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Throughout my life, I've proven myself to be rebellious and defiant for all of the wrong reasons, with a great deal of the fault being my own or, in some cases, the whole fault. I've driven people I know -- neighbors, relatives and friends alike -- so far up the wall that it's almost as if I've become the one thing I fought for too long to destroy, which is also the very monster that I call political figures and celebrities alike of being. And that makes me a hypocrite.
I'm not always one to put myself down in real life, but when I do I never let it go. I have a tendency to not really know the difference between being within boundaries and blurring the line of what's real and what I think is real. No one human, animal or machine will ever be perfect, and I'm aware of that; unfortunately, I don't seem to be aware enough of it as I almost never let it on. My addiction to junk food has been allowed by myself and myself solely to get so out of control that even my blood kin can't stand to be around me, and that's absolutely justified given the hell I put them through. There's not a day that goes by that I don't look into the mirror for a sum of twenty minutes daily and continually ask myself the question that always answers itself, which comes out to be, "How and why am I still alive?" And, I always see the hard way that, unlike what impression I've given to my mother who says I'm being taken advantage of, I myself -- just me, nobody else -- am the one taking advantage of them, not they of I as I still so vehemently let on through my actions.
I have perhaps the biggest Jeckyl/Hyde problem since the man who invented it, and it's all perfectly justified as I've allowed myself to be classified as toxic by even my family -- my flesh and blood -- and especially those I live with. There's that side of myself that's always willing to help everyone else out for all of the right reasons while never helping himself enough to care, and on the other side of the Machiavellian coin I tend to help only myself out for all of the wrong reasons while never helping anyone else enough to give a damn. And people that know me that have heard my sob story tell me, "Well, everyone goes through this, but it's all a matter of how they get themselves out of that labyrinth of a predicament that matters the most." Well, if ever there were an exception to this rule, I believe I'm one of them -- and one of the biggest at that.
I've sung this song now for over fourteen years, and I seem to portray myself as a one-trick pony; so, now it seems that I've given up on life when it hasn't given up on me -- meanwhile, I haven't really given up on life because I only think I have. You know, there was a quote by a guy who died some 23 centuries ago named Euripides where he said, "Whomever God wishes to destroy he first makes mad," and I'm starting to believe that God is wishing to destroy me because of the fact that I've committed every deadly sin known to the Bible and have broken every one of the ten commandments. But, as I flashback to that moment to where I had such unbearable back pain that it took a trip to the ER for me to discover that it was all in my head -- that it was merely psychosomatic as a result of the stress I had put on myself and, paramount above all else, those who have seen and known my lifelong struggle to finally become what my ex-therapist described as 'really being a man.' I still say that those words, as much as I never wanted or needed to hear them, helped me somewhat become much stronger than I was before, albeit for about a few weeks. Sometimes I chose on what I thought was the best course of action to not take my medicine for weeks on end, but what I thought was really right was actually wrong in every way, and my mind has paid for it -- and my body and heart, too.
Eventually it's going to come to a head, and I'm either going to end up dead with nobody showing up at my funeral except for out of obligation in a couple of months or years or however long it takes or end up dead with thousands upon thousands lining up the church and the highway to pay their respects for me in however long it takes for me to inevitably kick life's proverbial bucket of death; either way, I know I'm going to wind up dead regardless, so I don't fear death hardly at all compared to even last week, much less when I was born. Speaking of which, I probably would've been better off a stillborn despite it not making any difference whatsoever; then again, I thank God unconsciously every day that I'm not the recipient of that unfathomable fate, though no difference is going to be made anyhow (as I've just said). And, maybe I am better off dying friendless, penniless, lifeless, morally bankrupt and devoid of any mentality whatsoever; my grandmother herself turns 91 in two months and she's most likely to suffer the same fate as she's had Dementia for a few years as of my typing all of this. But, that's not going to mean one thing at day's end: life goes on whether we live long enough to see or not see it; Father Time will still continue to create universes out of his lighting fiery farts from his anus; long after this Earth dies a heated death, eternity wouldn't have aged a day anyway; and, at the end of it all, I'm still going to die as will every mortal alive on this planet and all others like and unlike it.
The question still remains, though: am I worth the hell I put people through in and out of Cyberspace? I mean, I already know the answer deep down, but I only ask that you confirm it for me. And, it doesn't have a "Why?" in it, either.
Welp, I can honestly say that this was a really fun experience. Hosting these contests for some five years has allowed me to become more grateful than at any and all other points in my life combined and has also given me an opportunity to show what you guys have in you. However, although I felt hopeful that this contest would consist of a lot more entries than what I received in the last six months, I'm glad that those who participated in this -- contestant, prize contributor or judge -- were able to at least tell me that they're interested in it and entered; and for that, I thank all of you (and I'll mention each and every one of you who participated below). If at any time you had plans to submit an entry but couldn't because life kept you busy with a thousand different things, then feel free to submit it at any time after the date posted on this journal and note me with a link to your contest entry and I'll be sure to include it as a honorable mention.
I remember saying that I would give out some 1,500 points in free traditional and digital commishes and requests, but considering how only THREE entries made the six-month window leading up to the deadline I'll just decide at this point that everyone who participated in this is a winner, and that even those who could no longer participate in the contest and told me about it are just as much a winner as anyone else in this participant list that I'm going to display below the last paragraph of my journal. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that I do the right thing by understanding and accepting the fact that people have lives outside of Cyberspace and at the very least have many obligations offline that must be fulfilled to take care of the most important things, such as paying your expenses to keep shelter and nourish yourself (even though I could have responded much more negatively). Regardless, I'm thankful for getting from you participants the privilege and honor of having you as contestants and I look forward to drawing up one traditional commish for each of those who were able to submit an entry before the deadline as well as two digital commishes each for those who participated. My friend :iconleaderclaw: also agreed with me to draw something up for those who submitted an entry, which has a pretty decent added value to the total prize pool of the contest, and I am blessed to be in her company.
Thank you all for reading this, and feel free to proceed with your day. The Skull is out.

