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Deacon by Thesimpleartist4 Deacon by Thesimpleartist4
New character for DI, Deacon

Bio: Deacon comes from a tribe that was suffering starvation and Deacon (one of three siblings to the tribe leader Dogma) was destined to help his people. He has entered every tournament in the fight clubs in DI and along the way he has self-trained himself in the art of swordsmenship. Deacon is a risk taker and he lets his fighting do all the talking. After he saved his people, in order to make sure that no one poses a threat to his tribe, Deacon became a world renown Mercenary and Bounty Hunter.

Personality: He's pretty hard-headed and arrogant like Alpha, of course unlike Alpha, Deacon uses that to his advantage and is always a "head-on assault" kinda guy. He's pretty much an enemy but at the same a friend to Alpha and they are pretty much equals when it comes to fighting.


Buster-Gal: The Buster-Gal is Deacon's Giant Broad Sword and main weapon for close melee and pacts quite a wallop, it doesn't harness any elements but it can defiantly break the most toughest of metal (any made up metal that's stronger than titanium) in two. Its able to slice open security doors and even cut through ice, rock, and fire.....even very thick vines.

Plasma-Shot: The Plasma shot is a single handed Gun that can melt the deepest hearts of evil.......literally. The Plasma-Shot also has the ability to meltdown the toughest of metal and is to kill someone by shooting at the ground...........under their feet. It can burn an entire person due to its thick lava/ poison chemicals. Trust me it lethal.

Dagger: its just a backup weapon should Deacon need it as a last resort

Abilities: Deacon is able to climb, breath fire and see in the dark but that's pretty much it.
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June 19, 2015
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