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Literature Text

The story begins with Dr. Riley Zinc, an anorexic musician and supposed scientist, tossing and turning violently in his bed while having visions of his mother and father, Elizabeth and Cyrus Zinc. The nightmare starts with a routine visit to their graves during the afternoon, followed by dark clouds rolling in above him as a storm was on the horizon.
"These two people meant everything to me," he said to himself, shedding a tear as he looks down on their graves, "And now I'll never get to see them again." Just as he was about to walk away, the thunder bellowed, stopping him temporarily in his tracks before resuming his saunter home. Seconds later, two bolts of lightning struck the tombstones of his mother and father, blowing him several yards back in the process. As Riley slowly got back to his feet, he twitched and froze in fear, especially as his mother and father, both dressed in concert attire, rose from the ground, obviously to deliver a message.
"Riley," a seemingly unchanged Elizabeth prophesied, "You will become the greatest musical leader of your time, for perfect harmony is sure to be the result when all the bells chime." As she slowly handed her silver baton to the much-taller Riley, who was clad in a white trench coat, blue dress pants and purple and black tie. He was very reluctant to do this, but he wanted to be sure as well.
"Mother? Father?" Riley questioned, looking at her and Cyrus, both of which had looked as though they hadn't aged at all. "Um, I... I don't think I'm ready for this..."
"Sure you are," said Cyrus as his wife Elizabeth returned to her place to stand beside him, "After all, you're the star." With Riley scratching his head in confusion, Elizabeth handed her trademark scarf to Cyrus, who would slowly come up to his son and hand-deliver it to him.
"Here, take that tie off and put this on," ordered an apparitionistic Cyrus, who, to his surprise, would watch as Riley's look of fright became a look of morbid glee; then, as Elizabeth and Cyrus awakened the skies to parting clouds and a transformed Riley, now clad in white scarf, gold coat collars, and jet-black tails. looked at himself and realized that this was his time, but was scared to admit it.
"Uh... um..." Riley stammered, struggling to find the words to say.
"You are the future, Riley," declared his parents, thus abruptly ending the nightmare with the doctor waking up from his nightmare screaming, after which he panted heavily and asked himself, "What the hell did I dream last night?"
"I don't know," Flint responded sarcastically, "A nightmare? I mean, come on."
"But this is a recurring dream I'm talking about here."
"It's 4 a.m., Zinc. Go the fuck back to sleep."
"But I've got SUNDS!" Riley whined. "You know, Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome?" After a moment, Flint lost his patience and his ability to rest.
"Dammit, now I can't sleep!"
"Er, sorry... I guess," Riley apologized, feeling guilty. "I mean, what do you think we should do?"
"Well, for starters," Flint responded, getting up from his sanitarium room bed and walking around for a bit, "The surveillance cameras are off; and, as an added bonus, absolutely nobody is watching us or guarding the place. The least we could do is get outta here." With Flint heading to the door and using what strength he had at the time to knock it completely off the hinges and onto the ground, Riley began to wonder how Flint was able to do that.
"Holy crap!" the anorexic scientist shrieked. "How did you manage to do that?!"
"Riley, shut up, for God's sake!"
"Sorry, Flint. I just get excited too easily." Flint sighed. He then signaled the okay to Riley by way of a thumbs up -- that is, after some double-checking.
"Alright, let's go," the vampire whispered. With the severely thin doctor following Flint in a cautious manner, the two managed to sneak all the way to the exit door undetected -- which, of course, was fairly simple considering there was no one watching over them at the time -- but they had to make a bunch of turns along the way on account of the Mercia Sanitarium being a large maze of sorts.
"Flint," Riley whispered in the vampire's ear, "Do you think anyone will see us?"
"Keep your distance," replied the fanged being as he focused on getting the exit door unlocked with a combination code on the master lock. He saw Terbium and Nobelium use this code many times before, so why would it not work with a vampire like Flint Dartson? Nonetheless, he was able to get the master lock open and open the exit door; however, Riley was very reluctant to go outside of the sanitarium due to fears of the unknown, which slightly pissed off and irritated Flint to a degree.
"Well," Dartson rhetorically asked him, "Aren't you going with me? It's not like I have all goddamn day, you know!"
"Er, okay," the intimidated scientist answered back, following the vampire. Much to Riley's fears, the silent alarms began to sound, causing panic for the institutionalized musician. "Holy shit!" he screamed. "What do we do now?!"
"Come on and take me by the hand," Flint responded positively. "Let's fly out of here and go somewhere special."
"But I've got vertigo!" he confessed.
"Alright, look. Just squeeze my hand as hard as you can and close your eyes, and I'll tell you to open them again when we get to Clearwater."
"Where's that?"
"Dammit, Riley, just do what I said!"
"Okay, okay!"
And with that, Riley closed his eyes and squeezed Flint's hand as he flew away with his great-great-great nephew. And just in time, too. Not only were the security guards late in detecting the two, but they didn't even spot them until it was too late.


