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I wanna say it's been like 2 or 3 years since I left this account.  I'm thinking of coming back here,  but then again I've had like so many depressing memories on this account.  Idk we'll see.
Hey guys,  sorry I've haven't been active on this account in a while.  Like i said in a previous journal I moved accounts.  Anyways I just wanted to let people who read my DI comic that I have the rest of my comic on my other account


there's the link right there and I hope you guys enjoy
Hey everyone.....if anyone even stops by here at all, im pretty sure no one does.  So i thought id get a few things off my back. I just wanted to say im sorry, to everyone.  Ive been a jerk, ive been an emotional asshole, a cunt, whatever.  Ive said some stupid things to all my friends here that i never really meant to sorry i cant take a joke, im sorry that don't understand things and IM FUCKING SORRY THAT IM A SORE LOSER AND A FUCKING PRICK WHEN I MAKE A FUCKING OC THAT'S LIKE FUCKING SUPERMAN!!! I just want put in what i wanna put in, be able to make up my own stories. The characters i make are just too special to me......

I know you someone might disagree but to be honest it really is true. I mean right now im tempted to close this account forever and erase whatever memory i have here from existence.

It really is hard to make new friends when inside you know people will just ignore you.  There are people out there who don't care who you are or what they think of your art, your style or what visions you have, and then there are some who think differently.  Regardless my art maybe decent to some people but to me they'll always be trash. Thrash that only i will love forever.  

Anyways, i kinda lost myself there so im sorry for being a prick towards everyone I've met and hope you guys have a great 2017. I hope to try and change this year.  Try not to be much of an attention whore
So as of late ive been extremely depressed with myself and as of right now,  ive thought of a temporary solution.  I am going to start a new account. I will not tell what the account shall be named as i also plan to friend people who i like and support the most and is not completely ignored like most of the time.  I am also going to be shutting down :iconocorigins: due to inactivity. Sorry :iconkambalpinoy: if you see this.

My original account :iconthesimpleartist4: will still be here. But not used as much anymore. This is selfish,  i know. But right now im upset on who my friends are and who my friends aren't.  In fact i am very upset.  I have full understanding that you guys are dealing with life right now.  But life is not the problem that I'm having here with you guys.  If you're reading this or if you aren't,  then you know who you are.
All about the Fan art. please come join me
I think ima stream........alone......... might do me good..i guess
So who got pokemon go besides me? Speak now or forever rest in peace
Rules: The first 5 people to comment will get a feature in this journal with three thumbnails of my favourite pieces of their art. In return, you have to do one of these journal features, with me as the first one, and then five others like I'm doing.

The point is to share our favourite art around, and continue doing it so people can get more recognition. (You must make the journal first before I add you in here)


CDC 2016 - Day 29 - Zombie Plant Ram by Brunited CDC 2016 - Day 20 - Fleak, the Plant Ram by Brunited

I think personally Bru has a good style going on, whacky, but interesting. There's not much i can say about it


THW x DI3: Clone Battle by Candycanecrush Darren's Design (12-13) by CandycanecrushCandy, your art is very cute :3 Even though your art tries to be serious, I still like it either. What could use some work though is making your poses more dynamic and more 3 dimensional if serious is something you wanna go for. But other Than that, like i said, its cute :3
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Imma stream feel free to join me ^^
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Not as in ill sick but more like a disgust kinda sick...I hope you know what i mean. So me as well as other artists that i know don't really get that much recognition for our art. Like this guy for example: :iconbahamutaxiom: by far has got to be one of the best artists ive ever got to know (kinda) Some of his art like this one for example:  Jupiter by BahamutAXIOM is by far one of his best work yet! But it doesn't look like his art gets enough credit it deserves. Now i don't really feel like expressing my sickness that much cause theres probably a ton of reasons why my art doesn't really get noticed such as too busy, not going to my page at all or in reality people really do think my art sucks and just dont wanna say it, IDK, maybe i'll just never be that great artist that I wanted to be. I mean if thats the case i might as well just go back to being a loner like i originally was before i started making friends, or just leave all together and work 2 or 3 jobs the rest of my life and not wasting my pitiful time on broken dreams. I sure no ones really gonna care anyways (except for a few) I'll probably have to think about what to do. I might as well face the truth and just be alone the rest of my life, might have leave some friends and stick to the ones i support the most like :icontalonartsda: or :iconmawnbak: or :iconpelle131313: to list a few. I'm just unsure about myself. It's like i've entered a phase where i might have to make a tough choice: Do i wanna keep doing what i doing? Do I wanna keep doing what im doing yet start over with only a few friends as good start, or do i wanna leave permenatly and actually find a real life? I just dont know anymore what i want
I starting a request stream right now, anyone want a request? The stream link is at the top

