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Alpha Pokemon Trainer Card by Thesimpleartist4 Alpha Pokemon Trainer Card by Thesimpleartist4
took my entire day doing this one pic, I felt like drawing a pokemon trainer id just for fun, this is Alpha as a Pokémon trainer along with his 6 pokemon:

Bio: Dragstorm is considered the leader of the 6, although he's arrogant and hard headed, in the end he makes the right moves at the last second when he realizes his tactics aren't working and actually starts listening to his trainer. He can mega evolve into Charizard Y and can take down anyone with a Charizard X :)P He contains the primal essences of Groudon inside of him
Likes: Food, following his own rules, fighting
Dislikes: Losing, Courage

Courage- Lucario
Bio: Courage is considered the wise one of the 6, but is a incredible fighter, he has not once ever lost a match and knows how to counteract with his opponents based on movement. He's smart and loyal which earned him his mega evolution and the primal essences of Kyogre thats cursed inside of him. Due to a battle against a Macargo in the Pokemon league, Lucario lost one of his eyes and now has to cover his eye with a bandana for the rest of his life
Likes: Meditation, learning to read, learning how to speak human
Dislikes: foolishness, Dragstorm

Spot- Pikachu
Bio: Spot is a girl. She's also like a tomboy, spot looks up to Alpha and Dragstorm as her idols and does whatever she can to be the best. She often helps Terres try not to be clumsy and often sleeps with her, like as though they were sisters.
Likes: Alpha, Dragstorm, Terres, helping others, fighting, trying to act cool
Dislikes: losing

Bio: Once abandoned by his owner and brutality beaten to death by some of the ruthless thugs as a staravia, Staraptor has a grudge against the human race except for Alpha and will brutality beat to death anyone else's Pokemon as well as people sometimes in which Alpha prevents him from doing. Staraptor likes to act militaristic.
Likes: beating up people and Pokemon to death, Army fighter jets
Dislikes: people, pokemon (except for alpha's) being nursed in a pokemon center, being nicknamed

Bio: Bat is an inventor, an inventor of movesets, Bat likes to experiment and tamper with new moves that are outside the original movesets that already exist but never meet his expectations. Courage and Staraptor are usually Bat's test dummies in trying out brand new moves of their own. In battle however Bat uses his normal movesets too avoid humiliation.
Likes: making up new custom moves
Dislikes: Failing, Dragstorm

and Terres-Tyranitar
Bio: Unlike most Tyranitars, Terres was breeded from a tyranitar and a tyrantrum and has featured of both. Terres often spends her time hanging out with Spot and sniffing flowers although she is very clumsy, durable in battle, but clumsy. She loves food and Alpha to no end and will do anything too help her master out. She has a mega evolution, she just prefers not to use it as it will make her violent and hard to handle.Terres has a huge crush on Alpha's brother's Aagron.
Likes: Alpha, food, flowers, Spot
Dislikes: Her mega evolution
whats your dream pokemon team? :)

I was gonna put in rayquaza but I thought nah
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May 17, 2015
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