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Mystic Messenger Trash

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*I am officially Mystic Messenger trash. Lolol. My favorite characters are Zen and 707. But yesterday, I got a bad ending of Zen, lmfao. I was too possesive, lolol.
Anyway, Keyicule and I were talking about MM stuff, and even took quizes of them to see who we were- and I swear, if I get Yoosung one more time I will smash this device. Keyicule got Jumin Han many times, which is actually funny, because we started to be which character we got, lol. 707 (Saeyoung) is who I got, just a few times. Even Keyicule has her own cat....omg. I want to hug it.
Okay I'll shut up now... lol.

"Give the cat."
" N o . "

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Mystic Messenger (c) Cheritz
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Not my favorite, lol.
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i dont like yoosung either tbh
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"Accept it. You are Yoosung."

Oof to that bad ending though
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I swear I am not Yoosung-

I nd e e d.