In the meantime, Terbium was in his bedroom sleeping. He had not went to bed in three long days, so every minute of rest was critical for him; but just then, he got a call from someone, so the phone was clearly ringing. It wasn't until the third ring that Terbium actually opened his eyes, but he was no doubt tired of having to deal with the mentally unstable and ill.
"What does Dr. Wilhelm Fuckbert want now?" he muttered to himself, picking up the phone and answering it. "Hello," he greeted almost immediately. "Terbium and Nobelium residence."
"Charles," Dr. Cheryl Lutetium informed him, "We just took a look in Flint and Riley's cells, and they aren't inside."
"The hell do you mean?"
"They escaped," she confirmed.
"Then why didn't you capture them?"
"Wilhelm and I had not slept in several days, so we were clearly groggy from all the work. Needless to say, when we dozed off we couldn't wake back up."
A brief silence. Then, a response from Terbium.
"Did you catch it on surveillance, Cheryl?"
"Yes, sir," Wilhelm gleefully shouted in the background. "We caught the whole thing on camera! Thank God for surveillance, right?"
"Shut up and let me handle this," the woman with the metal hand scowled, pointing her finger at the optimistic shrink.
"Well, I just woke up," Dr. Qubert admitted, having had his eyes open for not even ten seconds.
"Slept through the whole damn thing, too, didn't he, Cheryl?" Terbium curiously asked, having already known the inevitable answer.
"You'll have to excuse Dr. Death for his grogginess," she replied. Wilhelm got slightly irritated, but he was used to the nickname given to him by his co-worker, having proceeded to shake his head, smile, and shrug his shoulders.
"Well, we'll be there in just a few minutes. You, Dr. Fuckbert, and Van just keep patrolling the place and make sure nobody else escapes." He then closed the call with a simple, "See you in a few," and hung up the phone. That's when Jeffrey Nobelium entered the fray.
"Did I just now hear about someone escaping the sanitarium?" The old man in the pajamas asked Terbium.
"Well, what do you think? Besides, we've got to meet up with Cheryl and Wilhelm at the sanitarium anyway."
"Oh, I know it. We'd better get our clothes on and get going."
"You're damn right we do!"
And with that, Terbium and Nobelium got their work clothes from their closets before going to their respective bathrooms and changing; even so, Wilhelm and Cheryl were in the main office looking over the surveillance footage.

