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× I was using a pen this morning...
*wapoosh!* Top of the morning to ya, laddies, my name is TheSeventhWheel7, and here I am being forced to do a tag by colorgirl58 :iconcolorgirl58:...again...Anyway, let's do this

1) Write 13 things about yourself.
2) Answer 13 things asked by the person who tagged you
3) Make your own 13 questions.

4) Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they're tagged.
5) Don't say, "You're tagged if you read this."
6) You can tag back 

13 Facts About Me
I dislike pineapple
2) I'm the eldest child
3) I tend to procrastinate...a lot
4) I'm undergoing a I-can't-live-without-Marvel phase right now
5) When I was younger, I wanted to be an animator
6) I like Smarties and Malteasers and Cadbury and Lindt
7) I'm a pianist
8) I'm only good at piano because I used to take classes, then pulled out, then joined the school band, lol
9) My temperature flactuates a lot...dunno why, but I can withstand most extreme temperatures
10) I used to cosplay Ben 10 with my friends when I was 7
11) Even though I don't do gymnastics (I plan to tho) I am kinda agile
12) I found out that comics aren't just sunshine and rainbows (I mean, take Spider-Man Noir for instance)
13) I can jump through hoops that are at least 40cm off the ground....iamtotallynotspidermannonotatall

Alrighty, now for these questions:

1. What are you doing right now?
    Completing this tag, eating murukku and chilling in front of the heater...yeah, the heat doesn't really bother me
2. What is your dream job?
    To become a gynaecologist
3. What do you like about my art?
    I really like your art style -- very simplistic and cute :3
4. Where is the one place you would want to go?
    AVENGERS TOWER....Um, the Empire State Building
5. Who is your favorite fictional character?
    Ugh, do I have to choose just one? This is hard...well, my favourite of all time is Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus...(And Kai from Ninjago, Peter Parker/Spider-Man from Marvel, Ron Weasley from Harry Potter, Alex Fierro from Magnus Chase, and-- *gets slapped*)
6. Do you like Sea Lions? (They're my second favorite animal.)
    Well, not sea lion, buuuuuuut....

    Can you say no to this?
7. Do you like Disney movies? (or Pixar)
    Meh, it depends on the movie. Disney is sorta in the middle
8. If you said yes, then which one is your favorite? (If not, just type whatever you want)
    The okay movie would have to be Big Hero 6, I the mean time, ytwauydhfkfnrgfehudijsalddd3h9we8aosgoibaldisbasicsytyghenid
9. Do you like hugs? *Hugs you*
    I welcome you with open arms *hugs back*
10. Can I have some cookies?
    No, the cookies are for Percy *hands Percy the tray of blue cookies* ....buuuuut, I can give one one *hands you one cookie*
11. Are you bored?
    Friend, I am ADHD most of the time, of course I'm bored
12. What is a question you want me to answer?
    Why do you always tag me XD
13. Can you tell that I ran out of questions?
    Really, I wouldn't have noticed *sarcasm*

Now I have to make 13 questions...this was always the hard part, haha. Anyways:
Your questions:
1) Do you wish to do this?
2) Im'ma take over the world -- watcha gonna do?
3) Favourite character(s) from any fandom?
4) Favourite movie as of this year?
5) Favourite song? (so original, I'm sorry)
6) You got super powers. What are they?
7) If you could travel back in time, what would you do?
8) Do you like writing/drawing? (If no, we cannot be friends *sarcasm*)
9) What do you dislike the most?
10) Weirdest dream you've ever had?
11) Ever been grounded/punished?
12) How would you describe yourself?
13) Okay, I'm dying. Will you do anything if there was a chance to save me?

You thirteen shall be the ones to suffer now:
colorgirl58 (I'm too evil for my own good)

Have fun, my peeps :P
Peace out~
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Yes, title was intentional. Deal with it.
I was tagged (again) by colorgirl58 :iconcolorgirl58: 
...Because it was her way of revenge, I'm so scared, aaahhh

Anyway, let's just get on with it, shall we?

1) Answer your 10 questions
2) Tag 5-10 people
3) Give those people 10 questions! (ugh, I'm tired of thinking up questions, lmao)

1. Team Cap or Ironman?
2. Any plans for the summer?
     For me, it's the winter (annoying Earth's axis and stuff) so I plan on going to the Snowy Mountains in Australia (cuz I live in the place where everything wants to kill you, apparently...)
3. Favorite color? (I'm so creative, aren't I?)
     Red. Blood, crimson, saffron, red
4. What's your element? (Fire, wind, ice, etc.)
     Fire. It's, like, my soul or something
5. Are you more like a child in an adult's body or an adult in a child's body?
     Hmm.....well, I'm not as bad as Jacksepticeye....but I guess I'm more of a smol child in a pubescent body (Imma teenager, I need more coffee)
6. What's your favorite drawing/story by me?
     I really like the 'Ask Lloyd' one, the thing where so-and-so asked Lloyd whether he would fight the Overlord or Morro - that was really sweet :3
7. Why are you watching me?
    I watch you cuz you're the boss of the club XD
8. Popsockets, yea or nay?
     Nay because they're too annoying - and that's coming from a kid with a short attention span, mind you
9. Favorite fanfiction/drawing by someone else?
     Its a Ninjago fanfiction, and it's just so pure. Link:…
10. Are you going to tag me back?
     I don't think I need to answer this question...

I've done the questions, and now you shall be my prey:
(ahh, the sweet taste of revenge, moowahahahah!)

Your questions:
1. Are you ready for these questions?
2. Do you even want to do this?
3. Favourite movie? (rip me)
4. Where would you go on a holiday?
5. If you could bring ONE character from your favourite fandom, who would it be and why?
6. You've been hacked. Someone has managed to steal all of your personal information. And the sad fact is: you know this person. What do you do?
7. Let's see if you can answer this riddle: "The ground is covered with flowers, yet you cannot pick them. The pale Princess storms from the palace, yet no one stops her. The bed is set with a huge, beautiful silk quilt cover, yet you cannot lift it. What are these objects?" (when everyone's answered this, I'll put up a status post with the answers :P)
8. Which scares you the most: dead people/ghosts or mannequins?
9. Favourite video on Youtube?
10. Now for the terrifying conclusion: Why did you even do this?

