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Still not any better. If anything it’s worse.

Mom needs hernia surgery. Like, “She has organs behind her heart and in the wrong place because of a hiatal hernia” surgery.
We will not get an extension on our rent, so even though the real estate person in charge to our knowledge has received no bids or anything, we cannot stay here. Rent for a storage unit will be expensive.
There were ideas floating of one living situation we might be able to try, but that involves going to a family that verbally and emotionally abused us, did not allow us access to the internet, and for me, personally, felt they were going to threaten us with lethal means because of their dislike of us. I don’t want to go back there. I worry for my life, my family’s life, my dog’s life, if we go back there. A roof is not worth it.

Applied to a lot of jobs. Still haven’t gotten any.
The heat in the desert can be abysmal and it will be a drain on gas money if living in a car, because of the air conditioning.

California is expensive and it’s getting more dire and hard to find an affordable place.

Commissions are still open.

I can be found on the following platforms:

Mom has surgery on the 15th.
We will be homeless on the 1st.


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United States
(Deviant ID commissioned from Miz-Jynx)

Unless stated otherwise:
I do not own rights to any characters I vector.
Credits go to :iconhasbroplz:
My Little Pony Created By: Bonnie Zacherle
Vector made from screenshots of their respective shows and movies.


2019 Commissions (Open!) by TheShadowStone

  • The more complicated the character or scene, the higher the price might increase. The prices shown are base prices without extravagant additions. (+$10 min)
  • Payment is in full, and up front. No partial payments.
  • Refunds are given if I cannot complete the commission due to outside circumstances.
  • I reserve the right to decline your commission.
  • I will send you the invoice in your payment from my Paypal, not the other way around. Please have your paypal name ready.

"Do you do backgrounds?"
Yes! Please specify if you desire them lined or painted. There is a difference in appearance and price.

"Does this mean you don't draw X?"
I'm not just limited to humanoids, but check with me first, just in case!

Can I pay you in deviantart points?
I can't eat virtual points. USD through paypal only please.

I don't have any reference images of my character!
That's fine! However I will charge extra because of the effort that goes in to making a character + constant alterations.

Can you make me a reference sheet?
I will draw a flat colored character for a reference sheet, and compile the sheet with colors and their codes if desired for $40. Extra poses and forms will be additional payment.
Lorthaan Reference Sheet by TheShadowStone

I want something a bit different style wise in my commission. Can you do X?
Note me and we'll discuss it!

What are the costs for extra characters in the same commission?
Half the base cost for additional characters.
(EX: 1 shaded Sketch ($25) + 1 more (+$12.50) = $37.50)
1 Painted Character (+$60) + 2 more ($60))

"Oh wait, can you change this mid-commission?"
The first two alterations are free of charge before lines and color are added. However, constant alterations (3+), especially in later stages, take longer and longer to correct, and will start being charged on their severity.


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