Meanwhile, Flint and Riley were inside a mansion that Riley's mother and father used to own; however, Flint had kept this secret from Riley, and he wasn't going to tell him about it until it was absolutely necessary. Let's see how this unfolds.
"Er, can I open my eyes now?" the anorexic scientist eagerly asked, albeit hesitantly. "...Please?"
"Will you promise not to tell anyone if I let you open your eyes?" Flint rhetorically asked in return. "I mean, you have been known to let the cat out of the bag way too fucking soon, so I really want you to keep this between us."
"Uh..." Riley stammered, eventually reaching a decision. "...Okay."
"Then go ahead and open your eyes."
Riley opened his eyes, but when he opened his eyes the place was dark. He really wanted to know for sure where, if anywhere, he was at, and why.
"Can you guess where we are?"
"Um," Dr. Zinc wondered, somewhat recognizing the place as if he halfway-knew his parents had lived here. "I think we're in a mansion, and I think my mother and father used to own this place."
"Well, not to be a smart-ass or anything," the vampire clued him in, "But this is the House of Zinc."
"So I'm home?!" the so-called doctor shrieked, instantly turning his feeling of anxiety and fear into joy.
"Shut up, dammit!" Flint ordered, putting his hand over the thin scientist's mouth. "Now, would you like to know why you're here?"
"I guess,"
"Well, let me tell you right now," he said, "I went through a lot of shit to get you here."
"How do you figure?" the musical doctor curiously quizzed. Just then, Flint told the story of how he was able to get a mansion once owned by Cyrus and Elizabeth Zinc in Riley's name. A flashback would then show Flint Dartson in what used to be Cyrus's bathroom donning Riley's white trench coat, purple-and-black tie, sky-blue dress shirt, and navy-blue dress pants while holding a can of skin spray and looked in the mirror.
"Okay, now all I need to do is put this skin spray on and I'll be all set," the conning vampire said to himself, chuckling a little. "This'll be a fucking cinch." Just then, a black man named Deangelo Argon, a famous Realtor, knock on the door, just when Mr. Dartson had finished putting on the skin spray and coating it all over his face, the back of his neck and hands.
"Hey, Mr. Zinc," Argon wondered, "Are you going to be out of there soon? We've got papers to sign."
"I'll be right--" Flint started to say in his normal voice before stopping himself; he then started to speak in Riley's voice, which he was able to pull off to perfection. "Er, I'll be right there!" Finally, he headed to the bathroom door and answered it, eventually meeting the famous Realtor.
"You ready to sign some paperwork, Riley?" Argon asked him.
"I think so."
"Okay, follow me and we'll sign the papers."
First, Argon began to walk towards the living room, heading down the corridor; after that, Flint, despite standing there for several moments, followed him. Let's pause the flashback for a moment and listen in to Flint's side of the story.
"...So this Deangelo guy wanted to sign some papers with you, but you weren't there, which left it up to me to fill in for you as a stunt double."
"So, basically," Riley observed, "What you're trying to say is--"
"Would you shut the hell up and let me finish, please?" Flint barked. "God! As if nothing else matters!"
"Er, sorry," Riley muttered. "I'll let you finish."
"Thank you. Now, where the hell was I? Oh, yeah, that's right..."
Okay, so let's continue the flashback. We now find Flint -- who's disguised as Dr. Riley Zinc -- in the living room with Deangelo Argon the Realtor. In the meantime, Argon was going over the paperwork with the disguised Flint.
"So basically," he said to him, "You will only have to make a one-time, $5,000 down payment after you sign on the dotted line because the house has already been paid for by its previous owners."
"Um, okay."
Flint had a lot to say on the matter, but he simply had to stay in character in order for this to work.
"Alright, now I'm only going to need your signature right..." After pointing to the blank line at the bottom of the last page, he then awaited his signature -- not as Flint Dartson, but as Dr. Riley Zinc. "...Here."
"So that's how you got this mansion signed over to me?" the anorexic doctor asked him, feeling a little bit angry but conflicted between contempt and joy.
"I've studied your signature for years," Flint responded, "Of course, I got this place signed over to you. Why else are you here?"
"Um, Flint," Dr. Zinc informed with left index finger and thumb across bony chin, "I think that's forgery."
"You know, Riley, when I say I've studied your signature, I mean every word. I've studied the signatures of everything you've ever signed, and even though your signature has underwent slight changes over the years I have been able to remember every letter of it. Do you get what I'm talking about?"
No answer.
"Then again," he continued, "That's probably something you'd never understand." This made Riley even more instigate and curious.
"Understand what?"
Flint laughed, almost pissing himself.
"This isn't funny."
"But anyway, you have the place to yourself, and you've got a couple of housemates to boot."
"Housemates?" Riley questioned, twitching.
"They're not going to hurt you, kid," Flint assured him, patting him on the back, then shuddering as a cold chill went up and down his spine.
"What was that about?" Frieda asked from a distance.
"I get cold chills every time I touch a human," he said to her.
"You're that vampire, Flint, aren't you?" Willis questioned, following Frieda into Flint and Riley's territory.
"Well, I'm not from Transylvania, but I'm close enough."
"I see," she said while keeping a straight face, showing some kind of understanding.
"You two keep him company, okay?" Flint reminded him. "I'm going to go deer hunting."
"Sure thing," responded Willis.
"Don't leave me here!" Riley shrieked, panicking.
"Riley, you'll be fine," he promised him, leaving the anorexic doctor here with two metal musicians in their early 70's. "I'll see you later, okay?"
"Wait, Flint!" Riley shouted. "Wait!" He looked defeated, feeling as though he had no choice. "Damn."


