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Kroft reference

A Kroft reference! In body Kroft is probably closer to an old fat lion than a reptile (he's warm blooded for one thing).

I commissioned a picture of him from a friend who (since the comic's in mostly black and white) didn't know what his coloring was like. Hopefully this should provide
enough information. If you need any more information :iconnetraptor: just note me! :3
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So, uh, he is Winter right?
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*spews hearts at Kroft* Now that makes ME want to draw him XD Great ref sheet Hat~ :3
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The pudgy belly thing made me laugh. X3

Anyway, I really like what you did for his background story. I always admire story-tellers who can weave God into their stories without trying to veil Him over. (Ted Dekker is an author that does a real good job of that in his fantasy series, too).
I hope Kroft's story manages to surface within the comic itself. :)
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I hope Kroft gets his own story someday! He has enough for his own book at least.
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That would be so awesome. :D
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Hooray for Kroft! He's a great character.
And pudgy dragon, that's something refreshingly different!
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*giggles at his pudgy belly*

How'd he get disowned?
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Sort of a 2-for-1 disownment along with his mother. Both he and his mum were outspoken believers in the Christian God, which is a huge taboo among dragons, since most of them only believe in the worship of themselves. So pretty much for religious reasons. Not that Kroft minds very much. He likes humans a lot more than most dragons.
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Is his mum still around? How long has he been working for the Royal family?
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I think his mother died a while ago, Kroft's pretty old even by dragon standards. He was an ally of Mikel's father when the former king overthrew his own father, who was one of Quillotia's worst tyrants. He played a big part in the revolution, and sort of adopted the King (and eventually his son) in the same way a cat might adopt a kitten it took pity on. Frankly Kroft considers himself to be the real ruler of Quillotia, he just lets the royal family take care of things for him.
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Totally badass!
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Awesome! I love Kroft :D
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