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Freelance 2D artist, Teacher, Brushmaker, And always learning and creating with new techniques.

Favourite Visual Artist
A lot. Sorolla, Caravaggio, Monet ...
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Star Wars, Avatar, Transformers
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Documentary Channels
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Marco antonio solis,Juan Gabriel, Brian adams
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too personal, a lot.
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The Pain
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Sonic \o/ ooold times and Rock Band
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Gimp MyPaint Krita
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Art music 3d rolling

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I would like to show my digital painting done in my paint.and thank you for your interesting techniques

MyPaint digital painting

A beautiful landscape. I am glad you like my contents.

I've got good news and bad news in regards to GIMP Paint Studio that you may have heard of or noticed:

Good news: You should be able to upload the package to DeviantART now as they seem to have increased the zip file size limit dramatically to 200mb.

Bad news: GIMP 2.10 seems to read and write tool presets slightly differently in places (At least for the Windows version) and thus broke many of them.

Not' sure if this part is good news or bad news: I was able to recreate the tool presets that came with GIMP but it took some time just for those. I had to bounce back and forth between the old preset files to get the values/names of things and GIMP to make a new one for every preset that was broke for maximum accuracy. So while that means it's possible to remake them if need be, it would take a lot of time. Hence why I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news.

Talking about presets I pmed them in twitter giving feedback and reporting one issue. Not answered

I have not time neither interest in spending so much time when Krita is available for painting. I created GPS and i leave it open. Nobody contacted me, so if you want to spend your time fixing it, you can do it freely.

About bad news or good news... i think this is only a new that could happen in time.


I had a hunch they didn't seem interested in working out preset issues for a good while because the ones that come with GIMP went unfixed. Which is unfortunate because presets are some of the handiest functions.


After I thought about it for a while, I decided to do a port of it because it's such a handy set! ^_^ I knew GPS2 pretty well and I had already figured out how to remake the broke presets that came with GIMP. So it seemed doable for me to try and accurately recreate GPS2 as best as I could/remember. As long as I was doing so, I figured I could also fix some of the oddities like brush graphics being slightly cut off (Like "L_Leaf 2"), some file name inconsistencies and there not being a preset for the Rake and Chain to set up their track direction and brush angle. Really minor stuff like that. So I did those tweaks/additions (I hope you don't mind. I could always change them back and update the pack of course as I don't know if you intended those to be the way they were) and you can see the finished port result here:

GIMP Paint Studio 2.0 (2.1?) -Port to GIMP 2.10


As for the last part, I'm guessing that means you have something awesome in store coming? :D

Hey man how've you been? (Prob don't remember me by this username, maybe mikethedj4 would ring a bell)
Sorry for delay, i have been really busy with other things so no deviantart for a long time. Maybe could you help me to remember with images?