Back in the Mercia Sanitarium, Terbium and Nobelium, clad in their working attire, had arrived to meet with Qubert, Lutetium, Parker, and a seemingly absent Robert Chester, who clearly wasn't in the mood to hear about another escape.
"So what do we have here?" Terbium asked Wilhelm. "What exactly did you and Cheryl catch on surveillance?"
"Cheryl and I decided to turn camera nine on because it wasn't on before, and this was right before we dozed off."
"Could you just show us the video, for God's sake?" an adamant Terbium demanded.
"You got it, boss."
At that moment, Qubert pressed the playback button, showing a video of Flint and Riley sitting on their beds before making their escape.
"Why is there no so --?" Qubert was going to say, until he found the answer himself. "Oh, that's right: we didn't put any recordable sound-proof padding in the walls of the patients' rooms. I keep forgetting to mention that, for some reason."
"Are recordable sound-proof padding in the walls in our budget for next year?" Cheryl asked the two elderly owners of the asylum.
"Actually," Nobelium responded, "We don't have enough money to do that right now because we're several million dollars in the red. Plus, we've been at risk of getting shut down because of all the health code violations detected in past inspections."
"I must have forgotten about that."
"No shit," Chester snarled as he walked into the main office. "You think?"
"Hey, Robert," Cheryl greeted in an emotionless fashion.
"What kept you?" Van asked the grey-haired man in his mid-40's.
"Oh, I was off in mamby-pamby land answering a bunch of phone calls and holding two phones in my right and left hands -- what do you think I was doing?!
"Sorry I asked."
"Well, at least he's being honest," Terbium reacted.
"Hey, guys," Qubert pointed out, "Check this part out! This is where Flint breaks down the door and makes his escape with Riley."
"Really?" Terbium and Nobelium shouted excitedly.
"Yeah. See for yourself."
With everyone's eyes glued to the screen, camera nine showed Flint and Riley making their escape, with Flint leading and his accomplice Riley following.
"Did you turn camera ten on?" Nobelium asked Cheryl.
"Yes, I did," she responded.
"What about cameras eleven and twelve?"
"Qubert turned them on before we accidentally dozed off."
"Well, as long as you have the cameras on, then everything the patients do will be recorded."
"That's good to know," Van agreed.
"When will I get my mid-year bonus?" Robert Chester asked his owners.
"You'll get your bonus in a couple of weeks, just like everyone else," Terbium assured him. "That is, if we don't run out of money first."
"By the way, Van," Nobelium said to him, "You and the rest of the gang keep the place monitored, and we'll take care of Flint and Riley. Got it?"
"You got it," the brown-haired man with a beer belly acquiesced.
"And don't let anyone else escape!" Terbium emphatically barked.
"You got it."
As Terbium and Nobelium -- the two owners and operators of the Mercia Sanitarium -- made their way out, Chester thought he could get away with mocking his boss -- and rightfully so, because he was in an under-par mood.
"'Don't let anyone else escape,' he says."
"We heard that!" Nobelium shouted from a distance.
"That was a bit much, don't ya think?" Lutetium said to her co-worker Chester, giving him the eye.
"Well, someone was going to say it at some point anyhow!" An awkward silence ensued as everyone stared at him, each with different emotions and varying facial gestures. "Don't you look at me like that," he growled.
"Okay, let's get back to work," Van ordered. "Until they get back, I'm going to be in charge."
"You?" Chester snarled, clearly objecting the claim to power. "You mean to tell me that Jeff and Charles chose you to lead in their absence?"
"Yes, they did."

