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Prologue: The Birth of the Chosen One
The Seventh Year, Logicum
The First Month, Leo
The Fifth Day, Tonitrum Lux

Thunder rumbled. Lightning crackled. It was coming. A few more minutes, and the year would come.

A man tore through the streets, carrying a small packet in his hands. Footsteps thundered behind him, men in steel armour running after his heels. They carried rods of racing electricity, the only word describing them was ‘ferocious’.

The man skidded behind a wall, his breathing ragged.

The armoured men still continued on forward, their rods of lightning crackling with energy. Soon, the thudding of steel-on-rock died down, and the man took sigh of relief.

He reached into his pocket and brought out his watch. The hands ticked, the symbol of the seventh year glowing slightly.

‘Hurry up, come on, come on,’ murmured the man as he slipped the watch back into his pocket. He glanced around, then bolted to the left, the puddles of water splashing underfoot. He ran under a stone archway, the name Regium City emblazed with golden light. Soon, he entered his home territory – further and further away from the technologically-advanced city. A city where towering building were wired down with solar panels, giving the place enough power equal to a nuclear bomb. Towers that were shining and panelled with glass and marble, the roads lined with houses street lamps, the cars and trucked reduced to transportation on hoverboards.

The man ran from the entrance of the Regium City and into open grassland. Tall blades of glass twisted and writhed in the wind, begging to grow taller than any man on earth.

Miles after, the silhouette of a low house came into view. The man smiled. Finally, the night was about to be over. He came closer, the bushes of chrysanthemum flowering a ghostly luminous white. The object in his hand warmed slightly.

His house wasn’t completely technologically-advanced. A pair of solar panels rested on the roof, the pillars made of glazed bronze. Pots of flowers were nestled in the front garden. Inside, he knew comfort was waiting for him.

The man knocked on the door. ‘Venus?’ he whispered. The locks clicked open. Sliding the door open, a woman stood behind it with a bundle in her arms.

Oh, Venus; there was no other woman who could be beauty herself. Her beautiful locks of brown braided hair dangled over her shoulder, her sparkling earth-green eyes shining like emeralds. Her figure was slim, thin at the waist and broadening out at the hips. She wore a greyish-brown tunic with green leggings, her smile bright as the moon year of Caligos.

‘Dominus!’ Venus’ smile grew brighter. She motioned to the bundle in her arms. ‘It is time.’
Immediately, Dominus knew what was going on. Their baby was about to open his eyes. It was destiny itself of when a child would open their eyes when they were first born. Now, Dominus’ son would finally awake to life.

‘Hurry!’ Dominus rushed in, closing the door, feeling his watch beat against his chest as every second passed. He and Venus hurried into the central room, where a window was placed in the roof. A skylight view, where the storming clouds above where visible, flashes of lightning exploding with light.

Venus leaned down and placed the baby in a cot, stroking the child’s cheek. She wondered what colour his eyes would be – a warm shade of brown? A piercing colour of jade? The pristine blue of the sky?

The baby stirred, his eyes still closed.

Venus turned to Dominus. ‘What should we name him?’

‘We’ll wait until his eyes open,’ Dominus replied, reaching into his pocket to retrieve a watch and tightly wrapped-up object. He unravelled the cloth, revealing a beautiful charm. It was a chain with a dragon’s head made of gold, it’s crimson eyes glinting a shade of blood. Its mouth was opened slightly, as if it would defend its wearer from harm.

‘It’s so beautiful,’ Venus whispered. She looked deep into the brown eyes of Dominus. ‘It would be beautiful on our son.’

‘But I would say it would look beautiful on you,’ Dominus replied with a smile; Venus’ cheeks burned.

The baby groaned louder. Dominus reach out and swiftly done up the clip of the necklace around the child’s neck. The eyes were squinted…Venus and Dominus leaned forward…and the child’s eyes flew open.

The chiming of the watch then seemed insignificant. Up in the sky, a shape began forming. The Motherboard of Technology. The symbol burned with electricity in the clouds as the Seventh Year finally came into a beginning. All over Regium, the new year has begun – the year of technology, and era of prosper.