Okay *claps hands* that's it. Have fun (cough, ColorGirl, cough cough). Don't die. Alrighty, bye
*poofs out of existence*
Potato Jack Emoticon Jay - Too Happy For Words Emoticon 
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You can say I was "tagged" by Snowxueqi :iconsnowxueqi:
(actually not because I asked if I could do this and she said yes to meh so meh)

An OC tag, as you can see in the wonderful title....yeah

1) Post These Rules (check)
2) Post 8 Facts About Your Character.
3) Tag 8 Other People; Post Their Avatars & Write Their OC's Names Next To Them (...)

So yeah, I know I've got a bunch of OCs who a) have not got a physical body down on paper yet, or b) are too pissed with me and don't wanna come out of my yeah..I've decided to choose the Joker of the bunch, Surya Kumar.

8 'Trivia' Facts About Surya Kumar:
   1. He's a son of Agni, meaning he's got fire powers and schist -- yeah, that makes him a demigod ;p
   2. Despite being the guy with cheesy jokes and bad puns and a good nature, he is, in fact, internally depressed -- I guess the wind is all it takes to either make him stronger, or to simply blow him out of existence
   3. Surya often likes associating himself and his friends with superhero names; countless times, he's called himself 'Sun Boy', which is a coincidence because 1) his name in Sanskrit and other Indian languages mean 'sun', and 2) Sun Boy is a DC superhero with control over solar light and heat, and, to some extent, fire
   4. He had a brother
   5. He is the only demigod who knew another without either realising they were children of the gods (he and Aishani Devar (another OC) were preschool friends, and reunited during high school, Australian terms)
   6. He's great at cooking
   7. Surya's small and scrawny, no doubt -- it's a mistake most enemies make. But really, Surya's powerful enough to send the resurrected spirit of a great evil back into the Naughty Corner of the Underworld, also known as Narakaloham.
   8. His real name is 'Saravanan Kumar' -- he hated his first name because it was so long, so he shortened it to 'Surya' (and get's really annoyed when someone uses his real name....cough, Palaemon and Aishani, cough cough)

So there you have it. 8 Facts about Surya Kumar. I know it's not as detailed as a bio or anything, so just keep it together people. Don't fall in love with him, cuz he remains a virgin
*laughs because I'm a virgin too, haha*
*continues laughing because who knows I might make him finally love someone*

Also, I'm not tagging anyone, cuz I only did this for my amusement, and because I'm lazy :P
Hope you had a nice time learning about this kiddo, bye....
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So, yeah, I've been tagged by colorgirl58 :iconcolorgirl58:
Do I feel excited? Yeah, maybe.

On with the questions and tagging business and all, anyhow!

1) Answer your 10 questions
2) Tag 5-10 people
3) Give those people 10 questions!

1. Who is your favorite character from the fandom we have in common? (Marvel, Ninjago, etc. If you need a list of my fandoms, there is one on my profile page.)

    Um...*quickly checks profile* fandoms we share are Ninjago, Harry Potter too, possibly Marvel as well...So My fav character from Ninjago is Kai, then from Harry Potter is Ron Weasley, and then from Marvel...either Iron Man or Loki...
2. Who is your favorite villain? (It can be from anything)
   Favourite villain....hmm, this opens a lot of doors, I guess...Well, from Ninjago, I think Lord Garmadon and Harumi were the best, and judging by the season 9 trailer, probably Iron Baron too. From the Percy Jackson franchise, Kronos was the evil bundle...yeah, okay, I'm weird, but whatevs ;p
3. What is your opinion on Incredibles 2? (I'm pretty excited to see it. It looks good.)
'The Incredibles 2' actually is quite interesting in terms of the animation and the plot that we've got so far...I think it'll be okay, despite waiting for fifteen years
4. Favorite movie?
Hmmm.....I'll have to say every LEGO Movie out there (The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Batman Movie and the LEGO Ninjago Movie, and guess what, The LEGO Movie's sequel might jump onto this list too!) and probably all the Jurassic Park/World movies.
5. Least favorite character from that movie?
    ....I don't hate anyone...unless it was an adaption of a book, I don't hate anyone...
6. Favorite Disney song? (If you don't like Disney then, Are you going on vacation somewhere? If so, where?)
    Hmm....if Big Hero 6 counts as a movie, then 'Immortals' by Fall Out Boy. That song, that movie, that band, they're all legends.
7. If you could make any three fictional characters real, who would they be?
    Oh why, oh why, why is this a question?! I want all the fictional characters to be real, but...*sigh* I'm guessing from Ninjago, it'd be Kai, then from Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus, Leo Valdez will be high fiving me, and then from Magnus Chase, Alex Fierro would also be joining the party
8. What is your favorite song? (if you don't really listen to music, what is your favorite tv show?)
    Can I answer both? Well, I don't a have one favourite, but right now it will have to be 'Follow Your Fire' by my favourite TV show is Ninjago :D
9. Ninjago fans: What do you think of Harumi? Marvel fans: Who is better, Loki or Bucky?
    Harumi. Just hearing the name fills me with funny emotions. At first, I think she is the most horrible person out there, then she is one of those sad characters with such a horrible past (like Luke Castellan, Alex Fierro, Leo Valdez...okay, I must stop drowning in my children's sadness). Then after mixing them together, I get one of the most amazing villains ever!
10. Is a tomato a fruit? Why?
    A tomato is fruit. Why, you may ask. Well, fruits have seeds, and vegetables don't. Then tell me, why does a tomato have seeds? *wiggles eyebrows*

