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At Peace At Last (animated)

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My animation of  :iconsilfoe:  SilFoe's original below:

At Peace at Last by SilFoe 

Thanks for letting me use your art!
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hi nice artwork..just wondering if i can use this art for my youtube channel?

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This is amazing! Nice work she is pretty!

also I wanna ask I wanna HD version of this gif cuz I wanna use in wallpaper engine app for animated computer background :)
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Thanks! Unfortunately this is one of my older pieces, which I do not have a high resolution version of. The software I used at the time was unable to export the gif with dimensions larger than 1000px without crashing :/
But you can find some of my other work available on Wallpaper Engine. Some of them uploaded by me, some by others
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woah.. you are probably the best animator I've seen...
this is amazing
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Thanks! Though don't give me all the credit, it wouldn't be nearly as impressive without Silfoe's awesome art XD
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I'll have to check it out! But still, #goals
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I love this a lot ^.^
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Nicely done.
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Very peaceful and tranquil! I feel relaxed just by looking at it, hehe. Very nice work :)
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ooooo so lovely. it really makes the picture just that much better.
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like this peacefulness
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That's why I picked it. I really enjoy the serene quality of it ^^
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horn moves to much compared to her delicate head moves
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The head and horn are actually on the same motion path (which is like an arc). I think it just appears that the horn moves more because it's further away from the pivot point, which is near the base of the head
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