherss bumbling bees :iconglassfeatherss:Glassfeatherss 22 2 Just Scapes and Beaches (Just Shapes and Beats) by ItzCroness Just Scapes and Beaches (Just Shapes and Beats) :iconitzcroness:ItzCroness 85 14 Caught in the act (COMIC) by Neytirix Caught in the act (COMIC) :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,406 65 Daily Paint 2364. Hootiful by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2364. Hootiful :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,151 127 Background Practice by UnknownSpy Background Practice :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 875 19 Escape by UnknownSpy Escape :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 476 11 Pink Diamond by GhostfaceNikol Pink Diamond :iconghostfacenikol:GhostfaceNikol 1,010 30 Precious Bab ( Scarfox DTA ) by GhostfaceNikol Precious Bab ( Scarfox DTA ) :iconghostfacenikol:GhostfaceNikol 2,000 38 It's raining...huh by Neytirix It's raining...huh :iconneytirix:Neytirix 1,245 18 Attaching the nerves now. by Neytirix Attaching the nerves now. :iconneytirix:Neytirix 2,433 127 Mermay challenge - Day 4 - StarWars by DestinySwordArt Mermay challenge - Day 4 - StarWars :icondestinyswordart:DestinySwordArt 419 35 Mermay Day|9 by Yamio Mermay Day|9 :iconyamio:Yamio 1,598 74 Hee Hoo Dump by UnknownSpy Hee Hoo Dump :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 778 49 RB Stab [A] (Warning for Robogore) by Quilstream RB Stab [A] (Warning for Robogore) :iconquilstream:Quilstream 36 1 Mr Nibblesworth by Dont-Trust-Dolls Mr Nibblesworth :icondont-trust-dolls:Dont-Trust-Dolls 806 94 OPERATION with Markiplier by SrPelo OPERATION with Markiplier :iconsrpelo:SrPelo 411 21



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WanT a SprITe crANNbeRry ?


aYe LmAo
 "Cristali! its your big day!!!"

 Cristali  is        g  ay

 anyway, pewdiepie is possibly my spirit animal, so thats why i made this :D 
 but seriously, i thought of this for a long time, so here it is :3 
 (and if you two are seeing this, i hopes you love it uwu) 
 hope you like it  why can't we be friends why can't we be friends why can't we be friends why can't we be friends  

 art style and middle character (c)

 the "congratulations" music (c) Pwediepie 

 (also Starriat's and Rosalli's ocs are obviously not mine uwu) 

smol art dump :PP (for Neytirix :D)
 finally, after so long :,/ .... 
 another thingy for my friend, Ney :D , also sorry if it took so long to make 
 like before and again, i was really busy irl, but i'll make more soon, mk? :> 
 so here's another au art for you Ney :3 

 also here are the roles for the Ney's character in the au 

 Darek (the school bully [he also has other bully allies]) 
 Lumen (the innocent nerd [gets bullied  alot ;w;]) 
 Ney (the protagonist [has feelings for Talliise uwu]) 
 Talliise (the edgy emo/goth kid [has feelings for Ney uwu]) 
 Neytirix (the salty but kind school teacher [ dragon waifu ;3]) 

 also their ages are changed here, but i'll tell you that soon uwu 

 hope you like it Ney -F 2 U- Pastel Rainbow Macaron Heart Beat Heart pastel big 6 Heart pastel big 2  

 art style (c)

 characters (c)

My HeArt AKc- (spoilers for Endgame)
 i kinda watched the endgame after infinity war last time. and i was sad like h e c k 
 seeing him die in the movie was just too sad for me, and i'll really miss his role ;-; 
 hope you like it Broken Heart Tony Smirk Broken Heart  Iron Man Twitter emoji  

 art style (c)

 (i obviously dont own Iron Man :PPPP) 

 (ps. i love you ,Tony 3000 :,>)
too cute for a tittle owo (Mermay animation uwu)
 look at em' go, i love it :,> 
 i tried animating a small dance just to practice animation more, its also for mermay this month :^) 
 i didnt really do actual mermaids cause im not really into mermaids, so i just tried animating ghost like fish hoping and dancing =//3//= 
 so try enjoy their mermay dance (maybe x v x) 
 hope you like it Blue Smoke 

 also some of the fish kids listed here ;w; 