And there we go! I finished your questions, ColorGirl!
And now, I shall tag you people:
:iconsapiifoxniite: SapiiFoxNiite 
:iconelectric-bluejay: Electric-Bluejay 
:iconcolorgirl58: colorgirl58
:iconmoofuupi: Moofuupi
:iconsnowxueqi: Snowxueqi
:iconblazeraptorgirl: BlazeraptorGirl
:iconpurplebird333: PurpleBird333

Your questions:
1. How was your morning/night so far?
2. Someone broke into your house and you confronted them. How did you defeat them? (Or did you even defeat them at all?)
3. Favourite fandoms? (It's okay if you have a lot - just list them. I want you to write down a whole heap of them, fill up the entire page!)
4. Favourite type of music?
5. Who is your inspiration? (Can be fictional or someone in real life)
6. Favourite food?
7. Worst fear?
8. Which would you prefer: a) to lose all your limbs, or b) to lose your mind?
9. Did you like these questions?
10. Did you know that I like cake?

Okay, now enjoy answering! Mwahaha!! :D
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Guys (well, Jacksepticeye fans anyway). If you are NOT a Jack-fan, just click this notif off -- don't wanna spoil your day! If you're also a theorist who doesn't want to spoil themselves, I suggest you leave too.

Everyone who wants to be gone gǫ̕ne? Yeah? Okay, let's get into the good stuff (maybe??) Something is stirring up lately. I'm sure you've watched some of Jack's latest videos, correct?
i don't watch all of his videos (kill me) but I just love it when he plays horror/actiony games, but whatevs

Anyway, to cut to the CHA̸̧SE: he isn't doing his outros properly (or at a regular pace anymore). We're seeing Jack, but is it really him? Is it really the Green Bean that we see popping up in the face cam everyday? 

And what about that video he posted a while ago? How about...'The Doctor is Back'? Firstly, we know that Jack never says 'Dr. Jacksepticeye'. And that outro -- Dr. Schneep has finally appeared on-screen (probably because Jack was silly enough to label himself as 'do͜c͘t̛o͢r').

But ever since Schneep appeared, Jack's been playing more darker games, more horror, more out-of-place jigsaw pieces. And then he started playing 'Stories Untold', where time and time again he never gets to finish his outro. And there are more creepier endings, now. [SPOILERS] Take his newest video, where everyone's favourite badass ego appears, albeit quite unexpectedly so soon.

This is where my "theory" kicks in.

In the third episode of 'Stories Untold', at the end, while Jack is just talking about how intrigued he is by the game, you can hear faint whispers saying 'Pick a side...Pick a side..' (tbh, I just wanted to know what the goddamn sounds were, and I found a video [linked below] that explained the whispers) just before the screen cuts to black. Then Chase Brody's voice pops up and says that Jack needs to wake up. Also, at the end of the video, Morse code is played.

In the final episode of 'Stories Untold', the ending shows Jack curled up in bed, obviously in some sort of deep sleep. Whispers -- 'Pick a side...Pick a side...' Then Jack wakes up, then says out loud, 'I remember what he did to me.'

Later on, he uploaded the video 'Barry has a Secret'. And did you hear what he said at the end? "I like to keep a limp hand around, so I can just, like, every now and then, I could just be like 'Hey! High-five!' " He then continues that he has nothing to hide, but when the screen starts to fade out, he yells -- as if he was actually talking to someone. Then we see Jack walking into what seems to be his kitchen, opens a cupboard and pulls out a hand, with the screen glitching twice. Then we hear a soft voice -- 'Hey, what are you do͜i̶n͟g?' -- and then 'Jack' appears, telling whoever found the hand w̵ásn̨'t̶ ͘s͢up̶po̵sȩd̸ ͘t͏o şee it. Video ends.

A few videos after, Jack plays the game 'Try Not to Fall Asleep!', where he basically has to sleep before 4am without getting stressed. He does so, and wakes up, marveling at how the night was only just a dream. He admits he is fine, but is soon then 'hij҉ack
҉ed', I guess. Video ends.

Jack then plays 'TIE', a game about depression. He then talks about issues about depression, anxiety -- and this is why we love Jack -- and towards the 11 minute mark, he openly admits that one his friends is in a coma. Nearing the end, 'Jack' goes on that everything is the same, and that he wanted things to go back the way they were, and the people in his life. Then a flashback occurs, where 'Jack' is mourning over a loss. He places a photo face down, and puts a cap on top of it.

After that, he plays 'Dark Silence', which is the game I mentioned earlier. 'Jack''s about to finish the game when the protagonist of the game ends up being stalked, and the lights shut off, throwing the screen into darkness, including 'Jack''s face cam. Then we see 'Jack' desperately trying to bring a lighter to life. He walks around his house -- the sound of children laughing, screaming and crying can be heard -- until he rounds a corner and sees a figure standing in a doorway. 'Jack''s voice is muffled as he yells at the figure, 'Where are they?! What do you want from me?!' The figure moves rushes forward, and the video ends.

Then the video he just uploaded today (or wherever, but whatevs) called 'SPANKED BY THE TEACHER', and he's just running around trying to avoid the teacher. But in the end (towards the end of the video), he gets caught, and he screams as the screen cuts to black. Then Jack appears, seeming to be writing something frantically. Then the sound of a ruler-type stick hitting against the palm of a hand is heard, and Jack repeatedly says he had been a good boy, before again screaming. Video ends.

17/5/2018 EDIT: Today he plays 'Exiles', and he misses his intro as he seems to arrive 'late in a rush', I guess. Through the whole beginning of the game, he seemed unsure as to how he got there, but he soon got involved. At the end he says, "As Anti-climatic as it was..." blah blah blah (I want pizza). As he still gives positive feedback about the game, he stops mid-speech, and blood starts flowing from his eyes. In the background, the whispers say, 'It's all his fault...It's all his fault...' The video ends, with one change being the Sam outro, where everything is tinged with red and is played in reverse.

