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Self-Taught Artist who likes painting landscapes, portraits, and drawing my original characters! Art is a journey, lets see where it takes us!


Tidying up my gallery

Tidying up my gallery

It's been years since I last organized my gallery. I've made so many submissions through the default settings that my featured gallery is now disorganized and many of the submissions are not in their proper folders. Some late Spring Cleaning is in order. XD Just a heads up journal- if you start to see artwork disappear, it's not deleted, it's just being moved to the proper folders. For visitors and those that follow me for specific art topics, this should hopefully make navigating my gallery easier and help you find what you want =)

Other than deviantART, which of these sites do you use ...

  |  4 votes
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Other
  • All of the above
  • None of the above
  • Some of the above

It's the 20th. Did the DA world end? Anyone still here...

  |  12 votes
  • The Child (Baby Yoda)
    Still I am here. Continue watching you, I shall.
  • Minotaur Muscle
    That was just a myth! What isn't a myth is these gains!
  • Me and My Book (color ver.)
    Huh? What was that? Sorry, I was distracted reading my book...
  • Forestscape
    The silence if deafening...

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DreamKeeperArtsHobbyist General Artist

Thanks for the favs!

Thesis-DHobbyist Digital Artist
No problem.
Okay, I tired to comment on your journal but it seems to have... gone.
Thesis-DHobbyist Digital Artist
It's because I made it while I was in Eclipse mode, along with the polls. They're not going to show up on the regular version, unfortunately.; you'd have to switch or I'd have to post the journal in both versions. They need to do something about that; it's becoming an inconvenience for both the author and the commenters.
... I don't use eclipse because it frankly sears my eyes with its design.

Thanks for the heads up. I was afraid I'd scared you with my writing style. :)
Thesis-DHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I've been testing it out for about a month, and while some features are nice, and the polls are free, I still prefer the old version; it's more organized and since I work on a desktop it's formatted better.
i cant seem to be able to comment on your poll