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MLP Villains - King Sombra (animated)

My animation of  :iconsandara: sandara's piece below:

MLP Villains - King Sombra by sandara 

Thanks for letting me animate your awesome art!

(also, I'm trying out using a small gif for the preview. Let me know what you guys think ;) )
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Thanks, I guess? It's not really possible to sell my work, since it's animated. And derived from others' work. So, if anything, they're selling Sandara's art, not mine.
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A page on facebook is reselling your arts…
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Excuse me? Can I have your permission to use this artwork for a music video I'm trying to work on?
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Sure. But please be sure to include links here and to Sandara's original too
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all show respect to king sombra
also nice animation i love
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your welcome make more with sombra or a drone pls
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This is beyond my imagination 0o0
Holy Bucephalus, Batman!
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This is a Awesome Sombra !!!!!
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wow Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow Awesome !and Amazing!
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Wow, that's impressive. Well done :)
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That's awesome, nice work! ^^
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this looks flipping amazing!
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