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ID: Alpha
Powers: breathing fire, summon machine like weapons from his hands, Magnum bombs, mirror manipulation
Weapons: Twin Magnum Blades, Dragon Shield

Years have past since the defeat of the Chaos Knight and Demogun and the end of world war 3. No one had seen demon, demogun, or Alpha, no one cared, but somewhere far off the galaxy there was an unknown planet filled with evil and dark thoughts of imagination.

Alpha wakes up to find himself in a laboratory in a dark castle control by a psychotic doctor and Alpha manages to escape also realizing that Alpha had change into someone he did not know.
Realizing this, he assumed the identity as the Alpha Demon, and joined the Rebellion to take on the threat that did this to him, while also finding his brother.

Alpha Demon has no feelings due to the fact that his organic body had been replace with mechanized machinery but his Brain still functions properly and he's able to make quick decisions.
He is ruthless to those with an evil heart, but not to those he calls as friends.
Due to his training with the Rebellion he is experienced with his twin blades, and he knows how to use the Dragon Shield quite well.

He was designed to have no weakness, though the only weakness he has is his arrogance getting the best of him

Alpha Demon has one mission in mind: eliminate everyone until he finds his brother and escape Destination Imagination once and for allBeware of Alpha Demon by Thesimpleartist4
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Submitted on
August 1, 2014


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