Participant list - :iconseblev2790::iconrandomxcreations::iconleaderclaw::iconwiccan-artist::iconshana-1::iconanmegirl::icondoublej1012::iconjaidensoap::iconwitchin::iconairship-king::icontomasdellamorte:
Since the 8th anniversary of my DeviantArt membership initiation is coming up, I've got great news for you all: the Maestro Art Contest has now been extended through the 1st of December, meaning anyone who wishes to take stock in being a contestant or judge for the contest has an extra month to take advantage of this unique contest opportunity. And thanks to those mentioned at the bottom of my journal for entering and participating -- you guys are truly remarkable!
Remember, folks, that this contest is as simple as can be: if ever you feel the opportunity to participate in the contest, comment on my journal with something along the lines of, "I'd like to enter as a contestant," as the judge slots are already full, and after taking stock in this contest all you're required to do is to come up with as many symphony conductor inspired drawings for this contest to submit to your gallery (or your, if you want) and link me to your contest entries so that I can include them in my 2018 contest folder in my profile's Favorites column. Three simple rules, all very easy to follow, and there are hundreds upon hundreds of points in free art to be won and drawn by either myself, my friend Tomas Dellamorte or fellow contest alumni :iconleaderclaw: for those who participate or place. There will be two winners from each entry type, those being of the digital, traditional and even 3-D art types; and, since I'm in a giving mood, anybody that chooses to participate in this contest in some way will be given a very special digital abstract drawn by myself for all those who entered! So, good luck to you all, Godspeed to you all and feel free to chat with me in the comments box as I typically respond within a day or two, sometimes much sooner. Thank you all!

Participant list - :iconseblev2790::iconrandomxcreations::iconleaderclaw::iconwiccan-artist::iconshana-1::iconanmegirl::icondoublej1012::iconroom-101-arts-studio::iconjaidensoap::iconwitchin:…

Hello, everyone! To those who have entered my ongoing art contest already (:iconseblev2790::iconrandomxcreations::iconwiccan-artist::iconshana-1::iconanmegirl::icondoublej1012::iconroom-101-arts-studio::iconjaidensoap::iconairship-king:), I'd like to thank you so much; so feel free to comment in that chat box below the journal's description with an update on how you're doing with the contest entries and what you plan to do ASAP as I encourage all three of you to send some feedback my way. And for those who might decide to take part between now and the deadline (November 1st), all you need to do as a contestant is to come up with as many submissions of real or fictional characters (i.e. anything inspired by cartoons, anime or television) or symphonic directors (i.e. Sey Ahn, Barbara Hannigan, Kurt Masur, Kevin Sedatole, etc.) either traditionally or digitally, submit them to your DeviantArt gallery or and link me to them or mention me in said entries' descriptions. There will be over 2,000 points in free artwork drawn by myself for those who either participate or place, and you can rest assured that at the very least I'll have you featured on an episode of my YouTube web show Reaching Out to the Unfamous! And finally, should you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask away in the chat box below this journal; so, with that, have a blessed day and I look forward to hearing from you guys! :)

