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Phantom Reaper Reference by Thesimpleartist4 Phantom Reaper Reference by Thesimpleartist4
A reference to my horror hero OC Phantom Reaper. Sorry guys, if you want the colors, you're gonna have to get it from the characters

Bio: Nate is a drug dealer that always gets into trouble with some of the meanest most toughest gangs around.  He spends his time not only selling drugs,  but he also likes to interfere with gang operations,  messing them up. His Mothers (both lesbian) are hookers and they don't really pay attention to Nate as much. Nate tries to change but does not know where to begin. He then finds this chest that once belong to one of his mother's ex boyfriends which he is unaware that the chest contains the soul of the Grim Reaper.  It then infuses with Nathan making him the Phantom Reaper. The only person who knows of his identity is his adopted sister Caley.

Personality: Nate is a good but does not know right from wrong. He is very misguided when it comes to doing good deeds. Despite that,  he is selfless and is learning proper manners from his sister though has little education

Powers: Has the power of the grim reaper in him though Nathan has found away to prevent his powers from actually killing people. His Finger sythes can deflect bullets, create energy shielding and summon hell fireballs from out of nowhere,  he can also use them to slash at his foes at will.

Strength: mostly the Grim Reaper's soul keeping him strong

Weakness: even though he the soul of the Grim Reaper,  he is still human, which means he  can  get hurt if he's not careful.  For strange reason he also hates water when he's in reaper form, normal or holy
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August 27, 2015
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