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Tengoemon, Tanobi, and Tessokichi (Sanzoku Yokai)


As you can tell by the names, this trio is known as Sanzoku Yokai!
The leader is the one in the middle who's a tengu, who's name is Tengoemon.
The one sitting on the sack of loot is a tanuki named Tanobi.
And the rat priest is Tessokichi.
This was actually intended originally to be a preview picture for these Tengoemon sprites here:…
But this idea of mine kinda took on a life of its own and was too fancy, so I uploaded it as its own thing for obvious reasons.
As you can probably tell, this is ukiyo-e inspired. Thought it'd be a cool thing to do with them. :D

Now then, Tengoemon in particular is intended to be a playable a character for Concrete Jungle (accompanied by Tanobi and Tessokichi as part of his moveset).
Him and his buddies will appear on Last Legend as well, first.
He wears a Japanese thief/bandit mask, but as you can see, he has the bottom part where it's tied around his nose all flowy. So it's like a bandana stache. XD
And because of that, he'll reference this, but play it straight. 
His disguise would legitimately work. Like he puts it on and people do the Superman thing, even if they have met Clark Kent before.
"Is that Tengoemon? Nah, the 1/4th of his face covered clearly aren't the same! That can't be him!"
Which fools Tanobi a lot. XD
If you can't tell by his name, he's based on the yokai, Tengu from Japanese mythology, and Goemon, the legendary Japanese thief that was a real life Robin Hood.

Since Tengoemon's a thief, I want him to have a mechanic built in where he can steal random items from his opponent. And then he can store like 3 at a times for use.
PLUS it kinda references Phoenix Wright's evidence mechanic. His Kabuki hop and pointing pose will be of when he robs you. Which will wittily reference Phoenix Wright in a roundabout way. Whenever he does the thievery Kabuki pose move, he says "TAKING THAT!" instead of Phoenix Wright's "TAKE THAT!" line.

Since Concrete Jungle is part of the connected canon of Last Legend, which is an RPG, it's pretty deep and open to whatever the goods Tengoemon can steal be.
And as of the moment, I think just making the potential items be non-specific that he can randomly steal from anyone. Some characters might have specifics that can be stolen, though. Just because.
Aside from a cartoony bomb he can steal (and blow the enemy up, himself, or both of them up with), I want to make some of the stolen goods be different potion types.
One that he can take to heal himself, one that fills up his Meter to full, then could even steal potions that can buff him.
If not full meter then at least one meter per.

I think 1 meter is good but maybe have some kind of ultra low percentage chance for a full meter potion.
Like 5% chance or someshit.
The buffs could/should be thief related, too.
Like Added Speed for instance, and maybe one that gives him a smokescreen effect, so on so forth.

OH, and Tengoemon will be surprised when he can steal from a character who isn't wearing much. LOL
He'll say
"Where were you keeping this?!"
Speaking of which, a funny thing he can steal?
Underwear. LOL
Because making a Happosai from Ranma reference is too funny to pass up, given his bandit mask and all.

As you can see, Tengoemon is the leader of a band of thieves.
Not only are they thieves, but Yokai, too. Hence their name "Sanzoku Yokai".
With that said, the shinobi tanuki that's part of the group's named Tanobi.
Instead of having the token huge nutsack, he instead bounces up and down on a sack of stolen goods as a means of getting around like a bouncy ball-esque beanbag. XD 
His tail works in such a way that can make him fly around like Tails from Sonic and Rocket Raccoon on UMvC3. The two big leaves strapped to his belt flap like wings when he does this too.
Since tanukis are "raccoon dogs", I figured I'd highlight some of the dogness and make him have his tongue stickin' out like a panting dog does. I thought that'd be cute and funny. XD

The other Yokai that's part of the trio is Tessokichi.
He's inspired by and based on a mix of Tesso, who was known as "The Rat Man", and another famous Japanese thief named Jirokichi the Rat. So I'd combined the two together.
Meaning, Tessokichi was a monk who died and because of the way in which he died; his karmic punishment was to come back to life as a rat man. He thus repents by stealing from the same rich types that lead to him starving himself to death in protest for not having a new temple built for him to train new priests, and thus he gives to the poor and hopes to build his own temple himself someday.
And he can utilize rats to help him fight and plunder with...think like how The Rat King from TMNT does.
In case you didn't pick up on it, while Tengoemon's face is based on Tengus and Tengu masks, Tessokichi's is a rat version of a Kitsune mask.

The Sanzoku Yokai hideout will be in a salt mine, by the way.
You know, because people are salty he stole their shit. XD
So they thought it'd be the perfect hideout for them, for wittiness sake.

And now for an unintentionally funny motif:
Tengoemon's nose looks is phallic lookin', as per Tengu noses.
Tanobi's loot sack looks like a nutsack (which was actually intentional since tanuki are known for comically oversized genitalia lol).
But I just realized that Tessokichi's mouse ears with his priest hat if silhouetted would look like a penis.
...Damnit. XD

And here are some other places to find me and my work online!
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Has that retro vibe going on!!! Great job on the art!
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I tried to capture a mix of that and how ukiyo-e art looks combined. I think it turned out how I'd envisioned! 
So yessah, thanks, man! :D