  Maestro Contest Example References by TheSkull31

Shoutouts: :icontexaspanda::iconzibaricon::iconkingrick::iconholylancer9::iconnaoru::iconmadame-mozart::iconturbotheturbotastic::iconkiniax3::iconmidnamoony::iconerinthelegendary::iconlittleinvisable001::iconagentkash::iconmidnightreaver1991::icontnerdsanst::icondeceasedboundmon::icondahub::iconsweettaran::icongothicnarcissus::iconseblev2790::iconrealmenevertobeseen::iconrandomxcreations::iconotakufirewolf::icontherealdenkynex::iconpurly::icongoddesslisabella::iconsymphonystones::iconcreatioexnihil0::icondoublej1012::iconstart171::iconjourneyoftheartist::iconaussiedidge::iconreneg661::iconnanemae::iconanti-illuminati-01::iconwe-are-all-the-same::iconmiss-tbones::iconsmallandsilent::iconskyloomidraws::iconaquaartist1987::iconroom-101-arts-studio::iconnokomismoondreamer::iconloadsofrandomness::iconsierra-116::iconwmandra::icon4swords4ever::iconanutdraws::iconalmightyomega::iconmrenter::iconthecrimsonmayhem::iconputingkuneho::iconrikafu19::iconhankkd7::iconleafsoto::iconanmegirl::iconshinisaya1997::iconchibril::iconasuracrimson::iconfobija13::iconlunatreya::iconwotorodien::iconoliverink::iconakikazekun::iconshpeepet::iconwhizzy-the-elephant::iconmadarauchiha-chan::iconemaginativeme::iconlunaticlupine::iconleaderclaw::iconcooldud111::iconsmawmoose::iconshana-1::iconicygabrielle::iconinfinity-and-beyond::iconall-art-4-ever::iconaspergers-artists::iconaspergers-support::iconthe-artistic-soul::iconall-art-for-everyone::iconi-support-my-own-art::iconmike-the-dabbler::icononehitpoint::iconkamawu00::iconcenturion030::iconponyjoy::iconsymphonystones::iconcluelessnameless::iconhandylight::iconazureangel2ihrs::iconjustcallmenugget::iconludenburq::iconheart-of-a-artist::iconraventhefurry::iconcuzmydogsaidso::iconoffbeatbunny::iconcontest-office:
Well, everyone, we're a month into my 2nd Maestro art contest and I just want to let you guys know that the prizes for this contest are going to be pretty awesome. In addition to all participants, including those who submit an entry for this contest, getting a free digital art gift from myself, there will be five winners, with:
  - First, second and third places securing a free feature on a forthcoming episode of my YouTube web show Reaching Out to the Unfamous as well as a free traditional art commish and said winners' choice of three digital art gifts as part of said prize, and;
  - Fourth and fifth places securing a free traditional commish of said winners' choosing as drawn by myself and a feature on a separate upcoming episode of Reaching Out to the Unfamous and a digital art gift on said winners' choosing.

The rules for this contest are ASACB (as simple as can be): entries you submit for this contest must portray a character, being or person -- either real or fictional -- as an orchestral or symphonic musical conductor. Said characters can be inspired by anything music-based or whatever else you see best fit, and should wear a concert-themed, white-tie inspired attire along the lines of several pictures, which I'll provide as examples below for further explanation. There are no limits to how many entries you can submit for this contest (which ends on November 4th, 2018), so submit as many as you desire and link me to each of your entries once you publish them into your DeviantArt gallery and I'll be sure to give some feedback on it and include it in my 2018 contests favorites folder. Also, as a side note, I encourage all of you to share this journal to as many of your DeviantArt friends and fellow members as possible by posting your own journal entries which link to this one in particular, and the deadline to participate in this contest as a contestant or judge ends on November 1st, three days before the end of this contest. Good luck to you all, and have a very blessed July! Skull, over and out.

5th OC Open Results and 2nd Maestro Art Contest!Out of the eleven people who gave themselves the opportunity to be contestants in my 2018 Original Character Open this year, four of them were able to submit an entry into said contest -- which, in seriousness, is legitimately understandable as priorities always come first -- and needless to say, all four of them (MidnaMoony, AgentKash, LittleInvisable001 and ErinTheLegendary) will share the same first place prize of a traditional art commish from myself and three WYW (whatever you want) digital gifts made by myself, as well as any other additional prizes offered by any of the four judges who gave themselves the opportunity to judge this contest (some of them, of course, are also contestants); that being said, the link to these entries can be found following this journal's conclusion. As for all the entrants who had priorities to take care of, I completely understand your constant business and will not allow myself to leave you people with empty hands and pockets, so I'm going out of m Entry: The first Maestro Art Contest by WotoroDien Shinichi Chiaki (Contest Entry) by Cooldud111
Out of the eleven people who gave themselves the opportunity to be contestants in my 2018 Original Character Open this year, four of them were able to submit an entry into said contest -- which, in seriousness, is legitimately understandable as priorities always come first -- and needless to say, all four of them (MidnaMoony, AgentKash, LittleInvisable001 and ErinTheLegendary) will share the same first place prize of a traditional art commish from myself and three WYW (whatever you want) digital gifts made by myself, as well as any other additional prizes offered by any of the four judges who gave themselves the opportunity to judge this contest (some of them, of course, are also contestants); that being said, the link to these entries can be found following this journal's conclusion. As for all the entrants who had priorities to take care of, I completely understand your constant business and will not allow myself to leave you people with empty hands and pockets, so I'm going out of my way to draw you all one intriguing digital gift that you can all download to your smart devices for free on your own behest should you decide upon making that choice.
Lastly -- and also most urgently -- my 2nd Maestro Art Contest begins starting today, June 4, and will end five months later on November 4th (2018) with winners announced four days after said deadline; also bear in mind, for all current and future Maestro Art Contests, that the only requirements are to draw a person -- based on anything fictional or real -- directing an orchestral symphony with a concert-worthy white-tie uniform as mentioned in a link I'll provide you with following this journal's conclusion. You can submit as many entries for this contest as you desire (but remember, guys, all entries can be from any artistic medium, digital or traditional).
So here's a great, big thanks for helping me get this far, and I look forward to your feedback. Have a happy!

