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Here a ilustration for the book He-man and the master of the universe
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Teela and the Sorceress looks great.
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this is top work thanks
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Epic work. Great look on Skeletor's face or lack thereof. 
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Very well done!
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AWESOME Badass Art work
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This is awesome :thumbsup: You ought to do one like this for She-Ra, Princess of Power.
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I really like this :D.
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Hi, I write for a pop culture blog and wondered if we could use this image for a feature on MOTU starting in February.  You can check out the blog here:
We always link to and credit artists.
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Hi Rosebfischer. No problem, you can use this image. Thanks!
rosebfischer's avatar… here's the link we mentioned.  Thanks for allowing us to share your work!
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Thanks to you! Great post!
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You have the power, dude.
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Thanks Phenometron!
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Muchas gracias Ekuan!!!
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Excelente, muy buen arte... felicitaciones!!! Aguante MOTU y Argentina!!! :) :) :)
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Thanks again Kragf!!!
WOW!!!!!!!!! that's just one amazing piece! I mean, the way Battle cat is crouched into position like there's no passing him, and the elegant femininity of the beautiful sorceress with her majestic pose, and the haunting skull of Skeletor, plus Man At Arm's wise age and of course the hero championing in the front boldly raising his sword.

This kicks ass!
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Simply awesome!
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