17/5/2018 2nd EDIT: I also just realised that this video ('Exiles') is actually a sequel to 'Dark Silence'. Remember how Jack was thrown into darkness after the game ended? (Forget all about the other 'Jack' that we see, forget about him for now). When, today, he played 'Exiles', there was that lag before Jack popped up on screen. I'm thinking that he somehow got teleported, and that the other 'Jack' was actually looking for him...oh wow.

17/5/2018 3rd EDIT (so many goddamn edits):
This image....just opens another new door:
Jacksepticeye Ego Theory by TheSeventhWheel7

24/05/2018 EDIT: I know the video was uploaded yesterday and whatever, but here's the link so you can refer to the points I'm gonna say: I AM SO CREEPED OUT BY THIS! | First Winter. So, I don't think this ties with any of plot sequence for the theory, but I'm just noting down some 'points of interest', and gonna write a summary at the end..
15:00 mark - As Jack opens a door, a glitched man appears and shoots Jack. As his character is shot, Jack screams ('Doohhhh!') and his face cam glitches. At the exact moment when he is struck, you can see a shot of Jack where his head is propped to one side and is crying blood from his eyes. The subtitles read (the '–' being a change between subtitles):

'DA  h̰͓̫ͤ͞e͓ͯͦͣ̓̔l̗̗̫̦̠̾l̶͖͇̙͍̫͒ͬ͋ͅͅo̳ͯͭ͟  A'

24:54 mark - When Jack enters his room, the door slams shut, and again as he screams ('Doooohhhh!') his face cam glitches again, this time with his head falling on his shoulder, still crying blood. At that moment the subtitles read:

'w͎̦͎ͣ͛̀̎̎̾h̲͗͛̐͂͘o̡̥͎̦ͬͯ ͋ͫͦ̆̋̀s̼͍̫͚̙͊͜a̓ͨͬ̄̏i̪̝̙̥̤̲̎ͪ̓̋ͧͭ̌d͓̙̻̦̾͊ͥ̑̒́ ̱̓͑͋͌y̖̖̝̫o̱̓̋ͯͥͥ̓͝ǘ͓͍̝̈ͅ ̤̗̘͗̇̒̐͗̏w̜̜͖͍̝͌̀̾e͉͉r̢̳͕̈e̴͚͓̫͎͙͈ͣͬ̓ ͏͔̲͙̪͇̘ẖ̰̭̭̪̘ͪͭ͌̍ͤoͨ̑͏͔m̈͐̈́͂ͥͪ̍e̸̼̫͓̻͂̑ͨͩͯ̊ '

26:00 mark - as Jack exits out of his room and says 'Let me out' (because he was locked inside and stuff) the subtitles read:

'let me out ;n; l̥̗͍̪̦ͣ͌̾̊ė̝̰͔t̺̘̪̺̏̂ͪ̐ͅͅ ̤̖͉͆ͧ̆ͤ͟m̾͏͖͈̲̥̺e ̯̞̦͕͎̏͊ͮͤ́ȍ̧͔̥̩̖͓ͭ̈̔͌̄ų͇̻ͭ̐ͥ̐̂'

Then a contrasted image pops up, ever so faintly, as the house blows up after being hit by the bomb.
Then in the outro, the subtitles read: 'well that was a nice journey...was it me though or did any one else see some glitches...meh probably my imagination...wait did he do his outro?'
Summary: possibly....lots of things, I don't even think there should be a summary...One thing: Anti strikes during the Cold War? XD

And all of this happens after Dr. Schneep's appearance.

A small note: he's been wearing a black shirt for three videos in a row now (WATCH THIS WITH THE LIGHTS OFF | Stories Untold - Part 1; Barry Has A Secret; THEY ARE LISTENING | Stories Untold - Part 2) and he wears black in every game with a sort of extreme genre or emotion, like depression, or horror games -- don't know if that is something worth counting, but it is a small side note.

My theory: Following the doctor's appearance, Jack is, or was, sent into a coma (Try Not To Fall Asleep!) after Antisepticeye had tortured him countless times (SPANKED BY THE TEACHER | Baldi's Basics). To maintain the channel,  Chase Brody takes Sean's spot and continues to make videos, while also admitting that his friend was in a coma (TIE - A Game About Depression); I am assuming that this 'friend' is Jack, because [continue reading]. I also think the reason why Chase was playing a game about depression was because he had just lost his family...or because he was going insane, and finding random human body parts, which probably meant his cut-up wife (Barry Has A Secret). He continues the Jacksepticeye channel while also looking for the other egos (I put this idea here because in one of Jack's Instagram photos, Marvin the Magician's mask peeks through the edge of the photo, so it obviously means that something is going on). Knowing where Jack is (presumably by his side), Chase tries to help the former (Jack) to regain his consciousness (THEY'RE HERE! | Stories Untold - Part 3) [as mentioned above where Chase admits that one of his friends was in a coma]. A few times, Jack has managed to bring himself into consciousness (THER'RE HERE! | Stories Untold - Part 3), where his conscious takes form of the Morse code at the end of the video (which translates to 'Where am I?') before again slipping back into his coma. Days later, however, feeling an unnatural disturbance in his house, Chase ends up walking straight into a trap and finds Antise̴͞pticye͜ (Dark Silence); Chase questions the whereabouts of the other egos, which ultimately leads to his "capture" too. Finally, Jack wakes from his coma (IT WAS ALL CONNECTED! | Stories Untold - Part 4) and realises what has been happening, and finally remembering what Anti had done to him: Jack was supposedly tortured by Anti (SPANKED BY THE TEACHER | Baldi's Basics) before being sent into a coma (meaning the torture itself placed him in the unconscious state).

More information is found in this video: [Jacksepticeye Theory] My Theory On What's Been Happening, Schneep's return, etc.

As I said, this is all just a theory -- only Jack has the key to unlock the mystery and save the other egos from the playful tortures of the Glitch Bi̷̸̢͡tch. So, I guess we just have to wait until next Halloween -- it is the day, after all, when Anti finally got a grip on our world.