Drake Dory (most right) 
Sam Shark (beside Dory) 
Andy Axolotl (middle) 
Kenny Koi fish (beside Axolotl) 
Jerry Jellyfish (most left) 
Cory Clownfish (thumbnail) 
 (kinda sorry if their names are a bit cringe TvT ) 

 art style (c)

 characters (c)
pure baby hero uwu (robotboy ref. sheet)
 i'm just gonna... leave this here, m'kay? 'owo' 
 i honestly couldn't resist how adorable and bad a$$ robotboy is 
 i started watching some of the show's episodes a few days ago, so that makes sense ;v; 
 so here's a simple ref. sheet of random stuff i liked about him in the show ^w^  
 hope you like it Tommy Pixel Icon Robotboy Pixel Icon 

 art style (c)

 robotboy (c) Cartoon Network 
i c a n e x p l a i n . . . .
 "this is my very depressed and anxiety default dance :,) " 
 yo, just wanted to practice animating this dance for so long now, i just had to TwT 
 also i thought of updating my oc a bit cause i thought putting sunset gradients on the ears would look nice, and yas a new haircut :,D, also dat jacket uwu 
 hope you like it :3 Love Letter Eyeball Heart pastel big 6 sans undertale fortnite default dance  

 art style (c)

 the dance (c) Epic Games 
B a C k !? (new styles for Jsab :D)
 S Q U E E E E!!! they bacc :3
 i finally decided to give all of them new styles (and actual bodies ;w; ) 
 i even had this idea way back and i thought it would look weird, but it turned out pretty cute 
 (also giving them a chibi-like style was a pretty good idea too, it just looks better like that :,) ) 
 hope you like it Lycanthropy GIF Emoticon Annihilate GIF Laugh Jumping Saddie Lycanthropy GIF Emoticon  

 art style (c)

 just shapes and beats (c) Berserk studios  

 (ps. i might make new jsab animation with these guys too ;3) 
EGg DrUg DiSCo ( Happy Easter! :3)
 egg time boiiiiiiii! 
 just made this fun little animation for wishing u all a Happy Easter =w= 
 i wish i could introduce these characters in another post, but i got too busy so uhfdhudu 
 so just enjoy these hype kidz at a chocolate bunny partey X3 
 hope you like it :Only at Easter: Easter Bunnytard easter egg catch Easter Sini :Only at Easter: 

 art style (c)

Look What Im Back With #6 (cuphead )
 "YOU'RE UP!!" 
 this is my sixth and last attempt in redrawing fanart, i honestly loved these guys 
 the game was just so unique and fun that i really missed being a fan of it X3 
 also i didn't make any redraw fanart of pokemon cause im still a fan of that 
 also JSAB and deltarune, but i'll make fan art of those soon :3 
 hope you like it Cuphead DBX: Cuphead Scared icon Dancing Mugman *Pain* 

 art style (c)

 cuphead don't deal with the devil (c) studio MHDR 

Look What Im Back With #5 (splatoon)
 W  O  O  M  Y 
 this is my fourth attempt in redrawing fanart, and i seriously loved this game 
 even tho i didn't really played it myself, a tleast i get to see the gameplays, so i just really miss being a fan of this game =v= 
 hope you like it Flop flop flop (splatoon thing)  Excited Pearl - Splatoon 2 Surprised Marina - Splatoon 2 Agent 8 Octoling - Waking up/Getting up 2  

 art style (c)

 Splatoon / octo expansion (c) Nintendo Switch 
Look What Im Back With #4 (invader Zim)
 -angry alien child noises intensifies- 
 this is my fourth attempt for redrawing fanart, even tho i wasn't too much of a fan from this :P
 but i still kinda liked this show from before, especially "gir", his little robot friend 
 hope you like it Seisure You Made Gir Cry Emote Yeah, Sure, Whatever. Evil Laugh 

 art style (c)

