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:new: IMPORTANT - For participation in this project go here :iconwhispermewish:
New group is made only for that purpose.
This project is CLOSED in :iconthesimsworld:
Go to :iconwhispermewish: and enjoy with us. :sun:
Want more watchers, faves, llamas or comments for your art?
Now you can get it all of that with our Shop with Points project. :thumbsup:
To participate in this project you do not need to be a member of this group. This project is open for everyone. :community:
Donate minimum 15 points to :iconthesimsworld: donation pool  and all above listed benefits you can begin to receive.
Every week we will update this journal with added Featured members which will get more views and exposure.

:bulletgreen: DONATIONS to be Featured Member in this journal:

15 :points: - 1 week advertising and benefits
20 :points: 10 days advertising and benefits
30 :points: - 2 weeks advertising and benefits
40 :points: - 3 weeks advertising and benefits
50 :points: - 1 month advertising and benefits
120 :points: - 3 months advertising and benefits
250 :points: - 6 months advertising and benefits
500 :points: - 1 year advertising and benefits
To all donors is guaranteed that they will get deserved attention and exposure. :handshake:
With this project donors can get 10 fav and comments from one person. Because we have many members who wants to earn points, our featured members in one week can collect more than 50 faves or comments. Also we honestly pay out for any work with the goal that our participants for earning be satisfied with us too.
So, our Featured Members are not here only for viewing for several days, here we give constantly effort and work that they can be fully satisfied what they deserve. :thumbsup:
And one more adventage :) you do not need choose between llama, watch, faves and you can receive all of that. :sun:

:iconthesimsworld: donation pool is on my profile :iconallison731:

Time Period:

:bulletgreen: EARN POINTS
With this project you can earn points too. :)

- Watch 5 Featured Members for 1 :points: , 10 watches for 2 :points: ...
- Favorite 10 creations from Featured Members and get 1 :points: , 20 given faves for 2 :points: ... (One participant who earning points can give max. 10 faves for creations of one featured member).
- Give 5 Llamas to each Featured Member ang get 1 :points: , 10 given Llamas for 2 :points: ...
- Comment 10 creations from Featured Members and get 1 :points: , 20 comments on creations 2 :points: ... (One participant who earning points can give max. 10 comments for creations of one featured member).

You do not need to work strictly in this order. You can choose what you most like to do.
Example 1 - You can only favorite creations from featured members and with that earn points for you
Example 2 - You can only comment creations from featured members and with that earn points for you
Choise is on you what you most prefer to do. :thumbsup:
:bulletgreen: Example of earnings
Watch 2 featured members (0,40 :points: ), Favorite 15 creations from any featured member (1.5 :points: ), 2 Llamas given to featured members (0.40 :points: ), 10 comments on creations from featured members (1 :points: )...on the end  for this work you earn 3.30. If you earn from your work on example 3.10, 3.20, 3.30, 3.40 for that score you will get 3 :points: . If you earn 3.50, 3.60, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 for that score you will get 4 :points: .
Each participant who want earn points must write comment in this journal with message where it says which his activities about this project.
After that we will check user activity from that participant and he will get points If he did what he writes in a comment of this journal.

Have fun for all - this project is made that wishes of each to be fulfilled. :sun: :w00t:
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This project is :bulletred:CLOSED:bulletred: in this group.
If you want participate in this project go in :iconwhispermewish: and participate from there.