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Chibi OCs P1 by theshadowpony357 Chibi OCs P1 by theshadowpony357
Ocs from left to right:

Kaito: Hes very shy and antisocial when you first meet him but he slowly warms up to you more time you spend time with him AKA the obvious kuudere. He has an interest in demons and the supernatural which is how he met his best friend,Alfonse.Alfonse doesn't have an interest in being his BEST friend but he still acts like it because he doesn't want Kaito to feel lonely

Alfonse: He has a crush on his best friend, Kou, although he knows kou likes Daichi which makes him very jealous when they are together. He works for the king (Yui) as a cook. Although it doesn't look like it, hes great at cooking. He can become a cat whenever he likes but prefers not to, making his friend wonder if he actually can and hes lying.

Kou: His best friend is Daichi and his second is Alfonse. he doesn't realise he likes him as Kou is too busy thinking whether or not Daichi likes him back. His nickname from Daichi is KouKou since Kou loves chocolate. Kous nickname for Daichi is just ChiChi or Dai. most of the time he is seen hugging or pretending to kiss Dai which noticeably annoys Alfonse. He works as a cook for the king, next to Alfonse. The animal which he can turn into is a Pomeranian, his favourite dog breed. 

Daichi: He secretly likes Kou but can easily hide it since he's good at controlling his emotions. He can become an owl but he rarely does it unless he absolutely has to because how is Kou supposed to hug him if he's a small owl? He has two younger sisters which he likes quite a lot but they don't seem to feel to same way. He has been playing piano since he was younger because Kou said it was his favourite instrument. Daichi has been playing since he has eight. He works as a butler for the king.

Hope you like!
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February 25, 2017
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