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Feferi Peixes

All hail Feferi, empress of fish puns!

The last in the body type series of the Homestuck trolls, and this one was a really fun one to end on. Unlike Eridan, Feferi seems to swim around mostly on her own power, so I gave her the body of a professional swimmer (i.e. legs that could kick holes in concrete). Also, while it's not cannon, I like the idea of her eyes being magnified by her goggles.

In the picture of her with her guardian, I only had her with a few tentacles since if I drew her guardian's full form it would make Feferi invisible by comparison. So I drew her cuddling with one of her cuttlefish.

I'm really happy with how the body type project turned out, especially concerning the lady trolls. In both men and women there isn't enough variation in art in body types, and it was both fun and challenging to try and give each of the characters a body that was unique and true to their character.

Feferi Peixes, along with all the trolls from this project, belongs to Andrew Hussie and his comic Homestuck.

I don't remember exactly what brush I used for the background, I BELIEVE it is either Stone and Rust by :iconmerely-anger: or Splatters and Swirls by :iconcoby17:
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Finally someone kinda has the same image of Fef as I do!
I love it to pieces.
-flipturns in joy-
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This makes me very happy! I must have done something right if an actual swimmer sees this as good. :)
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I think my favorite part is her torso being kinda thick from the side view. No swimmer I know, including those on my team, have thin torsos when viewed from the side.

Overall, I still love this to pieces! <3
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I love how you made her fit! Fat Feferi doesn't make sense, like tea-for-me said, she's a swimmer, swimmers have strong bodies, ff. C:
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I feel like everyone draws Fef as a fatty, which doesn't make sense because she's always moving...
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I think people equate soft of heart with soft of body in her case.
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Although I understand what you're getting at, in this pic fef doesn't look fat. Yeah I guess not sleek enough, but not fat.
tea-for-me's avatar
No I didn't mean THIS made her look fat. It's nice to see a change, is all. :B
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Oh! My bad. I misunderstood. :B
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You have just made my head canon Feferi real and aw yissss
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Oh goodnessss, you draw Fefs so adorable. <3 I love how you drew her; and I got to say, since you finished this project(or so I think, I'm not sure, but I'm sure Feferi was your last one!) - you did a very good job, and I love your idea of putting markings on their faces like their astrological signs! That was a good idea, and also, the different types of body types... I'm very compelled to try something like this too, to see if I can differenate between the trolls and kids simply by changing up my drawing style a bit, but either way, I love this one a lot too! <3

She kissing her cuttlefish is waaaayyyyy too cute, yo~ Plus, I love how you decided to magnify her eyes through her goggles; it makes her even cuter...!
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Ha, she has gills.
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XD Oh my goodness her pouty face is just too darling!
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