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Jesus Christ Sai Baba

This is a drawing after a reference image of Jesus Christ which was given to us through Sai Baba...who unfortunately passed away recently...

All great souls (Saints and non-Saints) of the past have some things in common:
- they were true people at :heart:
- they did not judge, but they were judged
- they accepted all, but were not accepted
- they stayed with their Truth even into death
- their doings have proved inspirational to millions, even after centuries
- they all bring the same message:
Do not judge others or yourself, but share your love unconditionally with the :sun:
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This is my favorite of him taken from the shroud of turin
This captures the essence of His expression while removing the distraction of accuracy. Great work.
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Thank you for your nice comment. Greatly appreciated!
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His eyes look very calm and kind, lovely work.
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Thank you for the nice comment :-)
and yes his eyes are amazing!
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interesting...looks kinda like the shroud with details...could maybe be a bit darker..
Very Interesting
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Thank you very much for your nice comment
Indeed it is connected to the Shroud :-)
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Many..Many Blessings.
Keep up the great art :)
My name is Selvan Pillay, Born and still living in South Africa.
Way before I visited Sai Bab's Ashram in 2003, I was in search of truth "God" . I read a book by Dr Hislop 'Conversations with Sai" as my real first introduction to Sai baba.
Even before that my girlfriend and my wife now had experienced miricles from a little photo of Sai baba they had in thier home"mind you they were not wealthy people" Ashes, honey and prunes used to materialize out of that photo.
By this time I was young, but started to find little truths in wht Sai Baba's teaching were about.
I had still not had the good fortune of visiting Baba in India, as we too were not so wealthy.
However in the year 2000, while doing a hawaan prayer for our new home, we ( and i mean my wife, daughter who was about 4yrs, our priest and my self at home) experienced an unbelievable leela at home (miricle). Our whole home was full of Ashes (vibuthi) including the flower petals that we were offering to God in our prayer (which took place in our lounge ) was on the pictur frames of Baba and on the other Godly pictures aswell, including sweets.
So We have never met with Sai Baba as yet, not so wealthy, was home with only my family and priest on the premises, how was this Possible.
we only had the good fortune of visiting in 2003.
So to all those critics out there it is very sad to hear and see how much time you all waste in investigating sai Baba
himself with out you investigating really who really you are.
If anyone who wish to contact me email me on, I will tell you of our experiences well before we could even set eyes on the real and physical body of Sai Baba.
It seems critics only focus on devotees in India, but forget the connection of devotees out of India around the universe who have being and are still experiencing divine intervention of Sai baba.
The ones who got so close to Baba, Suffer the most, is true, cause only in the presence of divine light can your past bad karama be destroyed.
Please dont question my intelligence, I am well studied, but have experienced great intervention from God growing up, cause God knew I was in search of Truth.
I feel sad for the ones who could not recognize God while he appeared among us in this world.
Sa Baba said ' Science ends were Sprituality begins"
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Hi Selvan,

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experiences.
Sai Baba, like every great soul, accepted the "investigators" and critics...maybe you should try to do as well.
The good thing about the Truth is that it cannot be changed. Merely it can be disguised with lies, but no more than that.
The Truth and the Lie are joined like left and right, up and down, light and darkness: one cannot be without the other!
Freedom of choice leaves us to choose ourselves where we want to stand, every time again.
We cannot change others, we do not have the right to do so...we can only change ourselves and become an example to others, like Sai Baba was to you and your family. It is in this way of sharing our love that we grow and with us the world will grow, for we are many and many will be as one, united in the spirit of the great masters...
Blessings and Love to you and your family.
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:aww: thank youwwwwwww :hug:
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Great picture as always..!!!!
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Thanksssssssssssssssssssssssss :hug:
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yOu're very welcome my friend !!!
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Great!!, exellent work.
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Thank you :-) Greatly appreciated
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Thank you for the comment, greatly appreciated :-)
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:) it's really amazing.
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