Hope to see you all here
Im gonna turn the DW castinto Chibis!!! come join me as i create the madness :D
So i saw a FB article page about, well obviously Sonic, and i read the comments section and read all the hate comments that were everywhere cuz, well, everyone apparently hates Sonic which is quite funny that Mario has a ton of games and..... you know what thats not important, ANYWAYS I saw this one guy commented that he was looking foward to the new Sonic game coming and that got me thinking of the whole fandom bullshit. If you read this from this one DA friend i know regarding True Fans she makes very interesting points for what a Fan is and the subject that ive had always hated people saying which is...well... "TRUE FUCKING FANS!" I mean c'mon! Since when were there requirements to love a series that you loved so much! If theres one thing i learned from being on DA, is that Haters are always gonna be haters no matter what game comes out, no matter how good or bad the game is, etc. People are always gonna have things to complain about! Thats just how these idiots are! If you like to keep things Classic, ok fine im not gonna judge what kind of games you like, if you like Modern Games like Sonic Boom or Halo 5, thats fine too, same principal, I got no business with what generation games you like to play. BUT FUCKING HEAVEN PLEASE OH MIGHTY!! STOP!! BRAGGING!! ABOUT!! HOW!! MUCH!! YOU!!! HATE!!! THE GAME!!!!! The world doesn't revolve around you thought of the game! Weather it be good or bad! Just press pause on your Dumbfuck Nostalgia for just ONE.... FUCKING.... SECOND, and consider not being a cunt to the people who thought the games might've actually been good to them in their own opinion! Dont pity them, dont feel sorry for them, Fuck it, don't even wish for them to die! You're only proving that you're an ungrateful brat and its obvious your parents left you in a corner and didn't even bother to raise you! To the people that are not haters or people who ARE haters but respect others like a full grown adult such as and i quote "KEEPING THEIR TRAP SHUT!!!" Don't let nimrods say otherwise what you can love or hate. Its your fandom, treasure or despise whatever you like, its YOUR opinion, not theirs, they can't make you change your mind on anything unless you let them. Its very unfair that not ALL people are haters and yet the the ones who keep quiet get hated on anyways (learning that from a Youtuber who reached out to me on one of my comments and made a valid point). This subject has always made me hardboiling mad not because they are insulting my favorite games but simply because they have no respect what so ever to other people's opinions on their thoughts of a game, It just sickens me!! Is this seriously what playing video games has become!?! Makes me wish that it was never invented if it was gonna come to this!! DO YOU NOT REALIZE THAT YOU ARE KILLING PEOPLE WITH YOUR DUMBFUCK NOSTALGIA!?!?!? RAGE Laser Rage Kill ya :bademoticon: Angry Shadow Emoticon angry Danny Tsugumi Angry Icon Table Flip ''MOVIE GOOD FOR ED.'' 

I need a water and a hug :\

I think ill stream for a little bit, if you're interested, come join me
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Im gonna be doing a fathers day stream tonight! It might be a cover art, it might be commissions.

Interested? Then come join me as i will start my stream between 5 to 6 Central time

see you there ;)

I might stream tonight for my birthday week, we'll see what happens. IF i do decide to stream, i hope you guys will come ^^

Stream is being set up right now, come join me
Taken from Partulla 
  • The first 5 persons that comment on this Journal will get 3-4 pieces of their gallery featured!
  • You must do the same in a new Journal, putting me and 3-4 of my deviations first! (i will only do it once you've made the journal btw)
  • The idea is to get to know more artists and their amazing work!

regret.png by Partulla June 22: GUN GUY REDEISGN HELLAAAAAA by Partulla June 30: Zefi Redesign by Partulla
As like most artist i (kinda) know, I'm jealous. I mean Parts art is simply fabulous! The way she draws its body figures and how she shades and light is marvelous! Thats all I really have to say really. :3

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You know what i hate about reality? People....including myself.  Why can't we all be friends like in cartoons and anime? In a world line that,  people forgive each other...they learn lifelong lessons that helps you become a better person where reality on the other hand, people are complete cowards, they only want whats best for them,  and they are greedy and self centered. Yes, ill admit right now,  not EVERYONE is bad but sometimes i wonder what percentage of the population is good and what percentage of the population is bad.  In cartoons and anime,  people stand up for their friends and tackle situations together where reality wise,  they bail on you and people have this mentality that its none of their business and you have to deal the situation alone.  Someone dies,  you go find out why,  reality wise,  you let the police do everything for you and completely move on 3 weeks later.  Understand where im getting at here?? I hate on what the world has become and i wish i can take matters into my own hands but there's really nothing i can do about it....does this make me a coward? I say yes.
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ima stream one last time, please come join me ^^
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1.) Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your page .

2.) Tell you a color you remind me of.

3.) Tell you what element I believe you belong to (water, fire, air, etc.).

4.) Tell you what OC(s) of yours is/are my favorite(s).

5.) Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6.) Tell you something I like about you.

7.) Give you a nickname.

8.) Tell you what am I doing right now.

9.) Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.

10.) Dare you to do one of these in your journal too, if you haven't already.
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