Lonely Path

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By theshadow223

Literature Text

The more compelling a path,
The more lonely it seems,
It guides the way true,
But is reclusive in theme.

Follow it close by,
Try not to go astray,
It's boulevard undeniable,
Will never go away.

It's paved with the dreams,
Of the loved and the hated,
And are used as a walkway,
For those yet to have faded.

So we continue this tread,
Eternal and unending,
Completion is improbable to most,
They find no use in pretending.

But faith will keep some here,
Always has and always will,
Not to be mistaken with naivety,
Where you can't see beyond the hill.

The hill of despair and dejection,
Hope will be your eyes,
Those afflicted by anguish,
Are blind to this prize.

This prize of escape,
This prize of resolve,
For the end of this path,
The prize is love.
Poem about the lonely pathway to love.
© 2011 - 2021 theshadow223
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Seeking--Solace's avatar
Very beautiful interpretation of a classic theme.
Entrancing :) :heart:
theshadow223's avatar
TornStitches's avatar
And it is a lonely pathway. Nice rhythm to this one.
DeixTobiallyaoi's avatar
hey, did u know that ur the work is the only one that i so far had commented on? i mean, ur work as in ur poem.
i havnt commented on anyone else's poems for months
theshadow223's avatar
I am honored you take the time, its very appreciated =D
harmonicaaa's avatar
Ah, loneliness, my good old friend.. Compelling.
theshadow223's avatar
mmm, im very educated in the topic, and thanks :)
harmonicaaa's avatar
Too many people are these days..
foreverrussia1's avatar
A bit shaky reading this. I felt I wasn't going to like it, because of the overused theme and the distanced beginning, yet you managed to top the whole thing off really well. I'm not sure if it was intentional- probably not, but everything just sort of came together at the end. I have to applaud you, this has been very... fullfilling. Good job)
theshadow223's avatar
thanks for the comment and honesty, i appreciate them greatly.
foreverrussia1's avatar
No problem at all.
sweetpayne's avatar
It makes my brain smile...
theshadow223's avatar
haha umm thanks :)
aimeislove's avatar
beautiful poem, it flows well :)
theshadow223's avatar
thanks, means alot :)
aimeislove's avatar
you welcome, nps, hehe awsome icon as well sora ftw :D
theshadow223's avatar
thanks again haha i love kingdom hearts :D
aimeislove's avatar
nps,same :D but im not very good at it sadly XD
theshadow223's avatar
haha its fun all the same XD
aimeislove's avatar
hehehe, hell yeah XD
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