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Mr. Illusion by Thesimpleartist4 Mr. Illusion by Thesimpleartist4
For the first time in my life, im actually introducing a new character!! Meet Mr. Illusion

Bio: Leonard was born a rich man. He had everything he can ever ask for and didn't care for the world, except for the people that loved him in which he loved back with care and respect. One day he and his two other friends, Raphael and Mona decided to take a hike in the mountains when they discovered a cave containing an ancient tomb. Leonardo and his friends decided to open the tomb and accidently unleashed a powerful Dark Elf lord whom (at first glance) attacked Leo and his friend and completely rip the flesh off their faces leaving them faceless and scarred for life. Now in this case, they should be dead, but somehow they survived.Ever since then, his friends Raphael and Mona went insanely mad and escaped the hospital, and went into hiding, while Leonardo stayed in the hospital unconscious. He was then entered into a realm called the dream world, where he encountered elves and pixies and a overgrown Rat (who becomes his mentor) named Ratso, taught him the ancient art of magic for 7 whole years. Illusion then wakes up and discovered that his dream training has effected him in the real world giving him the abilities of magic arts. He then sets home and begins reign in search of the Dark Elf Lord, becoming the illusion of his former self now known as Mr. Illusion

Powers: Mr. Illusion only has 4 powers, each of them gives a specific roll.
There is Sladera (magic power of attack), Shieldera (magic power of defense), Healdera (magic power of Regeneration) and a special magic attack called Gorgons Wrath which he uses ONLY if his enemy poses as a threat to mankind.

Personality: Mr.Illusion is a kind and caring man who cares about peoples safty. He loves children so much, that he has a hobby to entertain kids at birthday parties using the magic art .....well...regular magic :\. Also likes to read a ton of books.

Strength: He likes to play his opponent's into his hands, making them feel stupid. Illusion also loves to use the dark as cover and breaks his opponent's will to fight by taunting them and making feel stressed. If there is no where to hide, he has a keen sense on what his opponent will do next. He also loves to keep his distance when fighting.

Weakness: Illusion is a gentleman, therefore he is neat and tidy, he hates anything that is dirty, filthy or disgusting. He is not very skilled in hand to hand combat, therefore its a major setback when opponents try to wanna get close.

Btw don't even think about removing the mask, you'll get disgusted, trust me :\

I hope you guys love this new character! I will love to use him in OCT's until I finish with DI which is a looooooooooooooong way from now.
Candycanecrush Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I love the idea of this character.
*At a random kid's Birthday party*
Mr. Illusion: Okay kids, watch me make real magic.
Random kid: *Tugs Mr. Illusion's shirt*
Mr. Illusion: Okay Timmy, please don't do that.
*Somebody's dirty kid sneezes on him*
Mr. Illusion: Oh god no! *Jumps out window*
Thesimpleartist4 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Now who's OC do you know that goes to kids birthday parties as a hobby? ;)
Candycanecrush Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Nobody I know. (Even FNAF OCs don't do it for a hobby.)
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