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Code Reference Sheet 2015 by Thesimpleartist4 Code Reference Sheet 2015 by Thesimpleartist4
Back story: Code is a whacky villain mercenary who has military combat training. Code is a professional at hacking and carries a specific gun (Gun Gauntlet) that transforms into a gun, a flamethrower,Quantum Blades and a grappling hook. Code also has an armor upgrade transformation that he uses as a last resort called "Omega Mode" which allows him temporary access to increased strength, speed and stamina. Inside his protected armor is two layer armor for protection, plus a psycho crazed robot who cares about nothing more than money and the oppertunity to lay the final blow on an opponent that's down no longer able to fight and does not give up till Code achieves victory over all who get in this mercenary's way.

Personality: Code is a complete nutjob and completely psycho yet still remains calm and happy during battle, he is whacky and kinda selfish, a wise cracker and believes that hes the best. In battle due to the fact hes been programed with the best military training possible hes able to stratigize and is able predict his opponents next move through movement. Like most mercenaries,  Code loves money......alot,  therefore he spends most of his time collecting money from paid contacts and enjoys killing lives JUST for the cash, though if Code fights while under no contract,  he fights to improve his skills to outmatch his rival, Alpha Demon, and when its nessecary he'll kill his opponent should they pose as a threat to the merc's mission

Abilities: Military Combat training, Acrobatics, and The Gun Gauntlet , Omega Mode

Strengths: one of his strengths is hacking, and a quick study of his opponent's movements

Weakness: Armor CAN be pierced by a bulky weapon or brute force.
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October 4, 2015
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