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Let go. (Fake Screenshot) [Wizard World]

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*A spoiler for TSK and Auroko’s backstory. Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] 
Auroko was TSK’s best friend, but uh- passed away. :’)
Yeah, this is going to happen in the comic. I have no idea when the comic will be out still. :’))

Time taken: 4 Hours.

Anyways, I hope you like it. :D

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TSK (WWCP) (c) TheSkeletonKid 
Auroko (c) dinahthefluffyfoxx 
Wizard World (WWCP) (c) TheSkeletonKid 
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Wait, tsk is the one falling right?

Isn't the skeleton guy basically telling him to fall off then?

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I think you’re confused-

So I have a lot of characters named “TSK”, because I’m not that creative with new names.
TSK is the skeleton on the cliff, trying to save his friend.
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Oh ok, haha I was confused

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It’s alright. ^^
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Feels Fuel. Get yo tissues, 

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woahh awesome
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Heart-attack by LilyArts27

"Oh no,my feels"
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It would be so damn hularious if Libras just pop up from a puddle near there and makes TSK surprised and drop Auroko.

P.S.: I keep wondering why don't  characters just swing them up to the surface although they can do it.
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Well, they’re tired from a battle sooooo- :’))
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~~Dunno why but I wanna make Libras have the ability to appear anywhere that has water~~

~~And become people's servant~~
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That would be cool-
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I'm sorry


Blizzard and TSK are gay for each others(if Bliz is a male)
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I ' d b e v e r y s a t I f I e d I f t h a t I s c a n n o n
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N o .

But fan service, okay-
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“Hey TSK what happened to Auroko”
“o h ?”
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This is very sad! :cry: 
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Nuuuu so sad! Waaaah! 
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TSK: *Swings lady around like a giant baseball bat
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*CRIESSS* NOOOOO Chisaki Crying Icon Pikachu Crying Plz 

TSK would have a hard time explaining that Auroko is gone to Narbe
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