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"Simply The BEST" contest entries
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February 2010 Collection
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January 2010 Collection
Sunset Silhouette by wonenownlee
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March 2009 Collection
what can I say? by snikkio


Journal Entry: Tue Jan 25, 2011, 9:14 AM

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Sky Reports / News

Due to a wrong setting a lot of submissions from the last days expired before we could handle them.
SO PLEASE... If you encountered such expiration, then please resubmit it to the January folder.

Sorry again for inconveniences but in this period we are really busy...

Thanks for your patience and your support!!!!
Rosanna & Wim :hug: :kiss: :peace:


A Word From the Admin

Well... First of all I want to mention Bogdan seraphRo and Erin engridearty who founded this as an old-system club 1.5 year ago, with a lot of success. They got busy with university and work, so they had to give up and asked me about a year ago to take over.
Well... I will try to be your "father" here. And there's a lovely "mother" too for you, Roji-Hachi (Rosanna)! So it will be a "perfect family".
Go give her a big :kiss: & :hug:
I'm not a skilled Phd. Philosopher, but call me a "life philosopher". In love with nature, all aspects, and always thinking about ways to show its beauty, and so hopefully aware some more people about what our world today is destroying, and keeping from our children and next generations to witness.
One of these are SKY/SUNSETS/SUNRISES. I'm from Antwerp, Belgium, the (industrial) north of the country, so we don't have really beautiful ones here. But with every chance I get, I go hiking. Mostly in France & Italy. Hiking for myself, sometimes organizing there walks with others, encouraging people to photograph, so they will always keep in memory these fantastic places, and share them with others.
For the club... I want this to be a cozy place first, friends, sharing photography, but also tips/tricks, travel plans, whatever. As long as it's supporting each other.
I'm a quite nice old bummer skinny hairy hippie-punk teddybear gorilla most of time, and I hate rules and laws. I'm not a police officer. I'll try to be a guide. Just try to follow some basic rules here to make things run smooth. That's all. Mistakes are no crimes as some think. And you can always ask for help regarding anything. Together we will always find a way to make this club a nice place for everyone. Regardless background, race, colour of your eyes, size of your right big toe, religion, politics,... Everyone is welcome here as long as you show respect for all others too! So, let that be my first and maybe only rule/law...
Some more activities are setup now (contests,...) and more will come. Suggestions are always most welcome!

So... that's it for now. Spread the word about this wonderful club, and have all a great second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year, life!


Wim Wimley


Original Founders: :iconseraphro: :iconengridearty:
Admins: :iconwimley: :iconroji-hachi:
Sponsors: :iconprodromosk:


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Group Info

We're a group for all sky photographers/lovers. Only photography is accepted...
Founded 13 Years ago
Sep 21, 2008


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Art Collection

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Your generosity was really overwhelming so far, and here's a little thanks to those people.
As promised everyone, regardless the amount of points you gave, gets a feature of his/her work.
I also want to mention the anonymous donators, and give them hereby a warm thanks too!

Please go visit them, and give them all a big thanks/hug/kiss/fav/collection/critique/llama/...!! :peace: These people keep your group alive!

Here they are (in no particular order). New donators will be added and this blog updated, since the pool stays open eternally. So... if you have some points left, then please put them in the pool that you can find at my personal page Wimley
They will be solely used for the groups involved (see details on my page), and in no way for my personal benefit.

Thanks to all! :hug: :kiss:

On the banks of Loch Ness by printsILike Tranquility by printsILike :thumb167408821: :thumb170020634: :thumb160020187: :thumb160582504: Sunbeams by uae4u Mountains Silhouette by uae4u Weeping fire by vintagetreelover Drink from His teacup by vintagetreelover Little Niagara by r3d0ctober A Quiet Evening by r3d0ctober Maribyrnong River Footscray by daniellepowell82 Monarch Butterfly 01 by daniellepowell82 :thumb134258045: :thumb168325935: My Thirst For You Is Quenched by baileysmomentsintime Sharp by baileysmomentsintime Rust in Weeds by cami-rox Losing to the Sea by cami-rox :thumb121366760: The Clouds by Nixity Pink Clouds by FoidinMearai Peaceful by FoidinMearai Wavelength by scott555 Reticulated River by scott555 Sea anemone by SymphonyXRM Veins of a leaf by SymphonyXRM Prickly and Pink by whaysiangirl sunset through the trees by whaysiangirl Death Valley by xblackxbloodxcellx Sun Power by xblackxbloodxcellx .: Golden Eye :. by VictorianPrincess .: Sweet Hush :. by VictorianPrincess :thumb170349133: :thumb169628805: Wind by maikarant Sunset Transports by maikarant :thumb148520155: :thumb138473724: Summertime by youngmoons Oil apple by youngmoons :thumb157706245: bee by xthumbtakx :thumb150997323: Fairy dust by MonikaTherese Attractive flower by CDLevit Omphalina chromacea 2 by greenzaku DERP 2 by greenzaku :thumb125563007: :thumb125563861: Bee Larvae 7 by SammanthaAus :thumb170869795: :thumb160508935: Old Rock Chimney by TheMan268 After The Storm by TheMan268 know when to leave by Sarastra hold on by Sarastra Two natural hearts by Roji-Hachi The island of Neverland by Roji-Hachi Hilo Sunset by Kairyu Ginger Grove by Kairyu This Is The End by Black-Forty-Four State of Independence by Black-Forty-Four :thumb165129223:

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