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My Bio
Current Residence: I want to be in AMERICA, so fun for me in AMERICA
Favourite photographer: Sandra Devera, Rachel Alderson
Favourite style of art: Pencil and ink
Operating System: A monitor hooked up to a sentient super potato
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano
Shell of choice: One that echoes
Skin of choice: Tanned!
Favourite cartoon character: Hellboy, Pickle Inspector (MS paint adventures), Dexter (Dexter's Laboratory)
Personal Quote: We don't call them 'Oranges'. They're 'Citrus Americans'.

Favourite Visual Artist
Phil Foglio, Netraptor, Tazi-san, Grim Amentia, Doug Tennapel.
Favourite Movies
Iron Giant, Mirrormask, Lars and the Real Girl
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Wierd Al, Johnothan Coulton, and Lemon Demon. The holy trinity of nerd music.
Favourite Writers
Naomi Novik, Diane Wynn Jones, Terry Pratchett
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Photoshop, Mechanical pencil
Other Interests
Jesus, drawing, comic books and Anime, drawing, robots, ninjas, mad scientists, and drawing.
The good news: I am back in business and have stable access to a computer again! The bad news: My old computer died and took chapter 4 of City of Somnus with it. Thankfully chapters 1-3 (and all of Archipelago of course) were backed up and are safe but I lost about four weeks worth of buffer pages. Due to the loss of pages I won't be able to 'catch up' and upload the update I missed on Friday but over the weekend I'll be able to get to work on replacing the lost pages and updates will resume on Monday as usual. Thank you all for your prayers and support during this difficult time. *plays taps for lost comic pages*
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Hey guys Updates will be delayed while I’m working on fixing some computer issues. As soon as I’m back in business I’ll upload any CoS updates I missed in the process. Thank you for your patience and prayers! H
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Thank you everyone for the comments and advice! Several people talked about how DA is very useful to them for archival/updating purposes and honestly I think that's reason enough to keep updating. I appreciate how much encouragement I got to do whatever was most convenient for me but so long as you guys are willing to navigate DA I'm willing to keep posting on it. For those of you who would prefer other platforms, here are some useful links. Official Archipelago Website: Link Official City of Somnus Website: Link My Tumblr Account (mostly memes and animal pictures but also links to comic updates): Link My Twitter Account (mostly memes
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If you comment on this deviation, I will give you a llama badge, I want to hear people's opinions on my drawings.

Good vs Bad Positions

I really like what I've read of Archipelago so far.

Are you aware that has expired, though?

If so, you might want to remove it from your profile.

Is there anywhere I can read the remade chapter 1 of Archipelago? I can't find it since Smackjeeves shut down.

I apologize if this is a question you get asked a lot, but are you books still for sale anywhere? I'm finally financially able to complete my Archipelago collection but can't find them anywhere!

Here's a link to where they're being sold on Amazon: You can also find them on Amazon if you look up Hannah L DeVera.

One of the many people here following your work from SJ. I didn't realize the site was going down so I've lost basically all access to the comics I followed there. At least I didn't lost City of Somnus!

Hey, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but ICYMI Smack Jeeves is dead at the end of this year.

Going to maybe move everything to Comicfury? I think you had part of Archipelago on that.