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Spirit Visions
It was going to be a long day. Jack Rose sighed as he shrugged his coat on, popped a painkiller, and headed out into the world. Another day, another death in the afternoon. Or not, as the case may be. This one had been called in by the Pink Lady, as she was known in his PD, so it was debatable whether or not there had actually even been a crime, and very likely that if there had it was a minor offence and nothing like what had been described. The daft old bat kept on calling in with 'visions' of 'murders' that turned out to be nothing more than her own dark imaginings ninety times out of a hundred and neighbourhood kids messing around trying to scare her another nine. But orders were orders, and his chief still had a chip on his shoulder over that one harrowing case she'd gotten right and he'd failed to listen to her about.
A real stinger of a snowball bounced off the back of Jack's head as he reached his car and he turned, growling, just in time to see the backs of two of his own neig
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Mature content
A Murder Most Sweet :icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 0 8
The Fleeting Path to Happiness
It doesn't exist the rest of the year, but for a single night a flower blooms in the desert. Iridescent petals with rainbow hues shine gaily among the sand, lighting a path through the dunes that is said to bring joy and laughter to those who follow it, if they can only reach the end...
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 0 6
Rising in Rank
Tarren's fist clenched around his dagger and he forced himself to stop, taking deep breaths until he could get a better grip on both his emotions and his blade. Now would be the absolute worst time for him to make a mistake out of clumsiness. After all this time of bowing and scraping and knuckling under, never being allowed to forget how indebted he was to the Guild that had taken him in as an infant, he'd finally been given a chance. An opportunity to rise in the ranks. To pay back some of what he owed and no longer be digging himself deeper into debt with every day he wanted to eat.
After a few deep breaths Tarren's hands steadied. He pulled back the coverlets that were scrunched over his first victim's head, wanting to be sure of the placement of his dagger. He intended to be in and out of here quickly and without a sound, leaving no trace of his or the Guild's presence beyond a single wound in his victims' necks--any more would leave him in trouble with the Guild. But as he did so
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 2 6
Lynne waited at their spot on the beach for hours, unsure if her lover would come. There had been harsh words and harsher silences, and who knew if promises would still be held to in the face of all that. Lynne sighed, and doodled her lover's name in a heart in the sand for the 85th time or so, letting her fingers linger while tracing longingly along it. Lost in her anxious thoughts and the soothing motions, she didn't hear the soft footsteps over the sand coming to join her.
"That's gay." Kristen said, looking over her shoulder.
Lynne's heart leapt. She turned to see her lover's face in a broad grin. "You're gay," she retorted, grinning back at her.
They kissed.
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 2 12
Doomed to Repeat
"The alt-right? Neo-reactionaries? Race realists? You know, I'm sure we used to have a word for those kind of people..."
Somewhere aboard a hidden spaceship within the Earth's thermosphere, a decrepit old man with a white toothbrush moustache smiled. He'd been skeptical, but these aliens had really pulled it off. Nobody remembered the word.
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 3 10
Mature content
The Mac Guffin Muffin :icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 2 10
The Shtriga
The infant cries a welcome cry
That pierces through the darkened sky.
It warms the hearts of all who hear,
Bringing them great joy and cheer -
To all, that is, except Miss Nye.
When she descries new life nearby
Jealousy fills her darkened eyes,
And on her face appears a sneer.
The infant cries.
That night she Changes to disguise
And through the infant's window flies.
Out of nowhere she appears,
Gives him his first dose of fear,
Bites his neck to suck him dry -
The infant cries.
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 6 6
A new world was coming to life under his fingers. A snow-covered mountain of a landscape that he forged new valleys in with every pass over it he took. The sun beating down on his world with inescapable heat that he wanted to apologise for. The snow and glaciers on his mountain melting in waves that would cause avalanches if he wasn't careful, but he took his time and paid attention to it; removing the rivers of melted ice before they could become more than that.
Sometimes he took more than just the meltwater though, in his hunger and his greed. Sometimes he took it upon himself to cleanse the sinners from his world. Sometimes whole villages were removed with a mere flick of his powerful and mighty tongue. Sometimes--
The little boy accidentally dropped his icecream and sat down hard on the pavement in dismay. Glaciers hit the hot tarmac desert and forged new rivers in front of him, the inhabitants of his world screaming with the change, but he was too busy crying to care.
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 35 23
"But it's so sparkly, how could it be evil?" Tina stretched her hand out to the dazzling creature and I had to snatch it back again right quick.
"It's a unicorn, Tina," I whispered fiercely in her ear, "We've been over this."
The unicorn in question was a young one--a yearling, I would hazard--and a good thing that was too, I reckon, as a full-grown one could'a skewered us on the spot. As it were this beast just stood there; red eyes glarin' at us and almost-diamond horn glist'nin' in the moonlight as it waited for us to try somethin' stupid like that again.
"But-" Tina started to protest and I had to physically drag her away, keeping eye contact with the young unicorn all the while and bowing all respectful-like to it. I couldn't move too fast neither, didn't want to spook the thing. All in all it was a relief and a half when I got the fool girl back into the trees and out of eyesight o' that thing.
"I keep tellin' you, Tina. These ain't like them fairytale unicorns from
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 7 19
I strolled on down to the watering hole that day like it was just any other old day. Nobody told me the world would be ending.