Maestro Contest Example References by TheSkull31 
To all those participating in my OC Open contest as either contestants or judges, it's officially crunch-time. There's around six more weeks left in this contest; so, don't hesitate to drop me a link if you contestants taking part in this have any completed entries ready to link me to or submit to your gallery! Also, to all the judges, whenever the contest reaches the June 1st deadline I'll be noting each of you inviting you to check out my 2018 contests gallery in my favorites folder to see which deviants you believe stand out most in their presenting their original character. Of course, the rules for this contest are simple: create an original character inspired by anything that influences you and a ref sheet and either six-page origins minicomic or 600-word origins short story regarding said character, submit it to your St.ash or gallery and link me to it in either the description of your entries, a comment on my profile or gallery or even through a personal note or on my Gmail or Facebook's Messenger app.
So everybody, if you're interested in entering my contest as a contestant or judge, now would be a better time than ever before to do so as there are over 1,800 points in digital and traditional art prizes and gifts to be given away in this contest alone! The deadline for contest submissions will arrive no sooner than June 1st, 2018 at 12:00:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (in my time zone), and the deadline to enter or participate will arrive no sooner than May 10th, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. EST.
My 2018 Contests Update (February 20th)Everybody, just a quick recap: If you're participating in my ongoing 2018 Original Character Open and you're working on upcoming entries, don't hesitate to note me with your update on your status as a contest participant and I'll get back to you in a short while. These rules apply, so listen: all you need for this contest is an original character (it can be inspired by anything), that character's ref sheet and subsequent choice of either a six-page origins minicomic (updated rule as of now) or 600-word origins short story regarding how your character came to be; after that, just submit your entries to your gallery upon completion with the hashtag #2018ContestsHostedByTheSkull or something identical or similar to that and link me to your submissions as soon as possible after submitting them to your gallery so I can include it in my 2018 Contests folder. It's simple, straightforward, and easy to do, and I'll even remind you of the status update I posted regarding this contest for furt

I also have an upcoming 2nd Maestro Art Contest which will begin on June 1st, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. Noon EST for anyone out there who wishes to participate. The rules for this contest are as simple as counting to three: draw up a symphonic conductor-themed character, real or fictional, with a conducting pose of your choosing and a fully-formal dress code (white tie and tails) where males typically dress under  a white bowtie / black pants / dress shoes format and females under a white cravat / black skirt / heels format; in fact, I'll even provide leniency and allow you to change the color of the tailcoat and lower body-wear to whatever color you see best fit if you think the color black is overrated. also, whenever you submit your entries to your St.ash or DeviantArt gallery, don't hesitate to note me on my Gmail, my Facebook, my Messenger, my DeviantArt profile, my gallery or even in a private message on DA and I'll be happy to take a gander and give my commentary whenever needed; finally, and most importantly, the greatest part of this contest is that you can submit as many entries as desired -- so if ever you're on a creative streak don't hesitate to capitalize on it! My 2nd Maestro Art Contest's deadline will arrive November 1st, 2018 at 12:00:00 a.m. Midnight EST, so there's literally boatloads of time to declare your entrance into this contest or my above and currently-ongoing contest as you see best fit.
The Skull's Annual Maestro Art Contest by TheSkull31

