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Redefining Sanity 40

By TheSkull31
Here we are, folks, the end of the carnival ride called 'Redefining Sanity.' Again, this is just part of my contribution to a web-comic known all around as 'A Loonatic's Tale,' but even so, I plan to upload the first nine or ten pages of this storyboard hopefully within the next month. Things aren't really looking up right now, but I'm sure I'll get through it just fine. What do you guys think?

Anyhow, I'm in quite the depression, but I've got hope! I don't plan to look back anytime soon, so be on the lookout for my first 'A.L.T.' storyboard, "Mandrake's Day Out." I should be able to have that uploaded by Spring; yet, with all that's going on (food stamps, social security, the battle to get me disability, and so on) it may take a little longer, so just bear with me. I'm going through a lot! *chuckles* Okay, I'm gonna go take a dump on my past because that's the only thing I'm above. Later!
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