So anyways, thank you guys so much for reading this journal, and if you liked it, PUNCH that favourite button in the face, LIKE A BO̵̕SS! And, high-fives all 'round. *Wapoosh! Wapoosh!* And thank you guys and I will see all you the next deviation!
(oh, and also, I might do a Ja̶͟ck artwork, but, who knows, A͟͡nt̸̡͟ì͟ might be f̢u͞͏c͟͝҉-lur-king in my account somewhere...)
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Tagged by colorgirl58 :iconcolorgirl58:

Hair Color
[x] Black - $100
[ ] Blonde - $50
[ ] Red - $75
[ ]Brown - $15
[ ] Other - $10 

Total So Far: $100

Eye Color
[ ]Green - $200 
[ ] Hazel - $100
[ ] Blue - $50
[x] Brown - $15 
[ ] Other - $10 

Total So Far: $115

[ ] Over 7' - $200
[ ] 6'8" to 7' - $175
[ ] 6'0" to 6'7" - $150
[ ] Under 4'9 - $100
[ ] 5'5" to 5'11" - $75
[x] 4'9" to 5'4" - $50

Total so far: $165

[ ] 41 to 50 - $150
[ ] 31 to 40 - $100
[x] 0 to 18 - $100
[ ] 26 to 30 - $75
[ ] 21 to 25 - $50
[ ] 19 to 20 - $25 

Total so far: $265

Birth Order
[ ] Twins (or More) - $300
[x] First Born - $300
[ ] Only Child - $250
[ ] Last Born - $200
[ ] Second Born - $150 
[ ] Middle Child - $100
[ ] Third Born - $100
[ ] Fourth Born - $100
[ ] Fifth Born - $100

Total so far: $565

[x] No - $400
[ ] Only holidays - $250  
[ ] Sometimes - $215  
[ ] YES - $200
[ ] Only weekends - $300
[ ] Every other day - $50
[ ] Once a day - $15
[ ] I live from the bottle - $970

Total so far: $965

[x] Perfect vision (Falcon vision XD) - $300
[ ] Have glasses/contacts but don't wear them - $200 
[ ] No correction - $100
[ ] glasses - $50
[ ] Contacts - $25
[ ] Surgical correction - $100

Total so far: $1265

Family's Car Color(s) 
[ ] White - $2,000
[ ] Maroon - $800
[ ] Gold - $700
[ ] Grey - $600
[ ] Blue - $900
[ ] Pink - $475
[ ] Black - $450 
[ ] Red - $400 
[ ] Green- $350
[x] Silver $300
[ ] Purple- $250
[ ] Metallic - $200
[ ] Yellow - $100
[ ] Primer - $75
[ ] Tan- $20
[ ] Rusted - $15
[ ] No Car - $0

Total so far: $1565

Shoe Size 
[ ] Over 13 - $300
[ ]12 1/2 to 13 - $250
[ ] 11 to 12 - $700
[ ] 10.5 - $650
[ ] 7 to 10 - $600 
[x] Under 7 - $550

Total so far: $2115

Favorite Colors 
[ ] Green - $750 
[ ] Black - $600
[x] Red - $800
[ ] Yellow - $415 
[ ] Brown - $50
[ ] Purple - $225 
[ ] White - $400 
[x] Aqua - $350 
[ ] Orange - $300
[x] Blue - $300 
[ ] Pink - $100 
[x] Other - $50

Total so far: $3615

Did you use a calculator to add it all up?
[ ] Yes - $0 
[ ] On Some - $750 
[ ] No - $1,000
[x] I did it all in my head - $1,500

Total so far: $5115

How many people are you going to tag?
[ ] Over 61 - $250,000 
[ ] 51 - 60 - $100,000
[ ] 41 - 50 - $50,000
[ ] 31 - 40 - $10,000
[ ] 21 - 30 - $5,000
[ ] 11 - 20 - $1,000 
[x] 1 - 10 - $500
[ ] 0 - $0

(add your numbers up and name the journal "I'm worth $____")

Total: $5615
So....I'm very pricey. Not as pricey as Percy or Jason, but maybe two or three Franks?

And now I shall tag you innocent victims-- I mean, friends:

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Hello Fellow Ninjago Fans.
Recently, I have been browsing like any Internet geek and have found the first episodes to Ninjago, Season 8: Sons of Garmadon. Yes, it has been released in, I think, America already, though, even though I'm in Australia, the episodes haven't exactly "aired" on TV yet. Find more at: Ninjago Wikia: Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Anyway, I've found fully working links to the first episodes of Season 8 (despite them being recordings of a camera, but still). When more episodes are uploaded on the Internet, I'll link it here, so expect this journal to change every week or so.

Episode 1: The Mask of Deception
(aired on January 20, 2018 [Australia])

Episode 2: The Jade Princess

(aired on January 27, 2018 [Australia])

Episode 3: The Oni and the Dragon

(aired on February 3, 2018 [Australia])

Episode 4: Snake Jaguar
(aired on February 10, 2018 [Australia])

Episode 5: Dead Man's Squall
(aired on February 17, 2018 [Australia])

Episode 6: The Quiet One
(...I'm guessing this airs on February 24, 2018)

Episode 7: Game of Masks
(...and this airs on March 3, 2018).......I'm smart

Episode 8: __
(...guessing March 8, 2018).....

Episode 9: __
(...and this probably airs on March 15, 2018).....

Episode 10: __
(...and guessing this airs on March 22, 2018)......yeah

That's all I could do for now, and I was pretty bored, so...yeah.
I promise, when the next episodes come out, I'll make sure they work properly and link them here, like an easy guide of sorts ;p
Besides, I can already tell that people are sooooo hyped for this season, and I am too, and I'll make sure we can all watch the episodes...even when it does air on TV. 
Peek HAPPEH 'listun ninjuh' intensifies Kai's very swaggy 
Okay, that's all for now, byee
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Guys, don't ask me..Just..follow this, and you will be safe.
If you DON'T, however, well, you'll regret it.