And remember, if at any time you wish to bow out of my contest because of time constraints, health issues or personal struggles -- whatever reason is most logical to you -- I'll be more than glad to welcome that openly. I am very considerate about your daily lives, and I care enough in my life to keep you at the heart of my focus; so, if ever you feel compelled for an honest dialogue with me I'm all for it. Thanks to you all for your time in having read this, and I wish you a happy rest of your month.
Everybody, just a quick recap: If you're participating in my ongoing 2018 Original Character Open and you're working on upcoming entries, don't hesitate to note me with your update on your status as a contest participant and I'll get back to you in a short while. These rules apply, so listen: all you need for this contest is an original character (it can be inspired by anything), that character's ref sheet and subsequent choice of either a six-page origins minicomic (updated rule as of now) or 600-word origins short story regarding how your character came to be; after that, just submit your entries to your gallery upon completion with the hashtag #2018ContestsHostedByTheSkull or something identical or similar to that and link me to your submissions as soon as possible after submitting them to your gallery so I can include it in my 2018 Contests folder. It's simple, straightforward, and easy to do, and I'll even remind you of the status update I posted regarding this contest for further clarity.
OC Open Rules! by TheSkull31

Also, would you believe that contestant and judge applications for the second Maestro Art Contest are already on the table as you're reading this? If so, then you know what's what and that's a great thing. By the way, the rules for this contest are simple enough: Create as many digital or traditional entries of a real or fictional orchestral director in formal white-tie uniform (knee-length tailcoat or longer, white dress shirt and matching bow-tie and collared vest, and either one or two symphonic batons), submit them each to your gallery when finished and link me to each of the entries so I can include them in my 2018 contests folder. The forthcoming contest begins on June 1st, 2018 and ends on November 1st, 2018, and there will be prizes for all who participate, including nearly 1,800 points in free art requests and commishes for first, second, third and fourth place winners and three free small-sized digital gifts made on DeviantArt's Muro app for each participant (a 120-point value worth of free art for each participant). The official contestant and judge application process is open to all potential participants as of my finishing this journal, so good luck to you all and have a blessed week!

The Skull's Annual Maestro Art Contest by TheSkull31Maestro Contest Example References by TheSkull31
If -- or better yet, when -- for whatever reason I commit myself to a psych ward within the next seven days because my friend since 2007 and former landlady Kimberly Myers gives me too much tough love and demands perfection out of me, you will know why; for this reason, I welcome all feedback and honest personal messages are strongly encouraged, and I calmly ask for nothing but your honesty and that's it. Nothing else is required. Thank you for your time.

UPDATE (2-19-2018): Last night I finally admitted very politely to Kimberly that enough's enough as far as her constantly being hypercritical of and depending on me to do things she could do on her own but won't, and she agreed with me; so we called my sister up and had her pick myself up from Kimberly's place. Meanwhile, I fed her animals and got up everything that I paid for prior to moving in with her in 2016 (including the stuff that John gave me as a gift quite some time back) and packed it all into my sister's hatchback; so now I'm spending a few days with her and all is well. 
Just a quick reminder to all those who are currently in my latest contest: the contest ends in a little less than four months!
Since I posted this a day late, I'm going to give all of you the dubious distinction of having an extra week to work on your contest entries, meaning that you'll have until May 23rd, 2018 to draw, write out, finish and submit your entries with either #TheSkulls2018OCOpen or #TheSkullHostsTwoContestsIn2018 (or even both of the above, if necessary) in the description of each entry you submit, be it separately or as a whole. As promised, I plan to draw more than 1,100 points in art requests and commishes of whatever kind, as described by my previous journal, which you will find at the end of this journal alongside a link to my OC Open participants status update; also mentioned in the link provided at the end of this journal is a set of rules, commish rules and regulations, and the prizes for all those who participate, including those that place. That being said, you all know what to do: create an original character and subsequent reference sheet, biography and seven-page-plus minicomic or 600-word-minimum short story; submit your entries to your gallery with either or both hashtags mentioned and automatically highlighted in navy blue alongside their number signs (or hashtags -- some call them sharps in music, though). Best of luck to all!