The place was packed to the frills just like it always was. Old man three-horn saw me coming and cleared a place for me next to him with one sweep of his tail, all the little underfoot folk scattering before it. I thanked him for his kindness and hunkered down next to him, lowering my massive neck down towards the water, but before I could take so much as a single gulp it happened. Or at least, it started to happen.
There was a bright flash in the sky in front of me. I paused midway to drinking, pondering what it was, and before I could lower my head again a great ripple came storming across the ground towards me. I ducked my head down, dug my massive feet in and roared at it. Old man three-horn saw what I was doing and joined in with me. The two of us arrayed with all our might against that mighty force bearing down upon us.
We threw everything w
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 3 15
A Roaring Success
"What great food!" I said with a hearty bellow, licking my plate clean with much gusto.
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," Mindy told the lot of us with a bare-toothed grin that marked a distinct change in atmosphere.
I paused, swallowed the lump that had suddenly appeared in my throat, and started to wish I hadn't swallowed any of the food she'd given me. That was quite the odd thing to say when being complimented on a meal.
Almost on cue, a number of our number started to choke, despite having already finished their food and not having anything to choke on anymore. Mindy watched them in gleeful anticipation, golden eyes lit up like she was watching a fireworks display.
I stared at my choking friends as well--with a much more horrified expression on my face--but soon found I had other problems to concern myself with. I may not have been choking, but there were two red hot balls of molten lead growing in my shoulderblades. My arms contracted backwards sharply with the pain, my
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 3 8
On Acquiring Cake
The first party was on bonfire night. That was Sam's actual birthday, and he'd insisted on having his party then, so he could celebrate with the big bonfire and the fireworks in the park and pretend that they were all for him. His family packed up a wonderful picnic, invited all his friends, and brought along a big fancy cake that said 'Happy Birthday Sam!' on it in blue icing.
His younger brother Daniel threw it into the bonfire.
After Sam complained--with much screaming and tantrums--that his first birthday party had been utterly and irreparably ruined, the second party was scheduled at the pool for the very next week. His family booked the pool and the party room, ordered a bunch of party food, invited most of his friends along again, and bought another big fancy cake that said 'Happy Birthday Sam!' on it in blue icing.
His younger brother Daniel threw it into the pool.
Of course, that utterly and irreparably ruined Sam's second party as well, so a third was scheduled a week
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 2 14
Thank God and Arkhipov
Let us never forget what never happened. The roar of the bombs that never fell. The billions of lives that were never lost. The ecological damage that was never done. The wounded world that never came into being. All for the sake of retaliation against an imagined threat.
Thank God and Arkhipov that never happened.
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 3 5
On Dungeons and Dwarves
It's the little things that get to me. Wading through mud that reaches past my chest, fighting against the legs of horses, never being able to see the enemy coming over the walls.
I try to get my party to accommodate me but I can see the problems coming up again when the GM sets up a battle in the middle of a field of tall grass. He must have it in for me because he never seems to remember that one very simple but very important fact:
Being a dwarf means you're short.
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 2 18
That's No MacGuffin!
​It was closing in on closing time in The Black Dragon Inn, and the vast majority of the student mage patrons were studiously ignoring this fact in favour of nursing their favourite drinks for as long as possible and talking loudly enough at each other that they could barely hear the bartender's metal teeth grinding at them.
In one darkened corner of the common room that was conveniently shrouded in shadows, a trio of rather unsavoury-looking patrons were taking this opportunity to discuss rather unsavoury things in rather unsavoury and forbidden language.
"Listen," said the biggest of the three, who looked like she was made of muscles and spice and nothing at all nice, "I say we burn it along with the bastard we got it from and have done with it."
"No no no no no," the redheaded halfling countered, almost falling off her stool as she leaned forwards to squeak. "We have to make sure it's disposed of in a ecologically responsible manner."
"Ecologically responsible manner?" repeate
:icontheskaboss:TheSkaBoss 6 21

Random Favourites

Hey y'all! In case you live under a rock and hadn't noticed already, FFM is starting tomorrow! :la:

and this year is the first year EVER that we are both not living with abusers AND not homeless! we are still recovering from starvation and not doing so great but we are up to ~2 usable hours a day which is more than we've had since literally the first year we started this (as a few months after FFM that year was the car crash that put us entirely under that asshole's care...)

SO I am really freaking excited and thinking we might manage more than the like 5 that has been our average since then! May even finish all 31 for the second time! :la: (although maybe that's a bit ambitious! 2 hours a day isn't actually all that much especially when you have to share it with other people! xD)

also I kind of just wanted to update the journal on our page cause I was getting sick of looking at it :P


(tbh I was kind of avoiding posting updates here because abusers used to follow this account but they have been blocked on here but they still know the name and even if I change the name it will autoredirect anyway so I can't escape it, BUT we've not been that active on here for a long time and maybe they've just sort of fucked off by now and stopped checking?? lmao I am hopeful anyway, and in a good enough place that it's not so scary if they do anymore :))
  • Listening to: summer breezes and paddling pool noises :))



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