Looking for Manga Supplies?

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Looking for Manga Supplies?

Hey guys, its me Shaz! Sorry I've been keeping myself locked up in my tower all this while. I can assure you The Mannequin Waltz is well under way and you WILL be seeing new stuff real SOON. But for now I wanna touch on a subject some people have been asking about for a while now. =D

So there's been a lot of peoples asking around where other peoples outside Japan can buy their own manga supplies like the pen nibs, ink, screen tones and paper and so on. I've compiled 3 of the BEST sites that sell authentic manga supplies. I graded them based on how established the company was, price, customer service and efficiency of delivery.

They are from the top:

DELETER MANGA SHOP:  --> deleter-mangashop.com/ <--
-Authentic Japanese Manga Supplier since 1984
-Using EMS postal service, items can be personally delivered to your doorstep within 4-5 days.
-Very good and fast response from their customer service (from personal experience)
-Since its directly from the brand supplier, items are cheaper compared to other sites
-They only sell deleter related supplies (Its not really a bad thing considering their catalogue of manga supplies, unless you're dead-set in looking for a certain brand)

JET PENS: --> www.jetpens.com/Comic-Manga-Pe… <--
-Large brand variety of nibs, as well as fountain pens and ink for manga
-Best place if you're looking around for a brand of nib or ink that could well be your future lifetime partner.
-Spoilt for choice
-Only have nibs, fountain pens and ink but no manga paper, no screen tones
-Some of the items you can buy at deleter at a much cheaper price (about 25% cheaper)

AKADOT: --> www.akadot.com/manga-supplies-… <--
-More US-friendly (they provide FREE bloody SHIPPING for you guys)
-Have their own variety of manga supplies that both deleter and jet pens do not sell.
-For those buying outside of US must pay for shipping.
-Some items you can buy at deleter at a slightly cheaper price, (although if you're from US if you add up and compare, its still cheaper since there's FREE bloody SHIPPING)

~/For manga coloring supplies, majority of mangakas use alcohol based markers that go together with their thick manuscript papers and alcohol-proof inks.
Popular and mostly used brand is definitely by Too. Too is the company that produces COPIC markers. Frankly you can find COPIC markers anywhere around US. For other countries I'm not so sure, but a good place to start hunting is ebay and amazon. You can sometimes find markers at bargain prices, but beware and DO NOT BID else you will regret. Waste of money I tell ya. Another popular brand would be Prismacolor, though COPIC is still the dominant brand in traditional manga coloring./~

There's plenty other website that sell 'manga supplies' but I won't mention any of those types. I strongly believe with these 3 sites alone you can kick start your journey as a mangaka.

At Dickblick.com there's a lot of western comic paper sizes you can choose which are great for inking, in a more larger variety, but the problem is, as an independent artist, where the hell are you going to find a scanner to scan such huge paper. (From personal experience hunting online and through local tech stores, the biggest scanner you can get at an affordable price is an a3-sized flatbed scanner. Any bigger than that and the price range will be in the 4 digits.)

Amazon.jp have more variety of manga supplies but most of them sellers don't ship outside of Japan, and you need to type in hiragana/katakana or kanji in the search box to accurately find what you're looking for. There are sellers that sell internationally but they pop out once in a while, so its not advisable to get manga supplies there.

There's also ebay and amazon.com, but since they are only hosting individual sellers to sell, I can't really give a fair rating or recommendation.

Hope this helps you guys. =D

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ewolf20's avatar
is the deleter manga shop still active? I'm wonder if since I'm  considering buying some inks since jet pens doesn't have the black 4 stocked up.
TriadischArt's avatar
hey just wanted to let you know that jetpens has deleter screentones and deleter manga paper now. and the paper is cheaper than importing it from deleter. so thought you may wanna update this 
baka00punk's avatar
do u use the traditional cut n' paste method of screen tones? or do u use a computer program? i've never used real screen tones before, so i don't know which would be a faster method, or what differences it makes.
theshazerin's avatar
Personally I use MangaStudio when doing manga screen-tones because its way cheaper and the tones you see in manga you can usually find them in MangaStudio. The only problem is that it's digital, and you can't do a lot of the 'scratching' effects with a traditional tone cutter. Some of the tones in MangaStudio look too 'digital.' What I mean is that some of the traditional tones look really good on manuscript paper, but in MangaStudio the very same tone looks very.. weird? I don't know how to explain it, its better if you try the program out yourself. But digital tones are really not too bad. They can really work out well, once you get the hang of it. Just look at our dA artist Comipa=> [link]

Traditional tones, even though stocking up is expensive, is to me still the best way to go. There's a very personal feel to it, and at least to me, you have more control in how you tone your manga. There are also tone effects that can only be done with a tone cutter.
But traditional tones have the problem of accidentally cutting up your manuscript paper, or paper damage because the tone didnt come off properly while you were fixing mistakes, and you need to get the hang of cutting tones using a pen knife or a tone cutter. But, with all of that done and gone, once you get used to it its no big deal really.
One dA artist that I highly respect, Demoniachild uses traditional screentones for her manga. =>[link]

In the end its still up to the artist's choice of tools. =D
baka00punk's avatar
well thank ya lots, i do have mangastudio so i suppose i'll have to test out both methods for myself. thank you for being knowledgeable XD
theshazerin's avatar
No problem! I just want more aspiring manga artists to know where they can get authentic manga supplies. =D
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