Examples, stage-left!  Whizzy and the Grimsby Bear Mini Comic (Ref Sheet) by Whizzy-The-Elephant   Whizzy and the Grimsby Bear Mini Comic (4/7) by Whizzy-The-Elephant   BP Char Bios: Seigyoku Seshiru by shorthornforce   Blue Pact Book 1: Chapter 1 Page 3 by shorthornforce   OC 2017Name: Collin Sphereward
Nickname: Guardian
Age: 25
Height: 6.2
Weight: 193 lbs - muscle
Hair Color: Ginger - Short, scruffy hair
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Skin Color: Tanned
Race: Wardman - A humanoid person with four ears, Glowing rune marks on his body, 6 fingers per hand instead of 5, ability to shift eyes for dark vision and possesses a large, thick alien tail  
Body type and markings: muscular but toned, 3 claw marks on his shoulder, three on the left side of stomach, Bite mark on tail and missing three fingers on left hand.
Personal Weaknesses:
1. Lack of knowledge
2. Lack of understanding
3. Aggressive nature
4. only knows alien language
5. Shadow or dark magics
6. High amounts of radiation
7. Slow running speed
Personal Strengths:
1. Dedicated To Loyalty
2. Enhanced hearing
3. Advanced Sphere Craft
4. Terranian Shape - Turns into a War Scarred human.
5. Heavy constitution training and mass.
6. Contract locked with summoner.
1. Mistress Luna
2. Beaches
3. Battle
4. Shell
   OC 2017 - Collin's Story: Too late to say goodbye.Sunderhall - 9/28/XXXX
As the night descended upon the crystal falls, the last lights of twilight started the process of making the gems glow. The glowing of the gems would light up the night since the Crystal falls never saw the light of the moon in several decades. Collin appeared as though a flash, materializing in his normal monstrous form. Turning his head to see the ancient crystals and hearing the soothing sounds of the waterfall in this ill kept place, The creature of 4 eyes and its massive frame began his work into cleaning the lost city of the ancients. Several thousand years ago, the ancients were the only ones living in the world… but they were betrayed by the humans that they had created. This made him hate humanity, but it seemed that time had made them weaker. That he was pleased about, he was ready to attack the human race until he finally was contacted by one of the ancients… While not ancient or even full-blooded, he was devoted to her. Sighing and growlin
   OC 2017 - Cullen's story: part 2Walking back into the portal room that he had been cleaning before, Collin’s ears were filled with the soothing sounds of the waterfall again. The crystals that had started glowing thanks to the light of sun fall were finally in bloom, lighting up the ruins as the sky turned to night with red and blue like solar clouds that danced in the heavens. The stars they had created still shined like eternal diamonds, still in the same places that the ancients had left them to be. It was a reassuring sight to see for him, they had created the universe after all, as well as all life on them. So pure, the ancients were. They lived here just to be their own people, like humans and other races, freedom was every living being right… including himself. But he personally hated their creations, the same creations that had killed them all. Shaking his head with a snarling growl, this place has always whispered to him in the past since that day. The whispers were that of the dead, the children   Gwin-Character-sheet by Rikafu19   Gwin's StoryGwin’s parents were King Aldor the Fifth of Zephyr and Selena, a common girl from Taternia, King Aldor was going to marry Princess Henrietta, (later Queen Uedaka) but refused to marry her, saying he would only marry for love. He took the beautiful Selena to be his bride instead; everything was going alright until Princess Henrietta barges in, furious that King Aldor has chosen Selena, a commoner, over her. She told the two kingdoms would not live in harmony as one, and that she alone would rule the Woods of the Dark Heart. As months passed, the kingdoms where finding a way to reunite, until one day, a miracle happen. King Aldor was running up the stairs, excited that he is finally a father. He races to his child’s room and finds his wife, Queen Selena, with a baby boy. He asks Selena is this is his child and she reveals that the second baby, who was a girl, is also his child. Aldor tells Selena they were the most beautiful children she ever bore. They give the royal twins n   Lumi ref by Windinz  Lumi portrait by Windinz  Lizard-King-Reference-Sheet by byrdmanforever30  Lizard-King-CB(1) by byrdmanforever30

Hello, you all, and welcome to yet another journal! I am here to inform you that I'm going to open up some R&R on commishes that I'll draw for you, as well as an update on my personal life and an update on the 2018 Original Character Open. But first, I'd like to give a shout to :iconme: for helping me pass the 750K view mark on my DeviantArt, so thanks to all of you for the continued support as it's endlessly appreciated. And now for today's headlines!

As you know, yesterday night at around 8:14 was the 13th anniversary of my father Wigg's untimely passing of a heart attack in his bathroom due to a life of drug abuse. That being said, I've been celebrating that as part of my holiday season every year since 2004, but I also look at this particular anniversary as a special one because it shows that I've come a long way since then but still have lightyears to go in terms of mentality (because I'm selectively retarded and an adolescent in a grown man's body for some reason). I also must admit personally that I've spent the last week or two stuffing myself because I chose to (I weighed 139 pounds the Tuesday before this past one, so it makes quite a bit of sense); I also bear in mind the fact that I have a daily eating schedule to abide by, which I wrote down personally in an important prized possession of mine (my notebook of 8.5 by 11 paper). And with that, I conclude that part of my journal. Now for the two other most-important parts of my journal!

Commish Terms And Services:                                                         2018 OC Open Rules:

Screenshot (53) by TheSkull31OC Open Rules! by TheSkull31

All of this is pretty straightforward; only simple rules, just follow 'em all. And as far as the contest I'm holding to kick off 2018 early, any character you create can be inspired by literally ANYTHING, regardless of what it is. Funny thing, though, since all that's needed for that contest is to make a ref sheet and description of your character and make a short seven-page minicomic or manga or a brief origins story of at least 600 words. Then, of course, just link me to it in a note or mention me in your entry's description and I'll add it in a new folder especially for the two (or three, depending on how well this one goes) contests I will host in 2018. And if you're wondering, here's a couple of links below. Have a blessed day or night, wherever you are!

