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Suno Redesign by Thesimpleartist4 Suno Redesign by Thesimpleartist4
a little redesign for my second OC Suno

Name: Suno
Born: Africa 1832
Affiliation: The Assassins Creed

Bio: Suno was born in Africa but was taken away from his real family and was adopted by a White family who happen to be Templars. The entire community in where Suno lives was basically a Haven stronghold for Templars. Suno's adopted family consisted of his step mother and father (Lillian and Thomas Grace), his step brother (Hogan Grace), and his two step sisters (Yolanda Grace and Stephanie Grace) in which the entire family Despised Suno and treated him very badly with the exception of Yolanda who always loved to play Hide and Seek and many other games with Suno making them the best of friends. As he grew older, he eventually had it with his adopted family and eventually moved out of the Templar neighborhood to search for his own path. He eventually found himself working as a clerk in a local grocery market outside of town. One day he met an Assassin named Oliver Marks who was just about to assassinate him due to the fact he was wearing a Templar necklace from his younger days but stopped realizing that there was no sign of a trap of any sort anywhere let alone guards protecting him and decided to train him in the ways of the Assassin.

Skills: Suno has many tricks up his sleeves ranging from throwing knifes, his Hidden Blades, Pistols, a Whip, Swords, Smoke bombs, poison darts, and a two handed Axe. He is also able to use the environment as source of stealth to assassinate his enemies undetected
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January 25, 2015
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