On the happy note, just share it!
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You guys may have noticed, but in the artwork titled 'New York Sunset' that I submitted a bit ago, I have placed a few Easter Eggs in there. It was just for fun, but I wasn't sure if people would be able to find them all, so, I just decided to give them away (cuz I'm a very generous person ;p)

Here's the image:
New York Sunset by TheSeventhWheel7

1. Location -- you can already see that it's Percy Jackson, sitting on a graffitied wall in New York City at sunset. The 'NYC' represents New York City (duh) and you can see the Empire State Building rising up behind it, which is another giveaway for the location.

2. Φst (Feast) -- this is the name of a Disney short that was released before Big Hero 6 was revealed in the cinemas, actually named Feast. In Big Hero 6, in the scene where Hiro and Baymax are following the directions of Hiro's magnet-infused Microbot at night, they pass a closed garage door, where Φst is spray painted on the door -- this is an Easter Egg in the movie itself, as it points towards its short film precedent.

3. SapiiFoxNiite's Christmas icon -- I'm a friends with her, on DA and in real life, so of course I would somehow place her in hear.

4. 'Tammy' -- Tammy is the short form for Tamaytka, another artist whom I'm fond of. I took it a little too far and decided to draw the little emoji-thing like her -- pretty snazzy to me, what do you think?

5. Kai's symbol -- if you know what I'm talking about, I guess you would already be nodding you head. If not, well, I'm referring to the lion-fire-shaped symbol coloured in red. It made its appearance in the animated series of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of SPinjitzu, and is the symbol of the Master of Fire, Kai. The lion represents his loyalty to his friends (and sometimes his arrogance) and the fire represents his affinity to his element, Fire. Okay, I should just stop now, right?

6. Sam the Septic Eye -- yes, I'm talking about the little green eyeball. It is Jacksepticeye's icon, his best friend, and well, a great creature of amazingness.

7. The '7' -- this points towards myself, TheSeventhWheel7, as the creator of this artwork. Duh, why wouldn't I feature myself in this? Also, it's coloured red, my favourite colour. EDIT: also, '7' was the nickname SapiiFoxNiite had given me, which at first I disliked, but slowly began to accept it. Thank you, friend! ;p

8. Joey, Vinnie and Bobby -- if you have absolutely no idea, well, I'm actually referring to the pigeons. They make an appearance in Disney's Bolt, the three pigeons that the main character Bolt meets while he's stuck in New York. Of course these pigeons would be here -- they're Percy's next-door neighbours!

9. The DeviantArt logo -- yeah, saving the best for last. It's just there so that when anyone finds this on Google or something, they'll know it came from DA, and wonderful place of art and wonder.

So that's all folks. All the Easter Eggs that have been planted in this picture. If you were previously at this picture trying to hunt them down, well, I guess you guys had a lot of time and knowledge. Have a nice day. Hope you had fun!
Artwork: New York Sunset <(<click there<)

~TheSeventhWheel7 ;p
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I really CAN'T wait for Season 8. It looks too epic.
Hmm...maybe I'll do fanart on this, too...
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1) You have to post ALL of the rules
2) Answer the 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged
3) Choose 12 people
4) Legitimately tag these people
5) You can't say you don't do tags 
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!

1. Pick a top favorite character. What's your favorite thing about them? RANT ABOUT IT! I WANT A 5 PAGE ESSAY!!! 
2. Now pick a character of your own. What's your favorite thing about them? If you don't have any OCs, just pick another fave character like #1. 
I don't have a an OC. Sad life...I must make some of my own if I want to fit into this world...but anyway, my other favourite characters is LEO VALDEZ!!! THAT ONE GUY EVERYONE SWOONED OVER WHEN HE DIED!!! HE IS COOL (actually, um, hot) CAN SUMMON FIYAH AND IS GENERALLY AWESOME AND SARCASTIC, LIKE ME!!! HE HAS A METALLIC FRIEND CALLED FESTUS, AND HE'S A DRAGON, AND I LIKE DRAGONS, SO I LIKE FESTUS!! HE CAN TINKER AND MAKE COOL GADGETS, LIKE ME!! And, yeah, he's a seventh me.
3. If you could stay in the world of your favorite book/tv series/movie/etc, what area of it would you live in, and what would your shelter/home look like? 
I would stay in Camp Half-Blood and chill out in the Hephaestus Cabin, or Cabin 9. Being the children of the god of blacksmiths and tech, Cabin 9 would be filled with wondrous piles of scrap, random pieces of technology, screws, nuts and bolts and generally all my favourite gadgets. I would most likely try wrestling Charles Beckendorf's bed from Leo so I can sleep in it, but then again, I'm not a big fan of ghosts.
4. Is there a video that makes you laugh really hard? What is it? 
A video that makes me laugh really hard...hmm, this is a tough one. Well, it would be this: 

5. If you could turn into one other thing (animal, object, etc) for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
I would turn into fly and zoom around the world and live a short life.
6. If you wrote a song that was guaranteed to become super popular, what would it be about? 
About how people should get along with each other. We are people....
7. If you could kidnap one animal from the zoo and tame it, what would it be? 
...A snake. A not-poisonous snake.
8. What do you call a duck in a fissure of the earth?
A sitting duck."
    "Uh, ducks can fly, Cole. Weren't you listening?"

9. What's your favorite thing about your best friend?
The fact that she can whip my butt and laugh and give me a You're so stupid look all at the same time when I crack a joke. It feels good to make someone you know laugh. 
10. What's the weirdest or coolest dream you've ever had? 
The weirdest dream was that I went shopping with Mr Bean, then we teleported into plane, and he jumped off, and then suddenly I was in a train station and I got run over by a train. Yeah, my brain is messed up.
11. Who's your favorite villain? 
Um, Voldemort. He's an asshole, but I think he's the best.
12. What's your favorite breed of dog? If you don't like dogs, how about cat? 