Hello, all you happy people! This is The Skull, and I'd like to remind you that applications to enter the 2018 Original Character Open are available for the next seven months. Yes, that's right! All that's needed from you is a simple, "Can I enter?" and tell me whether you'd like to be a contestant or a judge and I'll give you the Skull Certified seal of approval.  The rules of this contest are as follows in the link below.

OC Open Rules! by TheSkull31

This contest is going to have two trios of winners from both the traditional and digital sections, as well as a trio of winners from the literature section, making nine as the total number of winners for this contest (because three threes are nine all day). First place gets the contestant a traditional request or commish of their choice (color or grayscale) and three digital gifts sized no less than 1000 x 1000 pixels of their choosing (photomanipulation, abstract or landscape), totaling between 550 and 600 points in prizes; runner-up garners five digital photomanip, abstract or landscape gifts no smaller than 1000 x 1000 pixels of their choosing, totaling around 200 to 250 points altogether; third place, of course, garners three digital gifts of your choice, each of which are at least 1000 x 1000 pixels in size (totaling between 100 and 150 points). In all, at least 850 points in prizes are to be expected in this contest, including a guaranteed abstract gift to all of those who participate (which is 30 points multiplied by the number of participants); needless to say, there are no losers here as everyone will get a piece of the pie.

2018 OC Open Entrants:

Contestants: :iconmidnightreaver1991::iconleafsoto::iconmidnamoony::iconerinthelegendary::iconrpgbear::iconhankkd7::iconrikafu19::iconagentkash::iconbaracstorm013:
Judges: :iconputingkuneho::iconrpgbear::iconrikafu19:
I originally announced that there would be four winners, but then I realized that traditional art takes as much guts and determination as digital art, so I chose four traditional art winners and four digital art winners.
Traditional Art Winners: Digital Art Winners:
Fourth Place: :iconputingkuneho: Fourth Place: :iconshinisaya1997:
Third Place: :iconchibril: Third Place: :iconoliverink:
Second Place: :iconwotorodien: Second Place: :iconlunatreya:
First Place: :iconasuracrimson: First Place: :iconfobija13:

Maestro Art Contest Winners! by TheSkull31

Everyone else that participated in this contest will get a digital gift from myself for their efforts because, as I've stated last journal, there are NO losers -- only winners. And every one of you who entered this contest are winners in my eyes!

Meanwhile, I'm starting my 5th Original Character Open on January 1st, 2018; it will run until June 1st, 2018, meaning you have FIVE WHOLE MONTHS between the start and end date to come up with an original character, a ref sheet and seven-page minicomic or 600-plus word short story for said character, and a mentioning of me using my avatar in your entry descriptions.
Entrant applications are OPEN!
OC Open Rules! by TheSkull31
And in no particular order, here are the prize videos I made for all of the contestants for my 2017 contests this year.
:iconrikafu19:  :iconoliverink: 
Just a simple reminder that the deadline has passed. I want to thank all of those who entered this contest, and I also want to thank those who chose to become judges for the contest. As promised, there's going to be over 1,500 points in digital and traditional art on my end given away for this contest, making this my biggest contest yet, and there will be winners regardless of whether or not one places. All participants will get a special digital abstract or photomanip request from myself; also, first place secures a free traditional art commission and three digital art gifts (request, photomanip and commission), as well as an additional prize from one of the judges, whereas second prize warrants a traditional art commish or request and third warrants three digital art gifts (request, commish and photomanip). For the digital gifts I'll post a video regarding the making of each of my gifts to said winners and participants, and for the traditional gifts I'll mention the winners in the description of each traditional gift. The results will be posted on September 13th!

