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TeaGem pony art trade by theshypegasister TeaGem pony art trade :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 6 3 Restephan Art Trade by theshypegasister Restephan Art Trade :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 3 2 Smokey Star Pony by theshypegasister Smokey Star Pony :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 2 0 Midnight Shriek by theshypegasister Midnight Shriek :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 4 0 Soul Eater Blair by theshypegasister Soul Eater Blair :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 6 0 Misfitsonthecouch by theshypegasister Misfitsonthecouch :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 4 0 TeaGem art trade by theshypegasister TeaGem art trade :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 4 2 EmilyBandicoot art trade by theshypegasister EmilyBandicoot art trade :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 4 5 Little Witch Sucy by theshypegasister Little Witch Sucy :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 7 0 HoodieHorse cutie mark by theshypegasister HoodieHorse cutie mark :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 6 0 Vixartstudio's art contest by theshypegasister Vixartstudio's art contest :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 3 2 Mocca by theshypegasister Mocca :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 7 0 Charlie by theshypegasister Charlie :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 2 3 Pinkie Pie Hearthswarming by theshypegasister Pinkie Pie Hearthswarming :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 12 3 Hoodie the Hufflepuff by theshypegasister Hoodie the Hufflepuff :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 6 0 Vikey by theshypegasister Vikey :icontheshypegasister:theshypegasister 4 0


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TeaGem pony art trade
This is my art trade for TeaGem and for this drawing I decided to have one of her characters interact with my bat pony daughter Midnight. A small scenario where she wears a cute Spyro hoodie costume while giving some orange candy sweets to this bat pony. I really liked drawing out the details that this character has and giving the background that line effect to complement the characters lines on his hooves. Make sure to check out their work as well, they do an awesome job!
Restephan Art Trade
So this is an art trade I did with Restephan who did my veloco-woofer OC (they did such a cute job you should check it out! Link:…) and I drew their fox OC. I had a lot of fun drawing out the colors of this character, making graphics and adding shading to help it stand out. I hope you guys like it!
Smokey Star Pony
Here's a reference sheet for Smokey Star. She is Midnight's best friend and is said to be Princess Luna's prodigy. Her special talent is moving the stars to make constellations and being able to walk on clouds (it's been rumored that she was somehow born in Cloudsdale and that she has special marks on her hooves that help her walk on clouds). She can be shy and recluse when you first talk to her but after you get to know her she can be very open and energetic. Her biggest dream is to make the most amazing constellation in the sky and to study to be an astronomer. Not gonna lie, I had a lot of fun with this ref sheet as well as coming up with the cutie mark design. I hope you like it!
Midnight Shriek
Here's a reference sheet of my OC's daughter Midnight Shriek. She is basically the daughter of mine and my boyfriends avatar where she is a natural born vampire pony. Her special abilities are hypnotism, invisibility and shapeshifting. Her favorite activities are flying through the night sky, pulling pranks on unsuspecting ponies and singing (hence her cutie mark symbolizing her special talent). One of her dreams is to one day become a rock star and travel all over Equestria! Hope you guys like the reference sheet!
Soul Eater Blair
Disclaimer: I don't own the character, Soul Eater is owned by Atsushi Okubo and licensed by Madman Entertainment, Manga Entertainment and Funimation.
So I was bored one day and decided to draw one of my favorite anime cat-girl Blair. I like how the scenery and shading turned out and the lighting is pretty good too. I hope you guys like it!
Today I went to Whinny City Ponycon with my boyfriend Bloodmoonskull! We had so much fun going to the different panels and meeting the different YouTubers there! I got a compliment about my artwork and my own rock that I named "Slate" from Ingrid Nilson-the voice of Pinkie's sister Maud Pie! I also got two autographs from Ingrid and Andrea Libman-the voice of Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie! Silver Quill even signed a drawing I made and took a picture of it! I don't know how else to put into words other than it was a lot of fun! Can't wait till the next Convention!



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Hello! I am theshypegasister and as you've guessed I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I also watch anime and other cartoons as well (i.e. Nickelodeon, CN, Disney XD, ect.). I've decided to open my first DA account because I've always wanted to find a way to show my work to other people and to build up my art skills by working with a computer. I hope you guys like my work and I can't wait to see where this new path takes me.


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