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Mistaké sipped her tea – just like how Master Wu would before he would explain a mind-boggling riddle to the Ninja. Then the tale began.

'Long before time had a name, there was the realm of the Oni and the Dragon,' began Mistaké.

'One of the Sixteen Realms?' asked Lloyd.

'Not one of! The First,' Mistaké corrected. 'The Dragon had the power to create. The Oni had the power to destroy. Their war was never-ending...

But a child arrived, born of both worlds. The child understood the power of both – without one, you could not have the other. But when the Oni and the Dragon fought over which side the child should choose, the child abandoned their world to start a new one called

I left the Oni and the Dragon. Their war was too much for me. Why could they not understand that they were powers that were set to work in harmony – if one side had more domination that the other, that was when the balance was off. If only Destruction prevailed, what was there to create? If only Creation prevailed, what was there to destroy?

Some powers needed an equivalent to function, or all of that was just a useless bounty of magic.

My own powers were a combination of the Oni's Destruction and the Dragon's Creation – by using them both was I able to craft the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. And by using them was I able to create my own world of balance – Ninjago.

I finally settled down with my life. Plants bloomed in the wilderness, and creatures howled in the night. People began to slowly populate this world, but not a lot, just a few.

I remained young while others grew old and decayed, while others finally emerged into this wondrous world. I fathered two sons of my own, and each one contrasted from the other.

I believed I had escaped from my past – escaped from the war that had defined me and my origins. I believed that only together would Creation and Destruction thrive, embracing each power in its arms.

I thought I could escape the war.

But I saw the evil of the Oni, the power of Destruction and the undying thirst for power, seeping into my eldest son, Garmadon. The power of darkness pushed him far away from me, from my family. His power grew unstable, and the balance toppled over.

It was up to my youngest Master Wu to soothe his undying thirst for power. The soul of the Dragon flowed through him, the power of Creation imitating his every thought. He strived to bring back his eldest brother, to bring him back to our family and to restore the world.

I never saw the end of all this – the end to the war of the Oni and the Dragon, the never-ending fight between Creation and Destruction.

But what I still managed to perceive, as I lay in my tomb with the Realm Crystal in my arms, as I lay there dead, I caught a glimpse of my first grandson: Lloyd Garmadon. He looked like a child infused with both his father and his uncle. An Elemental Master with a power I knew too well – my own.

It was then I knew the fate of my child – Lord Garmadon was destroyed by the most powerful force of all: the love of his own son.

The balance was restored, and my final glimpse from my death bed was of my sons – my two beautiful children, Wu and Garmadon.

First it was their hands that touched. Then their arms were wrapped around each other, clasped tightly as each one wept. From the distance, I saw Garmadon's wife Misako, and Lloyd, embracing the Master of Destruction.

A little further away, I saw my grandson's protectors – the Masters of Earth, Fire, Ice and Lightning. Brave fighters, yes, and I am proud for them protecting the Green Ninja.

And I sigh in my death. The balance had been restored. The war was finally over.

But in his absence, a void was created. And in that void, a new darkness has arisen: the Sons of Garmadon. And they seek out powerful items – the Oni Masks.

The three Oni Masks are relics from the First Realm, and they wield tremendous power: the power to Deceive. The power of Vengeance. The power to Hate. Each Mask embodies three of the most powerful Oni warlords.

'What happens when they're united?'

'We cannot let that happen!' Mistaké cried.

'Tell me: what happens when the three Masks are united?' queried Lloyd. He leaned forward and gazed pleadingly at the old woman.

The tea keeper sighed in dismay. 'Resurrection...they will have the power to bring back your father!'

Lloyd reeled back. Jay glanced at the Green Ninja, concern flitting on his face. The two looked at Mistaké, a sudden hope in their eyes. Garmadon was banished to the Departed Realm, yes, but he was good then. The evil had been cleansed from his spirit. Then why...?

'But it won't be the man you recognise...there will be no light left in him!' Mistaké cried, her voice strained with worry and despair.

Jay put his hand on Lloyd's shoulder, who quivered. His grip tightened on the tea cup he was holding. His father was...gone? If the Sons of Garmadon
do manage to retrieve all three Masks...the war between the Oni and the Dragon would have only looked like firecrackers.

– Episode 77: The Oni and the Dragon
The episode got the best of me, and I wrote this...
quietly eats ice-cream while waiting for the rest of the episodes

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Ninjagofan27 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
This is deep, but explains more about the Oni and dragon. I like it.
TheSeventhWheel7 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks. This scene made me go, Ah, jeez, it shouldn't end there!
Ninjagofan27 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
It really shouldn’t end there
TheSeventhWheel7 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
I know...I mean, this is as far as Ninjago would like to talk about their history. And I guess there's nothing much else to say -- we've got how Ninjago was created, how the Golden Weapons were forged, the Dark Island, why Ninjago was created, and who the First Spinjitzu Master really was
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