Okay, you guys are awesomely lucky because I tag you:
GayLilAnimeFan (mwahahah)
Electric-Bluejay (i can't believe myself)
(this was hard, cuz I don't have anymore friends, so I decided to do my watchers instead! You guys are cool!)

Your questions:
1. How was your morning/night so far?
2. Do you like day or do you like night?
3. What type of animal do you like?
4. Okay, sorry to break it to you, but you're dead. What was the situation in which you died?
5. Favourite subject in school/work?
6. Favourite colour?
7. Do you believe in lucky charms?
8. So the world's gonna end. Are you gonna panic and run or are you going to doomsday prep?
9. Favourite book/TV/movie/movie franchise do you like?
10. Are you good at self critique or not?
11. Did you like these questions?
12. Would you try talking Shakespeare?

Haha, the last question was stupid, but hey, I'm stupid too ;)
Have fun answering these questions! Byee ;p
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2) Answer the 12 questions you have been asked then create some 12 questions for people you tagged
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5) You can't say you don't do tags 
6) Tag backs are ALLOWED!

Favourite colour?
    Red. It is always red. Red's awesome. Imma Gryffindor, so don't persuade me with any other colour.
2. Do you collect anything?
    No. Collecting is not my thing.
3. Who's your best DA friend?
4. Your proudest/best artwork?
    This thing right here: Miss Me?
5. Do you like burgers?
    I don't inhale them like Percy Jackson, but they're okay.
6. What is your favourite animal or species?
    Da LION. Yay! Leo Valdez and Samirah al-Abbas, da lions of Rick Riordan!!
7. Favorite fastfood? 
    Don't have one.
8. Favorite homemade meal?
    My mum's mushroom curry. Don't judge, it's nice.
9. Any interest travelling the world?
    I only want to to visit Greece to see the Acropolis, Italy to see Rome, and USA to see the Empire State Building. And the entrance to Hades, lol.
10. Do you even English me, bro?
    ...What is that supposed to mean?
11. Favourite drink?
    I'm drinking it right now. Orange Mango juice.
12. Your favourite question amongst the ones I asked?
    Q. 6: What is your favourite animal or species?

Okay, now I shall tag these victims:
Electric-Bluejay (hehe)
iNeedHelpXD (ikr, XD)

Your questions:
1. Do you wish to do this?
2. Someone hires you for a job. What job would it be?
3. What do you hate the most?
4. What is your best accomplished piece of work?
5. How would you describe yourself?
6. If you were a superhero, what would your superpowers be?
7. What place would you like to visit?
8. Favourite drink?
9. Favourite food?
10. Favourite animal or species?
11. What is the best thing you'd like to do if you had free time and no one bothered you?
12. Did you dislike this torture that I made you endure?

Have a nice day! ;p
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"Apparently on the 21st of May, DeviantART will be deleting all accounts. Not please accounts, accounts , but just all name-wasted accounts, or accounts that we think are fake, or that are useless. We are doing this to prevent something that could possibly happen in the future. If we find this message on your deviantID, journal, etc. we will know that you're not fake."

Have a nice day ;p
Hi folks, I finally watched The LEGO Ninjago Movie -- boy, I fangirled too much at the end. Come on, the movie was absolutely lit, amazing, I could watch it a thousand times and not get bored.

If I could comment on a few things about the movie:
    1. The elements of the movie.
        Well, the overall set design for the movie was actually really cool, despite that in the previous LEGO movies everything was made of almost entirely LEGO pieces, but I found that because there were natural elements added to the movie it was actually quite enjoying to watch. For example, when characters entered the water, you can easily understand how it moves and you don't worry too much about it. Thumbs up for that!
    2. The characters.
        Yeah, I was a little in shock when I found out that their designs were changed from the original TV series, but then again, movies tend to get more attention than TV shows. But, sadly, the next Ninjago season, Season 8 - Sons of Garmadon, their designs were changed to match the movie's character designs so that fans of the movie would come along and watch the show -- not a bad idea, really. It's LEGO, after all.
    3. The character's speaking roles.

        I find this a little atrocious. Sure, the movie is focused on the father-son relationship between Lloyd and Garmadon, but I was a little confused as to why all the other characters didn't much of a speaking role. I get that Nya is almost the second one in-charge and a supportive character, and that Jay is the over-cautious guy who pipes up and says the obvious thing, and even Wu himself -- yes, he should always keep popping in and out because he is the freaking ninja mentor. Koko can make an exception, because she doesn't really know that her son is the legendary Green Ninja, and she wasn't really a major part of the whole movie. But what happened to Cole, Kai and Zane? Cole's been reduced to a laid-back dude who doesn't even contribute much, Kai's already been pushed to the side with his sarcasm, and Zane's robotic nature doesn't earn him a higher speaking role. I feel very sorry for these guys.
    4. The story line.
The story itself is quite a memorable one. It follows a shallow plot of Star Wars, with Lloyd being pushed to rival his father Lord Garmadon. Being the son of the super-baddest guy ever, he's avoided and mocked, and his friends are there to make sure that he stays in "one piece". Haha. These characters always rely on their mega-suits and mechs, not realising the true potential inside them, which puts them to the test of seeing what powers the are really capable off. Ultimately, they all find their inner "piece" and face off with Garmadon's generals and himself at the end (and of course, that cute fuzz ball Meowthra). It was a very gripping story line, and I know it is one-of-a-kind, since the screenplay was assisted by the Hageman brothers themselves, who are the writers of the original Ninjago TV series, so it earns a good laugh throughout the entire movie.
    5. The movie all by itself.
With a good balance between animation and realistic elements, the movie is hard to get out of your head. Characters who have unique personalities, and the heart string-pulling tension between the father and son. Witty and quirky jokes. A great story line -- nothing beats this movie, hands down. Also, the fact that this is a LEGO movie -- we all have that good connection with LEGO pieces themselves because they were always a great thing to play with, where imagination truly becomes a vital part in the making of a LEGO construction. Ah, the good old days.