Folks, we are officially reaching the home stretch of this contest, and I'm surprised to know that there are only about 10 submissions for this contest; but oddly enough, I can also understand that as many of you contestants have a lot on your plate to focus on and I completely accept it. Anyways, I am still planning to give out more than 1,500 points in free art requests (digital and traditional) and that includes prizes for those who have entered the contest and participated! That being said, I encourage all of you to submit as many conductor-themed entries as possible over the next four and-a-half weeks because I plan to judge the entries alongside a few other people I know on here starting on the day of the deadline and the winners will be announced on September 6th. My friend (one of the judges for this contest) also plans to give the winner an art gift as well, so that sweetens the pot even more. Anyway, I'm sure you all know the rules by now, and to all those who are interested in entering the contest as either a participant or a judge you have until August 29th to enter. I look forward to any new contest entries from all of you!
Contest rules and makeshift examples for contest entries (I strongly encourage any and all contestants to check these out!):  Example for contest  by LeaderClaw  Maestro Contest Example References by TheSkull31  The Skull's Annual Maestro Art Contest by TheSkull31 
Also, here's a special shoutout to an early entrant for this contest, who drew a very stylish and elegant portrayal of my OC Frieda as she appeared during her first concert as a conductor quite a few years before taking the helm of the Williams Syndrome Symphony. --->  Untitled Drawing by lunatreya
And as an added bonus, here's an entry from a late entrant for this contest who managed to save her entry into her a mere three days before the deadline. I think it looks right nice, to be honest, and the art style is quite remarkable as well! --->  Concerto(1) by AsuraCrimson
There are now six weeks left until the August 31st deadline. Remember, contestants, the rules are simple: draw a real or fictional human or anthro orchestral conductor that's inspired from any show, video or animated work (or you can make your own), male or female; after that, note me with your finished entry and I'll be sure to include it in my 2017 contests folder straight away! You can submit as many entries as possible until the deadline!
Also, if you're interested in this contest, the deadline to enter is August 28th, 2017. All you need to do is express your interest in entering this contest by asking if you'd like to enter as a contestant or a judge, and I'll give you the green light to enter. No entry fees, no red tape, no hurdles to jump through -- just a simple question regarding your interest in this contest is all that's required! Also, here are links to a previous Contest journal, as well as a picture with a set of rules for the contest. ---> The Skull's First-Ever Maestro Art Contest Begins!  The Skull's Annual Maestro Art Contest by TheSkull31
Also take notice at the recent example of how a male or female conductor should be drawn in this contest, as realized by LeaderClaw. ---> Example for contest  by LeaderClaw
Report :icondarthub: now!!! This user is intentionally ripping off :icondahub: in every way imaginable and is looking for fresh blood to fall victim to his so-called "give 100 points, get 1000 points for free" bullcrap. :icondahub: is LEGITIMATE; :icondarthub: is a fraud. I repeat -- report dArthub now before you become the next victim like I did earlier today!

UPDATE!!!! The scammer (dArthub) has been deactivated due to your help. Thanks for every bit of action you, my fellow watchers, have taken. It means the world to me!! :iconawwplz:
Ladies and gentlemen, DeviantArt's first-ever Maestro Art Contest has officially begun! As mentioned before, all you have to do is come up with a male or female conductor character from or based on any manga, movie, animation, television show or anything else for that matter -- fictional, real, original or otherwise -- whose main profession is as a director of a symphonic orchestra. The character (anthro or human) should be dressed in white-tie attire, complete with a full-length tailcoat, a bowtie, a white dress shirt and a matching collared vest, as well as either a pair of black slacks and dress shoes (if the character is male) or a black thigh- to knee-length skirt and matching high heels or other feminine shoes (if the character is female). It can even be a redraw of any of my conductor characters from my Bronwyn Chronicles saga (Frieda, Karen or Manfred) if you want. ANY digital or traditional art form is acceptable (this includes hentai and 3-D), so if you want to add some male or female enhancements to the anatomy of the character you wish to draw then go for it! Also note that this contest runs until August 31st, exactly three months from today and counting, so to encourage as many submissions as possible I am allowing all of my contestants for this contest to submit as many entries as possible. There will be four winners for this contest!

And on a final note, I encourage all of my friends to spread this journal around by copying a link to this journal at The Skull's First-Ever Maestro Art Contest Begins ! as I am determined to make this contest of mine a success, so if you want to enter this contest you have until August 30th to do so and August 31st to submit as many conductor-inspired entries as possible! Good luck to you all!

Prizes and additional details can be found here. ----->  The Skull's Annual Maestro Art Contest by TheSkull31

Out of the 19 contestants that entered this contest, only five were able to submit their entries. And to be honest, I completely understand why; that's why I've decided to give the other 14 participants of the contest a free digital abstract art request for their decision to enter this contest as a consolation to them. Other than that, I am going to announce now the winners of this contest!

The two third place winners are :iconmidnightreaver1991: and :iconrikafu19: for their characters Gwin and Collin. Each will receive from myself three free digital art requests of their choice and a digital commission (valued at 80 points total).
The co-runners up of this year's contest are :iconshpeepet: and :iconakikazekun: for their characters Louvel and Orca. Each will get from myself three free digital commissions of their choice (totally valued at 90 points) or a combination of requests and commissions (totally valued between 75 and 85 points).
And finally, this year's 4th Annual OC Open is :iconwhizzy-the-elephant: for a very uniquely-crafted live-action mini-comic of her eponymous character. She will get a traditional art commission or request from myself of her choice of either Xerox or color (valued at 400 or 450 points total).

Once again, contestants, if you weren't mentioned initially in this contest by avatar and you see the contestant list below, don't hesitate to note me for your free 25-point digital art request. I look forward to digitally drawing your gifts for you!