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HLOCT-Alpha Demon Reference by Thesimpleartist4 HLOCT-Alpha Demon Reference by Thesimpleartist4
my OC ref entry for :iconthehauntedlibraryoct:

Bio: Alpha Demon was once just a regular boy who was practically useless to the entire world until the day of his and his brother's graduation of high school, his brother unleashed a giant explosion and started a terrible war in the form of an Imaginary demon known as the Chaos Knight. It took months to defeat the Chaos Knight but Alpha( who was once known as Anthony at the time)convinced his brother to see the light and he turned on his master Demogun. After Demogun's Defeat, a bright light appeared and Alpha, Chaos Knight and Demogun vanished forever never to be seen again. Alpha woke up and realized that not only was he transported to a dark world filled with Dark thoughts of Imagination, but Alpha had transformed into an entirely different person turning from human to part Dragon part Robot. Alpha now joins the Rebellion as Alpha Demon swearing revenge on the creator of Destination Imagination, Oblivi-on, for making him as a weapon of mass destruction and fights for good against the evil that is Oblivi-on

Personality: Alpha Demon is always serious but kind hearted, Alpha has a way of sensing when danger is gonna happen. Alpha knows when theres a time to kill and when theres a time that killing is mostly not a necessity. Alpha does get pissed off when people get on his nerves but Alpha always try to control his emotions and focuses on the mission.

Powers: can grow dragon body parts such as spikes, a tail and wings, can breathe fire

Skills: Swordsmanship, Kenpo Karate, Parkour/ Acrobatics, military training

Weapons: Twin elemental swords that have the elements of fire, water, thunder, nature, earth, ice, light, and dark. Alpha Demon can digitally summon these 2 swords at any time. Whether they are already summoned or not.

Strengths: Willpower and Courage to fight the good fight and never giving up

Weakness: Overuse of his arrogance, even though hes powerful, what remains of his human self says otherwise, Alpha is easily subjected to mind manipulation which can probably scar him for life if that happens. Alpha's heart and brain are by far his greatest weakness and if his metallic structure gets pierced, then he's down, for good. Alpha knows that hes getting stronger, but he fears that his power can kill an innocent soul of he doesn't control them. Alpha has a tendency of remembering his past, the visions he gets can either turn the fight out in a good way, or a bad way.

I will have an audition up as soon as possible
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December 12, 2015
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