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It seems that once again, good ol'  Summertime has rolled around again! A time when many folks hit the beaches, enjoy outdoor cookouts, or maybe just hide indoors from those intense sun rays! Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, summer is here, and it also seems like something else is going on too.

As you go about your business, you notice that there are some interesting flyers posted here and there about the place. It seems they are advertising for something..... Curious, you decide to pause, and read the flyer for yourself. The words on the flyer read thusly:



Running out of things to do this summer?
Do you, or your friends feel you've done the same summer activities over and over again?
Well, we have the answer to your difficult dilemma!
A grand party will be held at the beach, and admission is free to one and all!
So come on down, and join the fun! The party starts at sundown, and will go on all night long!


Well, well! It seems somebody has put together a big party, and since most Denos prefer the dark, they are even hosting it at night! So no need to worry about sunburns! There is even a list including a number of fun activities that will be held, including:

-Glow in the Dark Volleyball games
-A Sand Castle building contest
-A free to join talent show for anybody to enter
-A watermelon eating contest

And much, much more!

Objective: Draw/Write about your Denos having some cool, summer fun at the Summer Vibes beach party!
(The above prompts are optional to follow. Keep in mind your Denos are not strictly limited to the above activities, they are just there if you need some help with inspiration.)

Important: While you may draw/write as much art as you like for the event. You may only claim a Blood Gem reward once per event!


This Event Ends at the end of August!
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