It was roughly eleven that evening, but back in the House of Zinc (which was now the property of Riley by way of Flint) he played a game of Yahtzee with Frieda while Willis was in the basement recording guitar work.
"Do you remember playing this game with Cyrus?" Frieda asked the somewhat bewildered Riley. "You and him played this game all the time when you were a child."
"I think so," responded the anorexic doctor Riley.
"It's your turn, by the way."
Riley immediately caught on.
"Oh, man, you're right! I'm on my second roll, aren't I?"
"All night."
With a roll of the dice, his first roll consisted of three sixes, a five, and a two. Needless to say, he was shocked at what he saw.
"Six, six, six," he said to himself as he counted the faces. He then yelped out of fear, saying, "Oh, God! That's the devil's number! I hope Satan doesn't come and take my soul to Hell!"
"He's not going to come and take your soul to Hell," Frieda assured him, laughing. "That's just luck."
"Oh. Well, that's a relief."
"Would you like to take your three-of-a-kind? The total of your dice, counting the sixes, sum up to twenty-five."
Riley pondered for a minute with his pencil, tapping his hair, when his hair suddenly ate his pencil. Frieda was surprised to see this.
"Riley," she said, "You never told me your scalp had a mouth!"
"It does, unfortunately," he responded. "There's nothing that can get rid of it, and I've tried everything."
"Well, anyway, would you like to take your three of a kind and write it down with a spare pencil?" she asked him, grabbing a spare pencil from her art drawer.
"Um, yeah."
As Frieda gave Riley a spare pencil, he was about to mark his vacant three-of-a-kind slot on his Yahtzee card; but just then, a voice came from a distance.
"Hey, Frieda, I saw someone pull in earlier. Who do you think that is?"
It was Willis.
"Oh, I dunno," Frieda responded. "It could be anyone."
Suddenly, a knock on the door.
"I hope that isn't the Mercia Sanitarium knocking," Riley said to himself out loud.
"Why?" Frieda asked him. "Do you live there?"
"Um, yes, unfortunately," the anorexic musician admitted.
"Well, there's nothing wrong with that," Willis encouraged. "Back when I was a little kid growing up in Ireland for the first seven years of my life my father told me stories about how people treated in insane asylums got treated, and if the patients did what they were told, then they would be treated fine. Got fed three times a day, too."
"Yes, but the mental health system in America sucks," Frieda fired back. "Ireland has it easy compared to America."
"Please don't send me back to the sanitarium!" Riley cried, expressing a lot of emotion and begging them in that way. "I'll do anything!"
"Don't worry, Riley. Willis and I aren't going to send you back to the sanitarium."
Then, a knock on the front door. It was time for Willis and Frieda to take action.
"Let us handle this," Willis advised the supposed 'doctor', taking Frieda by the hand and heading toward the front door, which was a few rooms away.


