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Liquis by theshadowpony357 Liquis by theshadowpony357
AHhh I finally made it! this is my first time making an actual reference sheet for something.





Majority personality:

They are shy around any species other than their own but have slowly began to be friends with the wingairs in recent years. They have bad trust issues since Liquis were betrayed by humans. They were very close with humans when they once lived together but ever since they were trapped underground and slaughtered by them, they have never spoken to any other demons besides themselves.

Main Features:

Fish-like tail and webbed fingers


Can swim and breath underwater


Fish and seaweed, Sometimes birds ( only if they’re desparate )

Tail colours:

Common: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Grey (all tails turn grey once they get old)

Uncommon: Purple, Brown, Red, orange.

Rare: black,White.

Extremely Rare: Gold, Multi Colours (These demons would be considered royalty)


Liquis are Common in the underground, just look in the water and you can find at least 20 at a time. They are naturally thinner than other demons which helps them swim faster and with more ease. This can also depend on the tail type, length, width, etc. Humans Very commonly mistake them for mermaids because of the resemblance between them. Liquis with gold or multi coloured tails are always seen as royalty but if there are none at the time (which is common once there isn’t one at the throne currently) the King/Queen of the Wingairs would temporarily take over. They can breath outside of watch but the maximum time would naturally be 30 minutes- there is a way of training their body to have at least an hour out of water. It is very common for Liquis to have long hair because of the inability to own or use scissors underwater. It's uncommon to own scissors in the first place since demons don’t know how to make most of the invention humans have been able to make so they wait for someone to accidentally drop a pair or they forcefully steal them, even though there is a high chance of dying considering humans tend to carry around small pocket knives or even guns for protection against demons. Liquis are also able see in the dark after a short amount of time, much like if humans are in a dark room, they will be able to see clearer because their eyes got used to it. Although, Liquis’ eyesight are much clearer due to them having small amounts of deep sea fish genetics.

( more will be added later )

If you have any questions, I will gladly answer them!

JackStevo Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018
Great work, pet ❤️
theshadowpony357 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
awayywaywaaaa Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart  tahnks you hon
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