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On the Street


On the Street

He had seen many waifs and urchins in his time, especially since he was one himself but this girl... Whoever she was, she was different in someway that made Feuilly wonder. He wasn't sure what stirred these thoughts in his head, he knew they were not romantic, but this girl. Her clothing nothing more then tattered rags, her long brown hair in messy curls hung limply about her gaunt face. Yet something in her dark brown eyes seemed to radiate... Something. This was not the first time Feuilly had seen this girl, in fact he saw her almost every single day on his way to the cafe. She would hang around outside waiting for (as Feuilly had found ou

A Few Words


A Few Words

The next day Feuilly waited until after the meeting to meet up with Eponine, she was once again outside the cafe leaning up against a wall looking off into the distance. "Hello there Eponine," Feuilly called to get her attention. Slightly startled it took her a moment to recognize him, "'Ello... Feuilly," she replied, addressing a man in such a friendly manner was hard for her. "I hope the day has been treating you well?" He asked, although he knew there was nothing easy about the life of a street urchin, there were bad days and worse days. "Well enough, I suppose," she sighed brushing a stray piece of hair back behind her ear. "I do wish t




When Feuilly walked by the Café Eponine wasn't there, he didn't know that he had upset her so terribly and felt somewhat guilty. "I guess every gamin does have a different story…" he muttered to himself as he walked away from the café. It seemed that the subject of anyone in her family but Gavroche was a tense one, but why? He remembered the days dreaming he had a family, of any type! Why would 'Ponine be so opposed to her own? It did not seem likely that he would be able to find her or speak to her anytime soon so who could he talk to? Gavroche happened to be walking down the street singing to himself watching for anyone who


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I'm TheSketcherWithSkechers. Sketcher or Sketch for short. XD. Semi-realistic anime is my style of choice. I started with cartoons at first, but I became inspired to draw anime-ish because of the short manga in Metal Gear Solid 2's instruction manual. Weird? Yes. XDD

I enjoy drawing both original art and various fanart so I make an effort to maintain a balanced gallery.^^; Although I must warn you about my fanart. I wouldn't usually stick to one series because I am easily satisfied after drawing only a couple pieces... so I don't advise being watched for my fanart. ._.; But if that's cool with you, then be my guest.

My alternate account is :iconwithskechers: Most of my unrefined fanart will go there.

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Shinkawa Yoji (official MGS artist), and various others
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Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, to name a few
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Ouran High School Host Club
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Pencils, colored pencils, .01 unipin, soft pastels/ chalk, watercolor, Paint Tool SAI, PSCS3
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drawing, playing the bass, occasional gaming, reading, forensics, apologetics,

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