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Pup tutorial

Generic profile view of a standing canine pup xD This isn't much for a tutorial, and it's pretty much a stylized version of how I go about doing this, but I hope it helps ;u;

I'll probably do more with different angles and poses, but for now this is all I can put out until I'm less busy~

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Aaaaah this is so helpful! I usual can't draw pups well for poop ;w;

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This is soooo adorable and helpful to so bounus.
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Thank You, this will be very helpful in future :D
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Aw them so cute :3  i'll try it!
Dark1Ginga-Jerome's avatar
love the cute pup Tutorial :3
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This is great I will use this tutorial for my Werewolf-Puppies.
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Thank you for the tutorial! :D
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Thanks so helpful :heart:
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Ah~! No problem <3
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Thanks so much! <3
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Yay! Now I can draw Ri as a puppy!!!
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eep thanks for this <3 clears up a lot of anatomy stuff I've been unsure about for a long time!
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No problem~! Glad I could help c:
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