At around the same exact time, however, Flint flew in the sky, navigating his way towards the Nigota Cemetery, which was just a few miles away. He had his G.P.S. buttoned up in his coat pocket, and that device was key in helping him find his way to Nigota.
"Recalculating distance to Nigota Cemetery," the G.P.S. informed Flint, who now became irritated.
"You're shitting me! That's the third time it's done that! My G.P.S. must be lost or something." He then proceeded to get his G.P.S. out of his coat pocket and take the batteries out. "There," he said, putting it back in his coat pocket and buttoning the pocket up. "Now I can find my way to the cemetery without some inaccurate, mechanized, portable sack of horse shit telling me how to get there. This'll be easy."
And at the Nigota Cemetery, Lynch -- clad in a gray business suit and blue cape -- and Lee -- clad in a black business suit and red cape -- had been planning to complete a religious heist by stealing what they believe to be the tomb of Christ. Each Cruor brother had a mattock, each in their left hand.
"Okay, Lynch," Lee asked him, "Do you know why we're here?"
"We're here to steal the tomb of Christ," answered the blue-caped Lynch.
"And it's going to be the biggest heist in history, too."
"Damn skippy!"
"So do you have your mattock with you?" Quizzed the red-caped Lee. Lynch looked at his left hand, which was carrying a mattock, and responded.
"Great. Now, on the count of three, you and I start digging. You got it?"
"And then we take the tomb with us? Yeah, that's not going to be a problem at all."
Clearly, their intent tonight was to rob a grave, which is something they excel very well in. Needless to say, they weren't going to their coffins empty-handed, and as they prepared to strike the ground, Lee began the count.
Neither of the Cruor brothers flinched, but they were definitely unsure about what would happen next; even so, they pressed on.
As Lee looked at his brother Lynch and Lynch returned a look of confidence to Lee, they both nodded once to confirm the process.
Right before their mattocks hit the ground a crimson-orange arm broke the dirt, grabbing the hand of Lynch. Lynch, understandably, would panic.
"Hey, what the hell is this?!" Lee shouted, looking at his brother worriedly.
"Strike the son of a bitch with your mattock!" Lynch screamed. Without hesitation, Lee went in for the kill, but just before his mattock hit the ground a second crimson-orange arm broke the dirt, grabbing Lee's arm. A split-second after this, a crimson-orange alien whose Earth name was Mandrake and was originally born on his home planet of Aeorkas with the name Ekardnam broke the dirt with his body and levitated nearly 20 feet.
"Let us go, you motherfucker!" Lee bellowed, struggling to set his arm free of the alien's clutches. Immediately after this, Mandrake, still 20 feet in the air, let go of Lee and Lynch's arms and watched as they fell to the ground; afterward, Mandrake levitated himself back to the ground, with the mattocks beside him to his left and right, respectively. They were stunned and couldn't believe what they had seen, but they weren't going to stand for it. As they went to attempt a double-spear on the alien, the alien disappeared, reappearing behind his tombstone; luckily for the Cruor brothers, they managed to avoid the pitfall.
"I don't know who you two are," the alien warned them, "But I'm going to give you three seconds to get out of here, and then I'm going to eradicate the both of you."
"You don't have a clue who the hell you're messin' with!" Lynch shouted, pointing the finger at Mandrake as he began the count.
"You think you've won? Well, you just --"
"Lynch, we've got to get out of here," Lee warned him. "We don't have time for his games."
"I'll leave when I'm good and ready!"
"Dammit, Lynch, come on!" Lee screamed, grabbing him by the cape as he made his exit. Just then, Flint showed up, and he voiced his opinion on the matter.
"Alright, what the hell is going --" Just as he was about to ask the inevitable question, Mandrake glanced at Flint and stared at him as though to see if the vampire remembered who he was. "...On?" After some time, Mandrake asked a question of his own.
"What do you think will happen to your enemies when I get to three?"
"Well, why don't we find out?" Flint answered. Mandrake nodded in agreement and thrust his arms into the sky, causing lightning to strike down from above; then, he looked at Flint and smiled.
"Oh, by the way," Flint said, "I don't remember who you are."
"You should," replied the alien.

