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Second Life is an MMO...

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:iconsuichitanaka: is a big fan of Second Life, but not a big fan of interacting with other people. If you ever see Mel online, it's more likely than not she's off in some corner wrapped up in tape.

And of course poor :iconwossarem: ' Aeria was educated under the Melanie school of SL, and now she spends the majority of her Second Life with a layer of tape skin over her normal skin. Worse of all, her misguided SLetiquette is all wrong, you aren't supposed to *leave* someone completely helpless and without their keys when you log off!

Art drawn by :iconparangsakti: who is fantastic at taking my MS Paint doodles and making them look like actual art.
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LOL!  ...and life goals. Get it?  XD
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This is hilarious and true and I love it. :heart:
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It's hilarious be-cause it's true.
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Only reason I stopped playing is cus I could never find like-minded people, isn't as easy as typing 'bondage' into the map thing :x
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Oh my! Unless your interest is EXTREMELY esoteric, there are sure to be others, but the Map isn't the best way to find it. Searching Groups and profiles are a good start, and searching Dungeon, Prison, or BDSM will get you a ton of results.

And then there are a ton of SL artists here on DA who would be glad to give you pointers.
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I login to my team based battle royale FPS for daily bonuses and then log out
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Based Shawty & Parangswiggityswooty with the team-combo! :eager:
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Aer just idling in LWA waiting to come back and see what naughty people have done to her.
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