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Date: ??/??/????
Name: Alpha (at least that's what I'm being called)

It has been a couple weeks now since I joined the Rebellion and the training has been very hard on me, I haven't gone through this much training since gym class back on earth. It's strange though, there are people here that I recognize, people here that I remember during my high school years both Brian Carrizales and Bryan Soto, Bobby, heck even Eduardo is here. But for some reason they even remember me, do even remember who I was and have never even met me nor remember going to high school with me. But still no sign of my brother. Could all this, my old friend's memory wipe, my brother's disappearance, my drastic change be the result of WW3 has done, of what Chaos Knight has done? I don't know anymore, I mean as I look around and look into the faces of my comrades, all I see is a serious and blank look on their faces and they just treat me like all the other soldiers here, like as though they never met me in the first place.

I'm force to wear like a living body suit so that no one can see the monster behind it, its sad really. If only I was there for him, If only I was there and made whatever meant necessary to support my brother to prevent the Chaos Knight and WW3 from ever happening. People would never had died, and I wouldn't be here, trapped in this desolate wasteland of a planet, while back on earth, corruption will continue to blind people with its madness. I miss you bro, and I want nothing more than to find you, and hopefully-------

(Disrupted by higher superior in command)
The only journal Alpha ever got a chance to write
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January 10, 2015
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