 Invader zim (c) Jhonen C. Vasquez 

 (ps. still excited for the movie :3 ) 
Look What Im Back With #3 (undertale)
*insert Megalovania music here* 
 this is my third attempt in redrawing fanart, with the skeley boi 
 i kinda also miss being a fan of this game too, but at least we still have deltarune tho :,) 
 hope you like it Sans - bad time Sans Rage Intensifies Chat Emoticon The Sans Shuffle Sans Chat Icon 2 

 art style (c)

 undertale (c) Toby Fox 
 (ps. sorry i forgot the lining around him ;-; )
Look What Im Back With #2 (batim)
 "that smile...that inked smile ;-;" 
 this is my second attempt for the fanart remake, also with the same background style 
 and to be honest, i kinda missed being a fan of this game ;v; 
 hope you like it [BATIM] Laughing Bendy [F2U] DAgames Bendy BatIM Ch 3 Trailer - Bendy Hiding Behind Grave #2 BatIM Ch 3 Trailer - Scared Bendy  

 art style (c)

 bendy and the ink machine (c) TheMeatly games 

Look What Im Back With #1 (fnaf)
 creepy robo E-girl is back! 
 just wanted to do this daily challange by redrawing popular game characters from before 
 i also wanted to see how much i changed over the years with my art style, i'll also make more soon :3 
 hope you like it BABY - FNAF Sister Location - Icon GIF - Pixel art I said EVERYONE STAY IN YOUR SEATS!! #triggered Five Nights at Freddy's: SL - Unused Circus Baby FNAF icon  

 art style (c)

 fnaf sister location (c) Scott Cawthon 
Lo Practicaste? (duolingo)
 "looks like you forgot to study again :3" 
 i honestly have no idea what i tried to do here :/
 i just saw this new memey trend about this app that wants to threaten your family if you don't study Spanish or skip a day of studying it (lmao) 
 also, i guess this drawing was inspired by this song :P…
 hope you like it Duolingo Icon Duolingo Icon Duolingo Icon Duolingo Icon  

 art style (c)

 (i also do not own the duolingo app or mascot ) 
PSA for relationships :3 (for Retrodile :D )
 always remember .w. 
 i finally made this comic for my friend Retrodile (and finally something for Retrodile -v-)  
 i didn't really expect to make this comic for 3 days, but i think it's kinda worth it 
 and yeah, i kinda updated my oc a bit cuz of my long hair (and i really like the heart nose<3 ) 
 hope you like it Retro Emoticon|FBI OPEN UP! Tini Gameboy [PASTEL] Candy Cornn M A G I C A L G I R L  

 art style (c)

 the cat and deer characters (c)

 so this is my first time doing something a bit more mature for my site
 i kinda feel embarrassed doing it tho, i might do something even more mature soon >w<
 ( do not view this unless your 15+ or 18+) 
 hope you like it LENNY FACE INTENSIFYES Caret-Nose Papyrus  

 art style and character (c)

 (note: since DeviantArt's new eclipse mode, it wont let me view it uncensored, so what you do is switch back to the old version [turning off the eclipse mode] while still viewing this deviation, then after seeing it, you can switch back to the eclipse mode, thx uwu)
ugh... (Neytirix AU update) (for Neytrix :D)
 yep, im still back with this AU, also another gift for Ney :D 
 this is just showing the new styles for the AU i made for Neytrix before
 i might even draw doodles for that updated AU too, also this is something for Neytirix after not talking to her in a while ;w; 
 hope you like it Ney Blood Avatar Popsicle Love Letter Tweezers  

 art style (c)

 character (Dasek in human form) (c)

 AU i did before… 
I Got Bored, So I Made This (jsab Oc)
 angsty boi eeeeee
 sorry for not posting that much again, i was waiting for other artists to reply to my notes so i can make art for them
 so when i got bored, i thought of making my JSAB oc (and im still not tired of the fandom :,D ) 
 so here's a random JSAB oc so far, and it wasn't that bad (i might make more fan ocs..maybe ;-; ) 
 hope you like it Heart Beat  

 art style (c)

 just shapes and beats (c) Berserk studios 

 made in MS paint :3
I Dont Know How To Do This Meme....
 hey guys, i guess im back now after 3 days of studying
 im kind of glad that i finally finished this year's exam, so im just taking a break now
 (also when i saw this meme, i cant resist doing it ;w;) 
 hope you like it Grass Block (pixel art)  

 art style (c)



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