That's all I could comment about the film. If you'd like say anything or ask a question, feel free to comment below and let me know what you think. One comment could be: Gee, how long have you been sitting here writing the review? to which I could reply with Oh, you know, just a generous hour lead me to writing all this. Nothing peculiar about it, right?

Uncle Wu, I know why you wanted me to be the Green Ninja...Green is the colour of life. It flows through all living things, connecting them all...The way I connect the Ninjas. Or the way I connect my family, whether we're together or not.
Some powers are ones that you cannot see, but those are greatest powers of all.
Lloyd Garmadon and Master Wu
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1. Answer the 10 or 13 questions made by the deviant who tagged you, then tag other deviants and make them answer your own 13 questions!

2. Tag 10 or 13 deviants (or as many as you want).

3. Don't say "You're tagged if you're reading this",

4. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

5. Don't tag the deviant who tagged you!


1. Do you believe in miracles?
Okay, well, I guess so because miracles are everything, like from falling on your face while running all the way to winning a trophey for a school contest, so yeah, I believe in miracles.

2. Have you ever done a death wish? (doing something super dangerous)
Not really, no I haven't

3. How people are in your closest family?
My brother is annoying and affectionate, my parents are encouraging and always nag me. Need I say more?

4. Have I (SapiiFoxNiite) ever managed to make you cringe XD?
Oh, this is so tricky....yo (yes and no)

5. What fandom do you worship?
Well, this is simple: the 'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' and the 'Heroes of Olympus' and the 'Trials of Apollo' fandoms (yeah, all by the same guy Rick Riordan)

6. Favourite eye colour?
That light shade of chocolate brown with the hint of honey/amber in it; such a nice colour

7. Spirit animal?
A lion! Go Gryffindor!!!!

8. Favourite shoe brand?
Why is this even a question? Nike all the way!!!

9. Favourite drink?
Fanta. It's pretty nice

10. Kylie Jenner or Kylie Mynouge?
Um, who are these people? Never mind, I ain't gonna answer....Idk, I just randomly choose Kylie Mynouge

Huzzah! I'm finished!! Now, let's see what Fate has put together; these deviants shall be forced to answer my questions:
Tamaytka          Electric-Bluejay          x3thanXx          YASSDENSWH 

You guys are condemned to answer my questions!!!
Your questions:

1. Favourite fandom? (this is boring, I'm sorry)
2. Favourite character from that fandom? (yeah)
3. What is your favourite scene from any movie?
4. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? (such a random question)
5. Worst fears?
6. Would you prefer fiction, non-fiction, or documentaries?
7. What is your favourite thing to draw?
8. Favourite type of music?
9. Favourite TV show?
10. If you answered to question no. 9, what season is your favourite?


(very nice Japanese beginning)

It feels so right, 
I'm where I belong, 'Cuz I found my place, I found my place
What a ride, I knew I was strong, Now I found my place, I found my place.

With Master Wu, Got a style like Bruce, Teachin' everybody how to do Kung Fu
And I never knew I had this power inside.
With our main man Lloyd!
(That's me) L-L-O-Y-D
My dad is bad but ya we still family, And they say that family keeps you safe from harm but to gain a dad I had to lose an arm. But just because you're different, Doesn't mean that you'll never make a difference, As long as you're with good friends, You can save the world!

♩ ♩ 'Cuz we got the power that we never knew we had. ♩ 

It feels so right, 
I'm where I belong, 'Cuz I found my place, I found my place
What a ride, I knew I was strong, Now I found my place, I found my place.

Well you're dealing with a Master, My fists are faster, I use Kung Fu to avoid disaster.
There's nothin' you can do that's gonna block my punch, I'ma finish this fight by lunch.
With our main man Lloyd!
(That's me) The city destroyed?
I see a shark and it's NINJAGO!
Punch, Kick, Gimme nunchucks quick, Just me and my clique and our mechs look sick.
(Well okay) Okay. Okay. It took a little time to forgive you dad.
(Well okay) Okay. Okay. You know we owe it all to a giant cat.

Wait what?     ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

 The legend of the ninja lives, well it's just too bad that his dad is:

Garmadon! Yeah, he's evil but he loves his kids, yeah he's so savage.

Cole! Cole's got a little bit of sarcasm in him but he keep the record spinning.

Nya! Nya's keeping everybody else in check, and she does it with a water strider mech.

Koko! Big shouts to the mama that can make it on her own, with a legendary son at home.

Jay! Jay's got his head up in the clouds while he's flying through the sky.

Kai! Well, the guy's got a lotta energy and he's burning up his enemies, fire mech.

Zane! In-sane, he's bringing the pain, yeah there's ice in his veins.

And Master Wu - We loved that dude.

(Come on!)

Punch right, Kick to the side, Well lemme see you do the ninja slide, Drop the boom, Dance of doom, Now we lightin' up the whole room! Punch right, Kick to the side, Well lemme see you do the ninja slide, Crouching tiger, Hidden dragon -- We the best and you know we ain't braggin'!

It feels so right, I'm where I belong, 'Cuz I found my place, I found my place 
What a ride, I knew I was strong, Now I found my place, I found my place.

With Lord GarmadonNow I fit in, I'm comfortable in my skin, I'm throwing caution to the wind, To the wind yeah yeah.

It feels so right, I'm where I belong, 'Cuz I found my place, I found my place 

This is an absolutely hilarious video, which was uploaded on YouTube last Tuesday
I do well in doing art in regards to others' perspectives. If you have any person or object that you would like me to draw, just go ahead and let me know.

Points for one drawing: 5 pts

(all thanks go towards avalanchethepurecros -- go ahead and follow her, people! She's awesome!!!)
You may not know, but today is my thirteenth birthday!! Hooray! Huzzah!

Who else is born on September 8? I'll celebrate your birthday too!!!!
Happy Birthday!