Meanwhile, back at the Mercia Sanitarium, Riley Zinc had been taken into the lobotomy room, and Wilhelm Qubert, Cheryl Lutetium, Robert Chester, Van Parker and co-owners and operators Jeffrey Nobelium and Charles Terbium watched him like a hawk, all while Terbium, Lutetium and Chester made jokes that made the paranoid musician quite uncomfortable.
"Hey," chirped the arrogant Chester, "I've got a joke for ya!"
"Really?" Nobelium asked, giving him the eye.
"A psycho walks into a bar, and the bartender asks him what he wants..."
"I don't think we should be making jokes in front of the patient," Wilhelm warned him. "He tends to take jokes like that the wrong --"
"Oh, shut up!" he scowled, briefly directing his attention to the optimistic shrink. "What do you know?"
Just then, Riley, whose arms and legs were tied to the chair to prevent an escape, began to hallucinate and twitch with his left eye somewhat, seeing a small apparition of his father Cyrus on his right shoulder.
"Who are you?" he whispered to the apparition on his right shoulder.
"I'm your dad, Cyrus," the apparition responded. "You remember me, right?"
Dr. Zinc nodded slowly.
"Do you think these people are making fun of you?" the apparition asked Riley, who would nod again.
"Would you like to get even with them?" asked the minuscule ghost to Riley, who, for a third time, would nod.
"Then go for it."
"Will doing this get me killed?" the anorexic asked the spirit on his shoulder.
"You won't get killed, son. Trust me. You're in control now, so all you need to do is show it. You get what I'm saying?"
As the apparition disappeared, Riley kept his pent-up frustration to himself, thus saving it for the right moment, and as Terbium, Chester, and Lutetium laughed it up after hearing a really good joke from the usually-smug Robert Chester, Riley looked at the three with surprise and slight contempt, which would prompt varied responses from the staff in charge of the sanitarium.
"Why are you looking at us like that?" Terbium asked the patient, raising his eyebrows. "Can't you take a joke?"
As Riley continued to stare down the overweight Terbium with raised eyebrows and a closed mouth, Jeffrey Nobelium left the room in a slow and careful manner.
"I'll let you handle this one," Nobelium said to Terbium as he walked out of the room. "I've got to go back to the surveillance room and keep an eye on the other patients.
"You're just going to leave us here like that?" Chester complained.
"I have to. I don't have a --"
Then, without warning, Riley summoned the strength to break free from the ropes surrounding his arms and legs, grabbing a pistol out of his pants pocket and firing three shots in the air. That would prompt Nobelium to run out of the lobotomy room for sure. Then, with Riley finally unleashing his anger at the Straitjacket Emporium, he expressed his feelings in the form of a rap.

Ever since I was young I had big dreams, but only my dad understood me
Nobody knew my unique talents until my dad performed with me
That's when they saw me for what I was back then, a multi-instrumentalist
But then when he died all of that changed, and I vanished into the mist

Never to be seen again in society
Never to reveal to them the other side of me
Being in asylums took my only chance to see
My existence culminates in perfect harmony

"Wait a minute, Riley!" Qubert asked him, panicking. "What are you doing with that gun in your hand?"
That psycho's taken us hostage, so get your head out of the sand and run!" Terbium ordered the rest of them. As they tried to make an escape through the door, Riley cocked his pistol and fired two more rounds into the air, continuing his rap, and much to the shock of the staff.

I've got the utmost respect for all my elders, but none of you are gonna run
You're going to stay here and face me now, don't you see I have a gun?
You know you're powerless against me now because you knew about the costage
Fifteen years of pain has boiled over now, it's time I take you fuckers hostage!


What better way to end this short story than with a final cut-scene starring Flint and Mandrake? Anyway, let's finish this. Mandrake walked away from the Nigota Cemetery, leaving Flint with questions.
"Hey, get back here!" the vampire demanded. "Where are you going, huh? Just where the hell are you going?!" In that moment, the alien turned his head, directing his attention at Flint one last time.
"I'm going home," Mandrake declared. Shortly after, he would spread his arms ascend to the sky, much to Flint's surprise; finally, he snapped his fingers and disappeared.
I worked on and off on this revised fanfiction for four months. And I did it all for two people:

Beck Keep -----> :iconzibaricon:


Rick Fortner ---> :iconkingrick:

I hope you like it!
© 2015 - 2021 TheSkull31
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Oh hey, thanks man!
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You're welcome. By the way, I've been thinking about possibly letting you use my OC's Mandrake, Frieda, and Willis for a storyboarded version of my short story "Mandrake's Day Out" -- which you could do the artwork for, of course, since I'm such a fan of you and Rick's work.

In the meantime, would you like me to send you links to Mandrake, Frieda, and Willis' pictures and profiles so you can have some time to study the characters? I figured that you might very well be able to draw them without breaking a sweat, so that's why I ask. ^^;