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Manly Savage

WARNING: The following character wearing Kamina shades and being a Macho Man tribute character is too much manliness for some to handle.
Proceed with caution.
You have been warned!

Now then, I've been wantin' to make a Macho Man tribute character of sorts for like 2 years now, ever since he died.
So, I said fuck it, IT'S TIME. And finally did it.

The manliest man in the galaxy (self-proclaimed...but there's no denying it).
He's to be on Concrete Jungle.
He Elbow Drops his opponents from outer space, destroying meteors in the process as an Ultra/Hyper/Super/Stillneedsaspecificname where a meteor shower goes on as he descends down onto them called "The Orbital Elbow Drop".

And he has a separate "MANLΨNESS" meter he can fill up in battle.
Pretty much it'll be a secondary meter that builds up gradually and during that time there could be inputs of poses and shit that hurt the opponent.
Basically, taunts that can hurt them.
Could also fill up the Manliness Meter faster if you do taunts as well.
While at full it buffs you and your attacks until it runs out.
For specifics, it gives a 15% damage increase/move speed/armor.

Oh, and as you can imagine, he'll have other Macho Man moves and mannerisms aside from the Elbow Drop, since it's not a proper tribute character without doing so!
He'll even do some of Macho Man's heel tactic moves like eye rakes, chokeholds, and lowblows. XD
He's a treasure hunter by trade and seeks out only the most rarest and ambitious of loot to acquire.


*Some much needed tweaks hath been done to him, and I still might wind up making two more palettes for him eventually/soon*
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Currently am snapp'n to a Slim Jim while viewing this!
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I see this art and title, and I think: Macho Man? o.O
I guess it's not WWE, is it? ^^;
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