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Mini comic created for Lande di Fandom's Greatest Scavenger Hunt 2017. Pokemon!AU
Someone switch Kylo pokeballs and now he has some problem in showing Rey the DARK SIDE.
Guests star: old people (who make old peoples' comments).
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Senior citizen1: "hey look they are gonna battle"
Senior citizen2:"young thugs"

Rey: "ZAPDOS!"
Kylo: "Ah! do you think you can beat me?! I will show you the DARK SIDE!!"

*Jigglypuff appears*

Kylo: "WHAT?!"

Senior citizen1: "Pokemon trainers aren't what they used to be"
Senior citizen2:"that's the wrong way to hold a pokeball"
Senior citizen3: "when I was their age I could jump over a river lenghtwise"*

*this is an actual italian saying that old people use to show how much they were better than nowdays young people. lol