Dominus and Venus stared down at the baby’s eyes; they were unlike any pairs of eyes either had ever seen. His irises were burning brightly, the extraordinary colour of molten gold. As they watched, it was as if they were staring at identical fire pits of flames.

Venus gasped. ‘Golden eyes? Does that mean –’

‘Yes,’ Dominus said gravelly. ‘We do not choose the name, rather fate chose it before us…Audax. Audax, the lion-hearted. But he will be named after us, so he will be our Audax.’

‘But…’ Venus gazed over her baby, now smiling like a restless wildfire. He was not theirs, but instead a child given to the hands of fate. Since of the Fallen One’s…discontinue of power, everything was changed after that.

Nevertheless, her heart thudded with joy. She kissed Audax’s forehead just as a crash echoed at the front of the house.

Whipping around, Dominus quickly armed himself with a rod, similar to that of the armoured men that had chased him earlier. But instead of racing electricity, ice particles hovered around the metal. He made a steady pace towards the door, which was shuddering uncontrollably.

‘Show yourself!’ ordered Dominus.

And so they did.

The door was ripped apart, shredded, if that was a better word to use. The same armoured-clad men charged in, their weapons of electricity at the ready. Dominus readied his, too, waiting for them to strike. The man at the front charged, but Dominus sliced his rod across his waist, knocking him over onto the floor.

The other men ran forward, but Dominus had already done his masterpiece. He raised his hand, and a sheet of ice spread across the ground, causing the men to tumble and fall on top of each other.
Venus gasped from somewhere behind.

Dominus turned to the door, and a different man stood there. He wasn’t wearing armour like the others, rather a cloak and tight clothing made of darkness. The handsome face hovered like a pale moon above his body, red eyes gleaming.

The breath was caught in his throat. ‘The Fallen One?’ Dominus whispered.

The man gave no reply; instead, he raised his hand and darkness swirled around him.

‘Venus! Get out of here with the boy!’ roared Dominus. ‘Both of you get to safety!’ When Venus stumbled out of the back door, Dominus turned back to the dark figure before him. The Fallen One flicked his hand, sending a dagger made of obsidian straight into his heart.

Stumbling through the darkness, Venus gripped Audax with all her life. The baby never made a sound, but rather kept his eyes open the whole time, gazing at the scenery whizzing past with his bright amber eyes.

‘Halt!’ Venus continued running as a group of the armoured men thundered after her. ‘Stop by the name of the Fallen One!’

‘Never!’ shrieked Venus. She continued, the grass whipping around her legs, begging to help her. She ran to a stop and faced the armoured-clad men. She raised her hand and flicked her wrist upward, the earth erupting at the men’s feet. They yelled as they were thrown backward into a pit behind them. But as much as they were completely thrown backward, they were already back on their feet.

‘Die, you coward!’ the armoured figures yelled.

Venus whistled, and the air around her solidified. Immediately, she turned and ran with renewed speed, the gift of the Ninth Year Celeritas – Speed – awakening her limbs. Venus bolted with the speed of light, Audax clutched in her arms. The men howled behind her, waving their rods of lightning with anger.

And Venus ran away from them, the darkness of the first day of Logicum finally coming to pass.
And Audax…the boy was special, Venus knew. Just from taking a single glance of the colour of his eyes, there was a strong aura about him.

What day was it? Oh, yes – Tonitrum Lux, the fifth day of Leo. Strong qualities…Venus wondered what gifts he may possess when he finally reaches his true potential.

And one day, the whole world would know of his true potential: Audax, the Chosen One.
I was just a little bored.
You know that feeling, right? When you just sit there and want to do something, but don't know what to do. You know, :writersblock:

Then, lightbulb!!
I'll also be posting up some short stories, 'cause I'm quite bored at the moment. Here is a prologue, and I'll do my best to post them in order.
Have fun!  :happybounce:

<next: Chapter 1>…
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