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Winter Temple

Hi all, as i am painting more and more with Krita i decided to paint some 4K landscapes as personal projects. I have to say that i am very happy with the performance. I like the Blending capabilities with color-smudge and the assistants wich i used to set up the building in the scene.

My goal is to tell a story with each image. The same story that i am develope in my head when ideas came to my mind and i sketch them. I think if i make well my job there is no need of text and viewer can tell the story or at least feel the same mood like i did.

Done in Krita.
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What brushes did you use?
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Thanks for your beautiful work.  Here's the link with credit & feel free to share:…
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What a great work! Thank you for sharing it with us!
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you are welcome
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Amazing piece, I tried Krita but prefer Ginp
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Thanks for the comment. Why do you prefer Gimp? is based on your style? features? i would like to know . is interesting to see other´s perceptions
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First let me say thanks, I have learned a lot from you're website and downloaded GPS and brushes. Very much appreciated.
Gimp is powerful, major learning curve but worth the effort. No matter how much you think know there is always more to learn about its capabilities.
I am not in the habit of asking for critiques but would be honored if you looked at Unfinished (that's the title for now) in my gallery, the girl came from a previous work I did with the background theme of the first Black Sabbath CD.
If you can't I understand you're very busy and no explanation needed and I will not be offended
Thank you
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Thanks for your comment. Gimp is a good tool with lot of features for sure.
And for the critique is done for you. i hope you find it instructive.
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Very impressive lighting and sense of scale here all those little tiny structures in the mountains really give the feeling of a fully detailed nature.
Nice colour composition too, the reddish asian-inspired house contrasts very well with the surrounding scene. Great job and use of Krita (which I've still not really tried out for real).
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Thanks a lot Griatch-art for your comment. is a pleasure to see how al the details are perceived by the viewer. also the mood, i encourage you to test in depth Krita, you will love it.
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alucinate!!! me encanta el ambiente que has conseguido :)
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gracias, el ambiente era algo importante que he estado trabajando, más bien la atmosfera y como influyen los colores en esa percepcion.
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what are your views on krita? krita is a complete painting app, or yous till need mypaint+Gimp to finish? And can mypaint+gimp totally replace krita?
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my personal perception is that Krita is for painting all the job. I use Gimp to apply some filters and make some G'MIC experiments.I combine both to get the maximum performance because Gimp is very well managing effects with filters and color manipulation. and Krita is very good for all my workflow once i have the initial Sketch. I think in Mypaint as my Sketchbook, a very powerful one but i need tools that mypaint doesnt have nowadays.
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Krita is my main app nowadays for my paintings since it is oriented specially for Painters. I have lot of good features and good performance.
I still use Gimp and Mypaint but for other purposes
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Hmm i see. So it's becoming a one-in-all painting app!
Though it still have unresolved bugs.
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Amazing. Love the simplicity and the colors!

Great work.
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Very pretty and emotional! :clap:
Well done! :D

I am going to try Krita. Thanx for the links! ::wow::iconwowplz::iconsaywow1plz:
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Oh wow this is absolutely breathtaking wonderful atmosphere and mood just amazing :love:
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Thanks to all for your kind comments, i am amazed for the welcome of this image. lot of comments in very short time. Thanks
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Nice color palette +fav for this.
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Awesome, the best deviation of the day !
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thanks a lot for the comment. :D
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