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Not as in ill sick but more like a disgust kinda sick...I hope you know what i mean. So me as well as other artists that i know don't really get that much recognition for our art. Like this guy for example: :iconbahamutaxiom: by far has got to be one of the best artists ive ever got to know (kinda) Some of his art like this one for example:  Jupiter by BahamutAXIOM is by far one of his best work yet! But it doesn't look like his art gets enough credit it deserves. Now i don't really feel like expressing my sickness that much cause theres probably a ton of reasons why my art doesn't really get noticed such as too busy, not going to my page at all or in reality people really do think my art sucks and just dont wanna say it, IDK, maybe i'll just never be that great artist that I wanted to be. I mean if thats the case i might as well just go back to being a loner like i originally was before i started making friends, or just leave all together and work 2 or 3 jobs the rest of my life and not wasting my pitiful time on broken dreams. I sure no ones really gonna care anyways (except for a few) I'll probably have to think about what to do. I might as well face the truth and just be alone the rest of my life, might have leave some friends and stick to the ones i support the most like :icontalonartsda: or :iconmawnbak: or :iconpelle131313: to list a few. I'm just unsure about myself. It's like i've entered a phase where i might have to make a tough choice: Do i wanna keep doing what i doing? Do I wanna keep doing what im doing yet start over with only a few friends as good start, or do i wanna leave permenatly and actually find a real life? I just dont know anymore what i want
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BahamutAXIOM Featured By Owner Edited Jun 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Wow, how did I miss this? I really appreciate you giving me this shoutout.

I don't want to say you learn to live with it, but it's sort of the truth until you find out a way to break away from what happens and to recreate what happens in art. I know this is kinda vague, but I hope you get it. I feel sort of the same to you when I'm in college, not that I'm longing for recognition there anymore much.

I (HOPE) this is something that everyone feels at some point who have differing styles from the norm.

All I can really think of telling you is to not give up and keep drawing. NEVER stop. If you feel like your art is lacking, find feedback and find exactly what's wrong with it. Start with what you think is wrong and start practicing on making it better. If you want some of my feedback, please note me. I'll gladly give it to you.

But I know exactly how you feel.

I have and am currently gone/going through this. Problem is, I'm only really good at art.
pelle131313 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is good ;3; It just seems to be hard to get yourself visible to bigger crowds.. but with going on with art ya keep improving, and new people might find ya ;3;
TheBearTamer Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww Alpha.... Ya have good art, it's just hard ta find. I be in the same boat... I think you'll do fine, just do whatcha want n try your best. I know you'll do great if ya do continue with your art!
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June 26, 2016