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"This looks like the place."

The kid was standing on a slanted street, built on the side of a hill. The two-story house he was in front of had been built so adapted to the hill, it was practically clinging to it. The kid pulled a sepia-tinted picture and compared it to the house.

"Mm-hm! It's definitely one and the same. I'm totally supposed to be here." he beamed.

Dragging his big, brown suitcase that contained all his belongings, he walked up to the front door, and rand the doorbell. It emitted a cute-sounding tinkle that nearly made him drop his suitcase.

So I'm here, now. The only task that they gave me was to protect Okuma-sama at all costs, even at the expense of my own life. But for now, just get through the introductions. the 15-year-old boy thought to himself as he waited. Everything, absolutely everything, will be smooth-sailing when that awkward first part is over and done with.

"Nyah?" he remarked as he was jerked out of his thoughts. The key of the door was turning, and the door soon opened. Instantly, his suitcase was in front of him, he was standing straight as a ruler, and he wore an amiable expression on his face.

"Hi there!" he greeted cheerily, keeping his eyes closed. "Are you Okuma Haru by any chance?"

There was a slight pause as the lady by the door found words to say. "Y-yes. That's me. P-please come inside." was the faint answer, but he heard her clearly.

He smiled and walked inside. "Nice to meet you, Okuma-sama. I am Crater." he replied. "I presume you received an advertisement about hiring a cat-assistant last week, Okuma-sama?"

"H-h-how d-did you k-know?" came a response from the now-petrified lady.

"Well," the kid supposedly named 'Crater' continued, "the company I work for obviously worries about rip-off complaints from customers, since some certain unscrupulous persons try to take our clientele from us. In light of this," and he turned to face Okuma Haru, still keeping his eyes closed, "every assistant comes with formal documentation of a legitimate hire. Here's mine..."

With that said, Crater pulled out an A4-size paper from a secret compartment in his suitcase, and handed it to Haru. Printed on it were the words:

You have made an authentic purchase to the Gifted Ears Society. In return we have provided you with Crater-san, an adorable-looking catboy who will help you with whatever problem you may face. He is obedient, empathetic, knows how to cook, and is a master of 6 different martial arts. If you are holding this letter, know that we have met your requirements to the best of our abilities, and that you have not been scammed or ripped off in any form.

We hope that your experience with the emotional catboy will not be regrettable.


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"Gifted Ears Society?" Haru whispered to herself, while Crater wandered off into the living room. He then opened his eyes.

"Whoa! Okuma-sama, this living room is pristine! If you live here by yourself, how do you get this right?" he exclaimed.

"Wait a moment," Haru cut in. "It says 'Catboy' here on the paper. But you're not a catboy. You're--"

"What do you mean, Okuma-sama?"

Suddenly, there were two, small appendages on Crater's head, twitching every once in a while. These were a very dark brown color, just like his hair. From the base of his spine, was a very snake-like thing swinging from side to side. This was fluffy and black, unlike his hair.

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