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Some might be aware, looking into my gallery that there's a lack of pony related things;

Just, in all, I got sick of it. I've not watched the show since Starlight was introduced as a main character, whatever season that was. Maybe it was depression hitting at that time, maybe I just didn't like that direction of the show.
I'm tired of dealing with 'bronies' who think Love and Tolerance means I should give out free art to them cause it's the nice thing to do, and then be harassed with people making alternate accounts to subvert a ban when I tell them no five times. Got tired with people in the fandom in general. Some still even hounded me at the start of this year after not talking with them for like, 6 years or something? Some stupid grudges are held for too long for me to care about candy colored horses actively.

I'm sick of my art being stolen to promote chinese bootleg bullshit, and even having those knockoffs featured on prominent pony sites like EQD with no link to my shit. Tired of being told at least bi-monthly that my stuff was found somewhere without my permission. I minded, yes, when my art was used without permission but I got to see a lot of people, especially with that "EQG Cafeteria Background" one I did be used to show off some neat OCs. They were the good ones.

The bad ones were those that copied my poses, or traced my stuff and used them for point adopts, or in commissions. No, your first time using MS paint skills weren't enough to hide the fact you copypasted a pony and made it cyan.
I even had some of my work taken by big names in this fandom, but oops I guess since you made Luna smile or duplicated one of Sunset's legs I wouldn't be able to tell that was mine, hope that pony website loved using stolen art as their banner and the money you probably got paid for it. 

So in the end, I'm jaded. This was once a fun part of my life, I sang the songs, I did art. I did pretty well with crystal ponies and still to this day got compliments on them. I took pride that if you googled, "Crystal [Pony]", one of my vectors was one of the first google image results.
But that just in the end, made it easier to steal. Fuck me for believing in people being good 100% of the time.

If you want pony art, I'll gladly take the commission. I love bringing people's characters to life, and making that twinkle in their eye, or making the wings plumage angle just so. To have horns sparkle with magic or just to make them smile, so it reflects the smile the commissioner has when they see their work in full color.

I just don't feel a desire to do it anymore otherwise.


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Commission: Bovir the Druid
Got another opportunity to draw a DND character, this time a half-minotaur druid. He looks like such a sweetheart and I hope he hits level 20 with no loss \o\

Looking for a quick and cheaper sketch commission? Check out these headshot offers starting at $5:…

Want the full package, lined and shaded deal? Check this out!:…

Commissioners recieve full size images of their character!
Commission: Sunset Shimmer
A colored, shaded, headshot sketch for an anonymous commissioner.

Looking for a quick and cheaper sketch commission? Check out these headshot offers:…

Want the full package, lined and shaded deal? Check this out!:…

Commissioners will recieve a the full resolution image without an obstrusive watermark!
Don't smoke, kids.
A brief doodle of my elf trying to take the edge off.
He can stop anytime he wants shut up.

Referenced from :iconnull-entity: 's work, "Wasting Time 08"


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I'm not interested in whatever he has to say, I want to be left alone. I'm not reading it, I'm not unblocking him.
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